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  1. markarian

    Ha showing secondary image

    This I took last night shows much better stars without the MPCC than with surprisingly. Even stars in the corners look pretty good.
  2. markarian

    Ha showing secondary image

    Definitely not going to use it - and it seems the 10 inch newt really doesn't need it. As Louise says - the sensor size probably means I gets away with it. In fact the MPCC was doing really weird things to the stars - even at the correct spacing. Not sure what was going on there. It worked fined for the 8 inch newt.
  3. markarian

    Rat's Head Nebula in narrowband

    Ahh didn't know that. Thanks Definitely a rat to me
  4. Never heard of it? Me neither - but after imaging the Christmas Tree Cluster NGC 2264 in narrowband it will forever be known as the Rat's Head Nebula - to me at least... Can you see it or is it just me? 250mm f4.8 Newtonian Atik 460EX Baader Ha, OIII, SII SHO colour mapping 10x300s each band
  5. markarian

    Ha showing secondary image

    Well I've finally decided that it is caused by the MPCC and the Baader filters together - even at the correct spacing there's still some effect. The really weird thing is that my images look far better without the MPCC. I only used it because it was necessary with my 8 inch Newtonian, but this 10 inch seems not to need it at all - and it certainly gets rid of the the horrible reflections / artifacts. Thanks again for everyone's help and suggestions. Mark
  6. markarian

    Ha showing secondary image

    First check is that MPCC distance is wrong. I've adjusted it (not totally correct yet but I'll sort that) and at first glance the pattern has gone! May have been chance that the position I chose just happened to produce a very nicely focused image of the spider and secondary! I'll do more tests to be sure. Mark
  7. markarian

    Ha showing secondary image

    Yes Baader MPCC. Spacers may not be exactly correct - I will need to check that out. Thanks everyone for your help. I have a few things to try out now. Mark
  8. markarian

    Ha showing secondary image

    From the calculator above I suspect I may have 2 possible sources: Coma Corrector and EL lightbox. Can try and eliminate both to prove the point. M
  9. markarian

    Ha showing secondary image

    SX filter wheel. Will check. Are filters not coated both sides?
  10. markarian

    Ha showing secondary image

    They are screw in filters so no other way to go in that I can see.
  11. markarian

    Ha showing secondary image

    Thanks vlaiv - will give those a go. Filters were new Louise. Mark
  12. markarian

    Ha showing secondary image

    One other possibility is the acrylic over the EL panel I use for flats being reflective? Suppose I need to try and change everything to see what works.
  13. markarian

    Ha showing secondary image

    The weird thing is the flats - they show an almost perfect image of the primary, secondary and spider. Final images show it too.
  14. markarian

    Ha showing secondary image

    Flats and subs all show the same in Ha and OIII. SII doesn't show these that I can see. The only thing that's changed is that this is the first real full narrowband image I've done - so a big change really Wondering if it's out of focus reflections from the MPCC to the Baader filters? Mark
  15. markarian

    Ha showing secondary image

    It is an unstacked sub but you can see the same pattern in both the sub and the flat. All subs in Ha and OIII have this. It was reasonably dark last night (or as good as it gets here on the edge of Edinburgh) so don't think it was against light. Both images seriously stretched to show the issue. Thanks

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