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  1. Sorry,just realised its about a past meteor,silly me.I've told you my story anyway.
  2. Hi John,I don't know if it's the one I saw but this morning walking to work from rayleigh train station,I sore a big meteor at 5.25am travelling in a SW direction at about 10 degrees elevation. It was fairly bright and lasted about 4seconds. I was very exited as it was one of the best I've seen
  3. i would never pity san. lets hope sir p moore is'nt reading this,lol;)
  4. Hi people,if you live in or near southend essex, then we have clear skies from 10.00pm tonight so make the most of it and get out there and do some live stargazing. Dave.
  5. This would be great news if it happens for all things Astronomy.
  6. Hi Johnny, i'm a big fan of Brian Cox,wonders of the solar system and universe,stargazing live(in the UK)and a big fan of anybody promoting astronomy. If i were you i would give it a watch:hello2: cheers Dave.
  7. hi scott, firstly the grub screw should be turned hand tight only as it may seem insecure but this is not the case. the same goes for the tripod connection,hand tight only(just so the mount does not wobble) your spot on with the finder,but dont know what the blue filter is for. all the best. dave.
  8. :iamwithstupid:silly me.At least you got you're mount sorted.
  9. how is it powered? if its the supplied battery case,then it might be under powered. use a power tank dave.
  10. hi garethmob, going off you're last quote you being a burgler,were you wearing a black and white stipped top with a black mask on you're face?lol. dave.
  11. Fantastic read s/fixer, hopefully it will be heads up a**e down tonight lol. Cheers Dave.
  12. Hi John, Thanks for you're advise,i think i will leave well alone and play it safe with stability over comfort. Cheers Dave.
  13. Hi everyone, I've got a supatrak tripod but is it possible to alter the spreader and tray in the middle so i can make the tripod slightly higher without making it unstable? Cheers Dave.
  14. I'm in essex and the sun is setting with the clouds looking like fast moving steam. Don't think i've seen this before. Dave
  15. Hi people, Ordered a skywatcher 127 supatrak from FLO ON 4/3/2011. Had to wait 2 weeks as out of stock. Within a week of receiving my scope,the motors on the mount developed a fault. Sent the package back to FLO 5 days later. At this point some communication between myself and FLO got crossed wires and will keep a long story short. Received a new 127 supatrak on 20/5/2011. The thing is i was very frustrated at the start of this order but Steve and Martin explained and apologized to me of this mishap. I was also compensated for the delay. Even though i had a rough first order with FLO,i will use them again because they never shut the door on me and deeply apologized. Steve,Martin and James please keep working hard with the hobby we all love. Thanks Dave Hilton;)
  16. Thanks Dan, Will find polaris then go down 51 degrees which should be level, Dave.
  17. Hi people, Just purchased a 127 supatrak and when i've come to set up home using the printed index numbers on the mount,they seem to be out by a few mil after i've used a spirit level on the scope in the horizontal position. Should i go by the level or the index numbers or does'nt it matter? Cheers Dave.
  18. hI JMURRY01, I see it on the news and it was discovered by the french. It is about 20 light years away(rocket speed 300,000 years)and has possibly liquid water with high carbon dioxide levels and twice the amont of gravity. Its in the goldilocks zone. This is the kind of stuff thats got me into astronomy,wicked. David
  19. hi, it will make your eye or eyes water which will be a pain. dave hilton
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