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  1. I love M42 too. I remember being wowed by it at the age of 9. Hooked ever since! M
  2. Thanks for the comments everyone. OK Ron - I won't apologise again However, given the weather now I don't expect to get out imaging again in 2012 Mark
  3. Well it's been a while since I did one of these. Hope I've moved on a bit since the last one in 2009. An MPCC and mod to the 350D helped. Details below the pic. Mark 200mm f5 Newtonian MPCC Guided Canon EOS 350D modded, Astronomik CLS 5x30x, 5x60, 20x180s, darks, flats, ISO 800 Captured in APT, Processed in Nebulosity and PS CS5
  4. If you just want finer control, why not just add an auto-focuser. Gives fine control to the single speed crayford at a fraction of the price. I use one and it makes a lot of difference: First Light Optics - SkyWatcher Auto Focuser Mark
  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. I felt I stretched it too much for the number of subs. Another hour of subs should help reduce the noise a bit. Mark
  6. Here's my latest attempt with my newly modified 350D. Couldn't have done this unmodded I think. Gusty winds buffeting the mount so the guiding wasn't the best and it wasn't particularly transparent either. Is it over-processed? Might add some more subs later if I get any more clear nights. Mark 2011-09-28 200mm f5 Newtonian MPCC Guided Canon EOS 350D modded, Astronomik CLS 10x240s 19x180s, darks, flats, ISO 800, Captured in APT, Processed in Nebulosity and PS CS5
  7. That is so beautiful! Love the star colours too. Is there a trick to processing images with dust in them? Not something I've managed to do yet. Mark
  8. Amazing! So much detail and an interesting new perspective on it. Mark
  9. I do like it! Lots of details in the spiral arms and good colour too. Mark
  10. I like them - large sensor area and no messing around with filter wheels However, if I could afford a dedicated CCD camera, I might have a different view I probably need to do more darks than I did. Problem is it's the end of the night and I usually want to go to bed so I fire off as few as I think I can get away with. Lights can wait til the morning. Mark
  11. Details under the first image at the top Melibum - unless you need more? Mark
  12. I think you're right Jim. Colour balance isn't quite right is it. Might give it anther go. Mark
  13. Thanks for the comments everyone. I'm rather please at the result myself. Modding definitely seems to have been worth it. Not happy with the background yet; too brown and noisy I think. Mark
  14. I love the difference modding my 350D has made. Much easier to process and helps remove the colour shift from the Astronomik CLS filter. Processing could be better but I need to change how I process my images now I think. Mark 2011-09-20 200mm f5 Newtonian MPCC Guided Canon EOS 350D modded, Astronomik CLS 5x240s 15x180s, darks, flats, ISO 800 Captured in APT, Processed in Nebulosity and PS CS5
  15. wordpress.com is free. Only costs if you host the software from wordpress.org and have to set it up yourself. Less functionality but enough for a basic astro blog. Mark
  16. I use a Powerline adapter on an extension cable to my obs. Works fine for me - certainly much better than WiFi. Don't know about the USB hub though - never tried that. Mark
  17. The main thing I'm looking forward to are some tools to help you center the object on the sensor. Now that will make it amazing! Mark
  18. I have done something similar to power my Canon 350D using this: Car Accessory Socket : InCar Power Adaptors : Maplin. Attached it to a spare PSU. DSLR doesn't need as much current as you might though. Mark
  19. Still too light here. 3 stars and the moon. What can I do with them
  20. APT - definitely! And some of the upcoming enhancements will make it even better. Mark
  21. Just a though: try guiding with Guidemaster instead. I had similar problems guiding my EQ6 with PHD. Tried Guidemaster and they just went away. I still can't get PHD to work for me but Guidemaster works all the time for me. Gives more immediate feedback on the quality of the guiding too I think. Mark
  22. I reckon it's still another 2 weeks before I can start imaging from here in Edinburgh. But it is definitely getting darker. Here's a widefield shot from around midnight last night. Still quite blue (and orange!). Mark
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