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  1. I ve got foibles. How on earth do I stop being notified of every classified add that goes on. Cant even use them! Please.
  2. I can only answer from a very unscientific view! I had a maksutov (skywatcher) it was utterly stunning. Unfortunately with limited time and no funds for a goid goto tripod I simply couldnt use it. The field was so narrow it could be difficult finding the moon on a push pull tripod. I sold it and have a 6 inch refractor instead. That's not too easy and I m hoping to buy a goto motor to power it. Really if I had the money I d buy the mak( although Celestrons are nt quite the same as Skywatchers) but only with a slightly over the top tripod. Otherwise you may end up with a superb piece of equipment you cant use!
  3. Just wondered if any of you had any experience of a skywatcher 6 inch refractor- the long one! And a celestron cg 5 goto. I have a cg5 tracking tripod, but not used it due to unfortunate working hours. I know its on its weight limit with this telescope and I need about £300 to convert it to a full go to. I do not have funds for anything else and would like to make sure its going to be worth it. Thank you.
  4. Aha. Got it. It is a tesioning screw , with a counter screw it could be that tight. Cant send photos unfortunately. Only have iphone which isnt compatable with much!
  5. There is an Allen key but its so tight I haven't been able to move it. Probably not an adjuster! I m taking apart. Ha ha ha! Doesn't look complicated really. Thanks fellas.
  6. Mine hant an adjuster. Blow it I m going to take it apart! There s something in favour of rack and pinions- they move up and down !
  7. The only screw I know is the one which locks it up solid! Trouble with buying secondhand you dont always get the instructions. I m looking up the site right now. Thank you lots.
  8. I have recently bought a 6" refractor with a crayford focuser. How nice after 4 years of clunking rack and pinion! Unfortunately it s not quite that easy. At any angle steeper than about 30• the focuser slides down and the only way I can adjust it is by hand pushing. Haven't had the courage to take it apart without some much needed advice please!
  9. Well here s more! I have Planisphere. It s never had good reviews mainly because it doesn't do much! But as a simple static finder I find it very useful. And you dont have to point it at an object to make it work. Just a planisphere. Also a free version of skyview. It seems to be the only 'moving' sky that works reasonably without jerking and wiz zing about. I only have an iphone which makes it even more useful on a small screen.
  10. Am I missing something. I can access this and other forums without tapatalk, for free and without updates!
  11. Thank you James. Very very useful. There's not a great deal to adjust on macam but still enough to make a few thousand settings before I happened on the right ones!! Thank you
  12. Actualy I still cant use it. I think it needs adjusting in settings for a small bright jupiter against a huge black sky!
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