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  1. I think Bw im having the same problem you had. I've been trying for a few of the messier objects, and although i know where in the sky they are when it comes to using my finder all i can see is a mass of stars and i havent a clue which is which. Can get very frustrating sometimes when im staring in the part of the ksy i wnat to look at but for some reason just ant get it all to fit together hehe. Will definately purchase the finder. Its worth a try at least. Thanks for the help guys
  2. Didnt realise they were so easy to see and travelled so fast . Was certainly a novel experience never seen anything like it. Will have to look out for more, pretty vertain i wont be aboe to catch in the telescope tho, was way 2 fast.
  3. It's bound to happen sooner or later, i finally point up at the heavens and i see something i dont understand. The object in question was travelling extremely fast considering its height. Was very dim could barely make it out among the stars. The only thing that made it stand out was its speed against the background. It travelled in a straight trajectory, no slowing of movement or changing of speed. It had a slight orangey reddish colour but no flashing lights that could be seen. Looked very high up. It passed fairly close to where i imagine Andromeda should have been before passing through Casseopeia to be exact in between Caph1 and Shedir (1Cas). It then faded out of my vision as head (east?) of polaris. I am terrible at co-ordination at the moment and this is currently the best i can achieve. I watched it in the sky probably for just over a minute. It did seem to get brighter and dimmer as it was travelling and i couldn't see any clouds in that part of the sky, it was a single object and no others followed that i saw. My co-ordinates are Lattitude: 53.64754 Longtitude: -1.76575 Time was around 10pm Any answers appreciated!
  4. Sounds like a decent book, not badly priced either. If it can help me find anything then it will indeed be a verygood book!
  5. Looks great mate Glad i got the chance to see how it all works before hand. Will almost certainly be imaging when the money fairy finally comes to visit (there is such a thing honest!)
  6. Yea it was a great night! 2 dark nights in a row, could never have imagined it! The ring nebula my first ever DSO! not bad eh! Big thanks to the kaptain, has helped me no end. I'm sure i'll be up there again sometime soon. M27 looked great on the screen and i'm glad to see it has come up so well! :shock: Big thanks for the 2" eyepiece! Made a huge difference tonight It's a shame we couldnt find it in the DOB! Had another go and manage to find Andromeda floating above my house. Pretty certain I had the old DOB pointed at the Ring nebulabut it failed to show up. pretty certain ive got everything steady at the moment just waiting for the collimation to go so i can be back in panic mode! Like the Kaptain said the ease of moving a Dob is unmatched. Problem lies in being a rookie at finding things. Kind of feels like im missing out on alot hehe. Hopefully will be able to put a few more faces to names the longer im on the board, and a star party sounds a cracking idea! Just a final big thanks to the kaptain for inviting me to his house much appreciated and maybe i'll be able to return the favour. my sites great its daylight all the time. no need for torches! Anthony
  7. even more of a reason to stay on his good side :shock: Everyday it starts off really clearly then around dusk the clouds roll in en masse. They always seem to take the shape of a big smile aswell....
  8. No no not atall AstroPhethean ! Im a book of blank pages lol. The more info i can get the better. I've spent most of the day scouring EP's. Hopefully i wil lget some good conditions to get my scope exactly how i want it and then i can start looking for some additional eyepieces. Ive heard about some nebula filters somewhere are they fairly easy to get hold of? nebulas are probably what im most going to be looking for with this scope. Fascinated by them so thats probably what ill be concentrating on EP wise, so any recommendations will be most appreciated!
  9. Yea slowly but surely, I can get it very close but just not close enough for some reason hehe. Havent had a decent night to test it either and theres nothing far away anough during the day that i can test it with from my house. Guess ill have to put my thinking cap on hehe. Its a great scope though akyra, had my friends just dribbling over the size of it! Yea EA2007 did a really good job of it! Cant wait to try for some of the things hes mentioned.
  10. This is going to help me no end! Great work now create something to make the clouds go away! Ant
  11. Wecome from a fellow new guy! Just bought a scope recently so im not much further than you are If youd like any help from a beginner point of view here i am
  12. Daltoner


    Tell me about it i spend all day looking up at the sky people are starting to think im weird.
  13. Thanks mate You know youve said a couple of things there that i prob did wrong. the first time i tried everything was tight and when i moved the focuser nothing happened, then i loosened both fully, and it did just as you said fall into the hole. No i have to wait until another clear night....... I will definately try that, Is there anything fairly easy i can start looking for up in our general direction? south/south east is prob my best bet, or around polaris. love to get jupiter nailed just no sure its possible although i did have a good chance for around an hour just didnt know waht i was doing and then it went lol
  14. Thanks alot! found all that confusing at first but you broke it down really well cheers ant
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