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    I'm now of an age that I can't stand the cold UK winter nights any more and my interest in astronomy is sadly just confind to the armchair! I am a keen member of seti@home (under the name of R.T.Fishall - in memory of dear Patrick).
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    Lincolnshire, England

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  1. Hi ... are you still around on SGL? 
    I’m a recent member who joined last summer.

    I was surprised there isn’t a dedicated SETI section on the Forum?

    In a Search to see discussions on SETI on SGL ...your post about seti@home project popped up ... and I was wondering if that was a group of astronomers interested in research into ETI in our own ‘backyard’ ... so to speak?

    We have a wonderful interesting planet in this part of the Galaxy that appears to attract a lot of visitors .... but most astronomers just seem to want to laugh it off ... and ignore the fact. Sadly, not very open-minded.
    (P.S. I’m Jon, my writing pulls no punches😁, I’m 63, based in the West Midlands, Coseley ... I’m Lincoln born and raised - and visit my elderly mother regularly on Broadway.(virus restrictions permitting!)




  2. I understand Henry’s observatory known as “”The Beehive” was given to Lancing College in Sussex. I had the pleasure to visit his observatory in Sevenoaks in the 1970’s when he had virtually given up observing the moon and was concentrating on the Sun viewing with a spectrohelioscope in h-alpha. By a strange twist of fate my daughter now lives in his old home!
  3. It's such a shame that few members of Stargazerslounge take part in seti@home. Even the Founder of our team at seti@home appears not to contribute anymore, though he/she seems reluctant to give up control!   lol

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    2. Terry Byatt

      Terry Byatt

      Ant, that's very, very sad. :(

      Carl would be dissapointed! But I guess for some control is the most important thing.   lol


    3. Ant


      Why is that very sad?

      It's a SGL group, a group that i started some years ago, why would you want to take over a group that you didn't start. 

      I guess the control comment you made applies even more to you than me. At least i want to maintain control of the group i started and not try to get control of other peoples groups.

      Quite sad really, I agree....

    4. Terry Byatt

      Terry Byatt

      Control me?  I don't even have a "Go To" telescope. I use Setting Circles.   lol    Happy New Year.

  4. If you (or wife) don't fancy camping and want somewhere nearby to stay. Try the Travel Lodge at Hailsham (only about three miles way) you can come and go as you please at all hours.
  5. Yes mine is the one with a fork mount and a 9volt battery. I would be very gratefull if you could make one for me. I would be happy to pay. Thanks I'll send a private message with my email address and address etc.
  6. I hope someone can help with obtaining a hand control unit (non-goto) for my C8. I have bought this telescope second hand and I am very pleased with both the optics and build quality. However, the original hand unit has been lost. The drive motor RA works fine. I cannot find anthing on Celestron's website. Any advive would be welcomed - Thanks
  7. Yes, for the same money you can buy a good quality 80mm refractor of traditional design ie. longer focal length and therefore higher prime focus image. Better to forget about a "Goto" and learn the sky instead with the added benefit of much better quality (both in optics and mounting) for the money.
  8. Cmdr Henry Hatfield was not only a gifted astronomer he was also a wonderfull man. I remember in the 1970's when I used to organise the BAA weekend courses at Horncastle in Lincolnshire he would drive up from his home in Sevenoaks and give talks and not even want a penny for his expenses. I was fortunate to be able to visit his observatory during that time and remember seeing the Sun in H-Alpha with his spectrohelioscope and his "Beehive" observatory. He made me and others most welcome with his kindness. He generously gave his observatory and its telescope to Lancing College in Sussex when he
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