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  1. Daz, I recently did my obo tour for a club using my mobile phone, worked ok. Regards, Jack Essex UK
  2. Listen in. Perhaps a tour of my Spectroscopic obo set up on Zoom might appeal. A tell me show me, on how to acquire spectra. Clear skies, Jack Essex UK
  3. Bajastro, Spectra of Mizar, Stars and their spectra Kaler p.177. What software do you use to reduce your spectra ? Regards, Jack Essex UK
  4. All craters on Venus are named after Women. I did not, as well as many other interesting facts, until I listened to this podcast. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07hp4q2 With such a good apparition 'In our time' its appropriate ! Clear skies, Jack Essex UK
  5. Mark and Reggie, The street lamps come on at 5am, so there was a narrow window of opportunity here-phew ! Glad you like the pics. Clear skies, Jack Essex UK
  6. The scene at 03.57 UT. Clear skies. Jack Essex UK
  7. I heard this broadcast on Saturday night, a good listen. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000h7cr Clear skies, Jack Essex UK
  8. The state of play this morning in the pre dawn sky 04.21 UT, the 3 planets are starting to align. Regards, Jack Essex UK
  9. https://www.neafexpo.com/ Kicks off Sat 3 pm BST. Enjoy, Jack Essex UK
  10. Neil and Reggie, Thanks for your compliments. I should add taken with my Canon PowerShot G7 MK3 F2.8 1/8 sec ISO 3200, leaning out of my bedroom window. Neil H I love that pic of Mr Spock. Regards, Jack Essex UK
  11. Taken at 04.30 UT from Rayleigh Essex. Regards to all, Jack
  12. Peter, I suggest you use BASS project software for data reduction. BUT try Ken's suggestion first. Regards, Jack Essex UK
  13. Adam, From my experience practice and asking questions is the key to success. Regards, Jack Essex UK
  14. Alan, My Kendrick 2 inch strap wire broke ! strange thing is it was atached to the telescope as Kendrick recommended, so there was no stress on the wire ? Not good ! Regards, Jack Essex UK
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