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    I'm now of an age that I can't stand the cold UK winter nights any more and my interest in astronomy is sadly just confind to the armchair! I am a keen member of seti@home (under the name of R.T.Fishall - in memory of dear Patrick).
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    Lincolnshire, England

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  1. Hi ... are you still around on SGL? 
    I’m a recent member who joined last summer.

    I was surprised there isn’t a dedicated SETI section on the Forum?

    In a Search to see discussions on SETI on SGL ...your post about seti@home project popped up ... and I was wondering if that was a group of astronomers interested in research into ETI in our own ‘backyard’ ... so to speak?

    We have a wonderful interesting planet in this part of the Galaxy that appears to attract a lot of visitors .... but most astronomers just seem to want to laugh it off ... and ignore the fact. Sadly, not very open-minded.
    (P.S. I’m Jon, my writing pulls no punches😁, I’m 63, based in the West Midlands, Coseley ... I’m Lincoln born and raised - and visit my elderly mother regularly on Broadway.(virus restrictions permitting!)




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