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  1. No, the surge protection is designed to protect sensitive equipment from electrical "spikes" not protect you in the event of a short circuit, please get yourself an RCCD plug or socket
  2. Not that I'm aware of. My location was 51 degrees but I didn't see any potential difficulties going further. I am still trying to fully understand the problem here. The ratcheting adjuster wont go further than 180 degrees before it hits the polarscope cover and I normaly adjusted it in 90 degree movements. You have to pull back on the lever while pressing the button to disengage the splines in order make the movement, then release and turn.
  3. Not quite sure what you are doing wrong but when I had this set up I found it easier to unscrew the forward large adjuster, push the mount forward then while pushing on the red button and pulling back with the right hand rotate the actual thread with the left. Regards Mark
  4. Very interesting Phil and thanks very much for the post. I'm glad I found this site to interpret the results: http://www.rfroyce.com/standards.htm Regards Mark
  5. Hi Grant, Not sure what the results would be like. I have a watec video camera which allows me to control the shutter speed. This is what allows me to obtain correct lighting/image quality. Regards Mark
  6. Astro Engineering do one...a bit pricey though...code :AC532
  7. Hello all, anyone like a bun for afterwards
  8. Don was right, I love it too...nice one Mike, thanks for sharing it with us
  9. At last, a well considered and inoffensively written opinion made all the more credible by an outstanding post in the Members Equipment Gallery. Thank you
  10. Phil, This is an improvement and a change from the 9 point cell previously shown. There is an "upgrade" option shown at the bottom of the page, was just thinking that maybe as you are taking the cell with you you might get another freebie Regards Mark
  11. Phil, You might want to take a look at this before you go: http://www.orionoptics.co.uk/OPTICS/opticsmirrorcell.html Regards Mark
  12. I'd take my family on a nice relaxing holiday to take the stress out of the situation and use some of the budget to buy a good dslr to capture those special moments: http://tinyurl.co.uk/9b2w
  13. Hi Milliways, It's better than the scope my son and I started with (an ETX80) I still remember the first time we saw the rings around Saturn with it from our own back garden - happy days ...and we had no problem selling it when we decided to upgrade - so enjoy
  14. No, not at all, I agree that this is not ideal but in the absence of any independent testing and with Phil being present it is interesting. My guess is that the SW will be 1/4 or 1/6 wave which would then leave us with the "is it noticeable" argument. Phil has (IMHO) posted a very honest review and I hope to be able to do the same
  15. Afraid not, there's a buyer listed...I hope the seller does the right thing. I'm tempted to contact the buyer (hate to see anyone get ripped off) and provide him with a link to this thread if that's ok with the mods?
  16. Oh dear: This item has ended with Buy it Now. :shock:
  17. Maybe just send him an email pointing out the error(s) and see what happens?
  18. I have one as well as shown on this thread: http://stargazerslounge.com/index.php/topic,31480.0.html I can't fault it, absolutely excellent....Hard to believe it could receive a bad review... Must take a look at Tony's pics
  19. Hey, great images Mini Daz ...Good job you can send him to bed early Daz - enjoy it while you still can
  20. No, I'm not sure about that either ally :? , do you think it is a fruitless exercise Steve...proof of the pudding and all that? It's a question I have asked before: http://stargazerslounge.com/index.php/topic,31174.0.html I presume Phil will be present during the test and given his "unbiased" review will be happy to accept his findings.
  21. Thank you for the first light report Martin, I'd be more than happy with that result first time out even with the spacer issue. I notice that Bern (nice chap) sells the mpcc in two flavours, one for imaging and the other for visual/imaging. I don't know what the difference is (apart from the cost) but I guess yours is just for imaging? An interesting review...very interesting
  22. I hope you do get a set Astro_Baby, I'd like to see another one of your excellent collimation guides Very interesting and useful advice Astronut, thank you, I will pay a lot more attention to the spots now John, I ordered the spots with the 1/4" holes (instead of the solid one's) so that collimation could still be carried out with a laser, rather than because I wanted to use a laser. That way I get to keep the tools if I decide to let the scope go. Regards Mark
  23. No not that , this.... (click to enlarge) Superbly well made and finished and for some reason the tax man didn't take a slice . Just need a newt to try it out on now
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