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  1. I guess it's worth enquiring to see if they'll fit a bulb I can then filter out.
  2. It does actually shine into my bedroom, but to cover this area as well it would need to be quite large, you could quite easily make a shield that covered my bedroom and didn't cover this area, which im guessing would be the option they would offer.
  3. I did read somewhere you can get a shield put up, but im not sure they would be willing to put one up big enough to help with my telescope.
  4. If someone was to crash their car into it, I wouldn't complain.
  5. The lamp is right next to the fence, any sheet would have to be as tall as the lamp, the shield i made blocks out a lot of light but there are lamps across the street as well, which also make it worse, i can't block them all out and still still see anything. I think they replaced all the street lights round here recently. This is the shield I made.
  6. A picture showing what im working with, the light is about 2-3m away, and that's the only spot I can set up my telescope, i've already made a tube to slot over the end of the scope to create some shadow, im hoping a good light pollution filter will help some more.
  7. They look white, Is there anyway of finding out what bulbs are in them?
  8. Does anyone know what type of street light this is and what would be the best light pollution filter to use? It looks like 2 fluorescent lights. I'm looking in the region of £100, 1.25" I use a Canon 1000D ED80 pro EQ6 Moving house is my second option.
  9. Ok thanks, i've got some de-ionised water so i might give that a go. In 'Turn left at Orion' it's pretty adamant that cleaning the lens isn't a good idea because of the special coatings, but it is referring to tiny specs of dust or the odd finger print and not loads spiders web or whatever it is.
  10. I've had my telescope (ED80) for a couple of months, i've used it a dozen times or so, i've always been sure to refit the lens cap when not viewing, but today, after a few hours viewing on and off, i had a look down the end of the telescope and saw loads of water marks and a weird scratchy pattern on the glass. I've never looked down the end before, so i'm not sure when it happened and i can't see it when looking through the correct end. I did see a bug flapping around earlier in the evening and that maybe left this weird pattern. I've read that cleaning the lens is a big no no, but i want
  11. This is my first decent moon photo, with a little bit of sharpening, contrast and brightness adjustment. I used a Samsung S8 on auto, holding it up to the eyepiece. ED80 with 5mm EP (120x) + moon filter.
  12. Thanks Alan, just ordered that (im not desperate to spend money but i hear it helps to be). Good to know i should be able to start off with just the scope and mount. Thanks all.
  13. Thanks for the replies, i read that book a while ago, should probably take another look. Would an accessory pack like this be any good, or is it a bit of a false economy? https://www.astroshop.eu/eyepieces/omegon-suitcase-with-eyepieces-and-accessories/p,8353
  14. So im finally in a position to buy some equipment. Ultimately I would like to get into imaging, mainly DSO and the Moon. But for now i'm going to buy a scope and a mount. I was looking to get an EQ6 Pro with Synscan GOTO (For future proofing) - https://www.astroshop.eu/equatorial-with-goto/skywatcher-mount-eq-6-pro-synscan-goto/p,4070 and Skywatcher 80/600 - https://www.astroshop.eu/telescopes/skywatcher-apochromatic-refractor-ap-80-600-evostar-ed-ota/p,15056 What else am I going to need to start viewing? clamps, filters, eyepieces??? Thanks
  15. I'm still trying to decide myself what to buy (looking to do astrophtography). I've kind of narrowed it down to a ed80 or a 200pds. All i did was go through the imaging section and look at all the pictures that I would like to be able to take and then write down the equipment used, these two scopes came up the most from what I could see, the camera that seemed to come up most was the Canon 550D, might be an idea to do the same.
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