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  1. Ok thanks, i've got some de-ionised water so i might give that a go. In 'Turn left at Orion' it's pretty adamant that cleaning the lens isn't a good idea because of the special coatings, but it is referring to tiny specs of dust or the odd finger print and not loads spiders web or whatever it is.
  2. I've had my telescope (ED80) for a couple of months, i've used it a dozen times or so, i've always been sure to refit the lens cap when not viewing, but today, after a few hours viewing on and off, i had a look down the end of the telescope and saw loads of water marks and a weird scratchy pattern on the glass. I've never looked down the end before, so i'm not sure when it happened and i can't see it when looking through the correct end. I did see a bug flapping around earlier in the evening and that maybe left this weird pattern. I've read that cleaning the lens is a big no no, but i want to do AP at some point so i'll have to get it cleaned, what would be the best approach? Professional cleaning perhaps?
  3. This is my first decent moon photo, with a little bit of sharpening, contrast and brightness adjustment. I used a Samsung S8 on auto, holding it up to the eyepiece. ED80 with 5mm EP (120x) + moon filter.
  4. Thanks Alan, just ordered that (im not desperate to spend money but i hear it helps to be). Good to know i should be able to start off with just the scope and mount. Thanks all.
  5. Thanks for the replies, i read that book a while ago, should probably take another look. Would an accessory pack like this be any good, or is it a bit of a false economy? https://www.astroshop.eu/eyepieces/omegon-suitcase-with-eyepieces-and-accessories/p,8353
  6. So im finally in a position to buy some equipment. Ultimately I would like to get into imaging, mainly DSO and the Moon. But for now i'm going to buy a scope and a mount. I was looking to get an EQ6 Pro with Synscan GOTO (For future proofing) - https://www.astroshop.eu/equatorial-with-goto/skywatcher-mount-eq-6-pro-synscan-goto/p,4070 and Skywatcher 80/600 - https://www.astroshop.eu/telescopes/skywatcher-apochromatic-refractor-ap-80-600-evostar-ed-ota/p,15056 What else am I going to need to start viewing? clamps, filters, eyepieces??? Thanks
  7. I'm still trying to decide myself what to buy (looking to do astrophtography). I've kind of narrowed it down to a ed80 or a 200pds. All i did was go through the imaging section and look at all the pictures that I would like to be able to take and then write down the equipment used, these two scopes came up the most from what I could see, the camera that seemed to come up most was the Canon 550D, might be an idea to do the same.
  8. Im sure you've been told this already but you could read the book 'Making Every Photon Count' if you're interested in astrophtography, i've read it and it is good, tells you all the about the process from setting up the scope to processing the photos and what equipment you will need. I don't know much about scopes but i'd check if I were you if the 250pds + camera etc.. will be too heavy for the mount or not, probably close to the limit.
  9. I take it you are looking for some points of reference, these look like a couple to me. Thats 83, 5 and 9 from top to bottom
  10. There is this one for a similar price (about £1400) which comes with an NEQ6Pro mount - Sky-Watcher Explorer-300PDS newtonian telescope. - although as I was advised, the size of this thing is quite considerable and i don't know how good this thing would be for astrophotography. i've seen quite a few really nice photos using a 200p scope which might be a bit more manageable. Im a newbie by the way so don't take this as gospel.
  11. I guess when I first look up and see a tiny dot of a planet next to a beautiful big galaxy I'll realise just how naive a question that was. I think i'm erring towards maybe 1 big scope that stays at home and one small portable scope. I could get that 12" one and a small refractor for about the same cost as the C8 I was looking at. I think I need to speak to someone from around here to find out what kind of views I can expect from a back garden to see if the big one is worth it.
  12. Yep, it's definitely something I need to think harder about. I had a look at some of the photos other members have taken, there are some real stunners, it seems the Celestron 80mmED refractor is very popular and has taken some very nice pictures. It's interesting to see how different people with the same equipment take photos with very varying results, I guess experience and patience are a very important factor, but this does make the decision harder, do I need to be a genius with a certain scope to get a good result? One thing that has intrigued me is the difference between planetry and DSO pictures. I have seen some unbelievable pictures of galaxies with lots of detail and colour, but very few pictures of say Mars with the same detail and sharpness. Considering the galaxies are many light years away I would expect the opposite results. I can only assume that the ratio of brightness&size/distance is far more favourable with galaxies than planets but i'd love to hear a better explanation.
  13. That's interesting to know. Would you say it's less risky buying a secondhand mount than a secondhand scope? So long as they haven't had some monster of a scope sitting on it the whole time.
  14. Ok, one of the things i've found while researching astrophotography and it's quite obvious when you think about it, is that a sturdy mount is very important, the last thing I want to do is buy a scope that's just going to wobble around because it's too heavy for the mount, and 4K on a mount is bit far out of my budget. I just looked at the dimensions of the scope and it appears to be about 1.5 meters long that is rather massive. I would like something that I can transport as I live in a town and it's hard to see any stars even with a clear sky. It's funny, I started looking at a £50 scope then I read a bit and started looking around £1000 and now im looking at about £3000 including camera etc.. with autoguiding a future investment. I won't be buying anything for probably over a year, I dread to think what i'll be looking at by then. At least i'll know im serious if im still looking.
  15. Thanks for the replies, hahaha yeah i really want to buy the biggest scope possible, might have to buy a forklift with it. I got the 'Making Every Photon Count' book the other day and have started reading, very interesting. So this isn't necessarily a poor quality scope, interesting. I did wonder whether it will be too big for the mount though.
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