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  1. Nope, not one of those radioactive ones. I remember playing around with luminous paint as a kid, also, chasing mercury globules around the bench in science. This is a recent purchase, 25 squid from Argos, with "Indiglo" You press the button and, in daylight get a faint glow, at night it's a blinding beacon of light! Enough to stop you having a pee in the wardrobe! A single malt will be just fine!
  2. Wow, thanks for the FOV link, that's amazing. How does the FOV of a camera prime focus compare with that of an eyepiece, say 25mm? It doesn't seem to go into that.
  3. I thought this might be of interest. I get updates from Photonics magazine and I would register for this but it is my wife's birthday that day. https://www.photonics.com/Newsletter.aspx?NSID=2147,1
  4. That sounds like a fair deal! I'm sure you meant "malt". I've already got a "mate" There's a very faint glow from Oban, 12 miles away to the South West, but apart from that there's nothing but black, (unless the neighbours leave their outside light on). We are so lucky here. TBH, if I get up for a pee in the night, I use my Timex watch to show the way, can't see the door.
  5. Thanks for that. I still don't really understand, surely DSOs are small, therefore don't you need reasonable magnification to photograph them? I mean, M42 looks about the same size as a large planet. With a 135mm lens M42 is tiny. I'm very confused.
  6. Yes, I watched that video before I made the purchase and it was one of the factors. Also, we are fortunate in being on the edge of a forest and open fields and I wanted something for occasional bird watching/photograpy (we had a Sea Eagle in a tree last summer). At least the stars don't fly away just before you get focus!
  7. You're right, I'm trying to run before I can walk.
  8. Thanks Dan. I haven't tried movie crop mode yet, but I agree, its a cracking camera.
  9. Haha! Yes, but its still bloody freezing and I'm running out of Whisky!
  10. Thank you, I'll persevere. At least we have what many would die for, beautiful dark skies and no street lamps. And clear skies one day in a fortnight!
  11. You're so right. That's what I was searching for, some reassurance. Thank you for that.
  12. That is a very good point, thank you. Resist the competitive urge. But, you see, I'm already behind, you've got an 8, I couldn't afford that, I've got a 5! My Canon 550D is good though. pleased with that. Thanks
  13. I'm afraid that "family Whooo images" won't be enough for me. That was my point, that the further you go, the more it costs.
  14. I've got an EQ5, Celestron C5 and Canon 550D and I'm already thinking it's not nearly enough.
  15. Oh dear, the more time I spend here, the more despondent I get. It seems that, if you want to do any half decent astrophotography you have to just throw money at it. I look at the pictures and then I look at the list of equipment..... Most amateur APs seem to have a few grand in there. I thought I could do it with a good mount, a reasonable scope and a DSLR. It seems that it just ramps up after that and before you know it, you're 5K lighter. I'm not sure I want to start on that path.
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