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  1. thanks for the fast replys will get the bst then but i no bst dont do any bigger than 25mm but would a 30 or 32mm lens be better than the 25mm bst for dso sorry for all the question
  2. hi every1 just need some advice on some eps what would be the best 1s to get i can either afford 2 bst eps i have a sw 200p 0n a eq5 with the standard 10mm and 25mm or buy the revulation kit for £125 but will the ep be just as good as the bst thanks for u help in advance
  3. hi mate i no its just abit more but i was looking at the 127 from flo and then looked at the 200p eq5 from flo it was £377 but was alot bigger mirror and better mount as money was not going in to the sync mount which i have heard alot of problems with the mount not setting up so u spend more time getting it working the learning ur way around the sky so its abit more again but i think its worth it, but bear in mind its abig scope but it has to be as its 8" and not 5" what do u want to look at in the sky.
  4. i bought from flo good bunch of people bit busy after the star gazing live, they r based in exeter where i live near my sky watcher 200p on eq5 turned up last tuesday got to try it out last nite and this is the first time i have looked through a telescope in 20years and the first thing i managed to view was the orion neb very impressed good scope but how do others polar align when i cant see the polar scope cross or the other thing that can help me align other than that good first night out but will be getting the telard scope with the light up display as very hard to see the cross hairs in the stock 9x50 finder scope dose any 1 else have problems with the stock finder doing out of alinement just got to nudge the finder and thats it dont like just the 2 screws and the sprung bolt or is it just me:iamwithstupid:
  5. im in crediton and yes its been really good clear skys day and nite but i get my telescope early next week and the cloud will be here then too:clouds1:
  6. thanks to every 1 with that nice warm welcome just got to wait now till monday or might be tuesday or wed but seen the weather forcast not good that week that does not surprize me 1 bit .
  7. hi just to say hi me and gfriend and my 7yr old daughter just bought the sky watcher 200p with eq5 as r first telescope will turn up next week just intime for the cloud to come in lol
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