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  1. Hi Paul I was using the 12M wide setting from the GoPro menu, not sure the exact field of view that is sadly!
  2. Hi I haven't posted for way too long but while I'm waiting for my new obsy to get built I decided to see what I can do with my new GoPro HERO4 Black that I've just purchased. It's rainy season over here in Philippines sadly so clouded out quite a lot but my 1st impressions have been very promising with this new cam. Once the season changes I'm certain there's some great footage to capture here. I'm still unsure of what settings I need to use to get the best results and I'm also trying different locations to see what works best, looking for darker skies (avoiding neighbours night lights!) etc... If there are any other GoPro users that can give me any hints/advice it would be greatly appreciated, especially with processing the raw data. At the moment I'm just processing through the free GoPro Studio software. Thanks for taking a look GoPro HERO4 Black My Nightlapse.mp4 GoPro HERO4 Black Nightlapse.mp4
  3. A Mars to be proud of, well done, the detail you have captured is fantastic.
  4. Some nice images you got there, very impressive. Like the majority I like the Mars too, the detail is great. Congrats
  5. Really nice capture Simon, love the smooth processing too, an all round excellent image. You still managed great focus on the moons and the detail of the GRS looks great too through what you say was mushy seeing. Congrats
  6. Really nice image and animation.
  7. Great image Pete, still got lots of nice detail.
  8. Very nice images, the detail is excellent. Aspiring
  9. Fantastic image!! WOW............
  10. It's a nice image Robin with some nice detail in there, I'd be happy with it that's for sure. Congrats
  11. That's a great shot Jake, if that's you're 1st outing with this set up there's plenty more to come too, I look forward to seeing more from you and this set up. I've just took the plunge after a long absence of being able to get out there and bought the same ZWO from FLO so hopefully I can get back out there soon and get some sense out of the ZWO too. Your shot gives me a lot of hope, thanks. Congrats
  12. Some really nice images, nice smooth choice of processing too. Congrats
  13. Nice work Dan A very impressive 1st year's work there, the detail you have captured is excellent and I agree, a nice way of presenting your anniversary in the field. Well done
  14. Great image, nice detail coming through, another +1 from me this new cam looks the business!
  15. Nice shot, very sharp, congrats
  16. What a great shot showing awesome detail Luke, another one to add to the collection
  17. Nice detail again Ewan, a very nice image
  18. A very nice set there, well worth the work
  19. A couple of beauties there Freddie
  20. Great set Alexandra, all these Quark images are contagious, this piece of kit is proving to be a real game changer in solar work, the detail that can now be seen is awe inspiring. I'm another +1 for the Ca-K images too. Well worth the wait I'm sure you'll agree
  21. Great timing to get a nice prom lift, nice detail/focus
  22. You managed to get some nice detail there and well worth the effort and patience, I think it's a cracking image and have felt your pain like everyone else no doubt when you finally finish setting up and then the clouds roll in !!!! Thanks for posting
  23. Fascinating stuff Avani, thanks for taking the time and effort to educate me on this. It's very much appreciated. Nice image too.
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