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  1. Ye, when I got my first telescope I thought red dot and laser sights were the same! It's all about learning so don't feel silly! Bet a huge majority of people on here have been caught out with this one! I've got a Baader SkySurfer III red dot finder, it's cheap and does the job perfectly. Think it cost me around £18 plus P&P. There are better and more expensive red dot finders but have a look at this one anyway, doubt you'd be disappointed!
  2. Hey all, Was just wondering if anyone would recommend the Meade DSI II colour cam!? I don't know wether to buy this or a modded web cam that a fellow astronomer is selling. To be honest, I've not tried any Astro photography yet but I want it to be as simple as possible, I'd heard the DSI II was pretty quick and easy to use. Anyway, what do you think I should do? Got for the DSI II or a modded web cam, which I've been told is supposed to give very good pictures!? Hmmmmm!?!?
  3. I've got the Baader Skysurfer III, I love it! Very cheap and does the job perfectly!!
  4. Ye sadly the cloud is a bit of a swine!!! It's very unpredictable so you're just going to have to keep checking!!! I feel your pain, i've had about 3 decent clear nights since Christmas!!
  5. Hey all, hope you're well! This may sound like a really stupid question but I was wondering if someone can explain focal reducers in simple terms. I've looked on the net but it doesn't answer my question! What I want to know is if these are just used for Astro photography or if people actually use them to improve image quality when looking through EPs!? Do they improve your telescope at all!? Anyway, sorry if it's a rather dumb question to ask! Thanks
  6. I'm loving all the suggestions, keep them coming! Sadly I won't be buying things and selling them at a cheaper price if I don't like then on here! Haha
  7. Brilliant shot!!!! Would love to see more of these
  8. That's brilliant!! I'll certainly put this on my ever growing list!!! Was unsure as to which filters gave the best results but this looks like a pretty cool one! Thanks again for that!!
  9. I've just mounted a red dot finder to my scope, also bought a Baader Hyperion 8mm EP last month. A case sounds like a good idea too. I'm so damn indecisive!!
  10. Madness!!! I was thinking exactly the same. Going to have a look around on the net later! Are any better than others or is it a standard sort of filter..........is that a stupid question!?
  11. Well maybe you're right, maybe you can't have enough women and handbags! haha
  12. So it's pay day so what shall I buy for my telescope?? Hmmmmm
  13. Wow, amazing!!!! Hope I can do stuff like this.......one day!
  14. I'm glad you will!!! Still find myself sat there some days thinking how mental it all is. There's places we're looking at that might not even be there now! We could be looking at the dawn of an alien race but is now extinct! My head hurts now
  15. Yep, it's madness indeed!!! How very small we are!
  16. Dave S is right, you can move it totally fine without GOTO! As for the C90, I'm not entirely sure what it's like. Hopefully someone on her has reviewed it or has spoke about its capabilities, do a search and see what you come up with...sorry I can't be more help there. What sort of things are you hoping to look at? Small scopes like the ETX 80 won't show up amazing amounts of detail but if you link it to a computer and do the whole image editing thing, you can get some awesome views.
  17. Jonobiwan

    Hi :)

    Welcome to the forum! Hopefully it'll open up a whole new world for you
  18. You can unlock the clamps and use it without the GOTO system. I've used my ETX 105 without batteries in the past. Also, the actual motor isn't that loud at all. I can understand your concern for space. You can mount the telescope on a table if you don't want to use the tripod too. Let me know if you have any other questions about the ETX and i'll try my best to answer them for you.
  19. How come you don't like the GOTO system on the Meade ETX?
  20. Buy a red dot finder.........they're easy to mount and set up! You don't even have to spend a lot of money to buy a decent one. Mine cost about £18 and it's awesome, have a search for it, its a Baader Skysurfer III and comes will all the mounting stuff! There's plenty of people on here that might be able to advise you on better ones too. Good luck!
  21. The moon was the first thing I saw through my telescope followed by Saturn.....which was really really tiny! Awesome all the same though!
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