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  1. I've been using goto since I started a couple of years ago but I was getting bored with the faff of setting up and lack of a challenge so a couple of months ago I bought myself a 4" refractor and an EQ5. I enjoyed finding things but missed the light grab of my C11 so a couple of weeks ago and after a lot of hunting I bought a 12" Lightbridge, tonight was the first real opportunity I've had to use it other than a glance at the moon through cloud... So I took the dob outside at around 9 and let things cool off for half an hour or so then let loose I started off with Jupiter then onto Venus before looking for Andromeda which turned out to be a bit tricky as the sky was still reasonably bright meaning I couldn't see as much as I would have liked but I found it. I then turned my attentions to The Little Dumbbell Nebula and the California Nebula neither of which I could find, maybe next time... After that if was off to Auriga and M36, M37 & M38 all of which I found easily. I then turned my attentions to Leo and the Leo triplet of M65, M66 & NGC3628 and onto Mars. Next was M81 and M82 and I finished off with Saturn. I know they are all pretty easy object to find but tonight I proved to myself that I can mange without goto and finding things is so much more rewarding when you do it for yourself. I've enjoyed myself tonight and I'm really glad I took the plunge and sold the C11, the dob is here to stay. Dave
  2. The skies are clearing, the scope is outside cooling and I'm getting excited because this is the first chance I've had to try my Lightbridge I'll let you know how it was later...... Dave
  3. Which goes something like this; last Thursday I ordered a set of secondary collimation knobs and a set of uprated primary springs for my Lightbridge and they arrived today Wednesday. That's six days including the day of delivery with Easter taking up four of those days US to UK! Bob emailed me to confirm the order and advise that the bits were posted and needless to say I've emailed Bob to say how pleased I am with his service. Dave
  4. Recently I've bought and sold quite a bit of kit on UKAB&S and have been very happy both as a buyer and seller. I tend to ask for Paypal payments to be made as a gift and am also happy to buy using the gift option. A really good resource. Dave
  5. Thanks I didn't consider using the flexibility of the shroud to make the scope easier to handle. My thinking was that a more rigid shroud would mean there was no flapping around.... I'll see how I get on. Dave
  6. I'm sorted now thanks. Got one from Telescope House that had been used in a photo shoot. Saved a bit of brass and the base was already built which saved me a job Dave
  7. Hi Tom, Already started ordering bits and bobs So far the list is Telrad, Astro Engineering Light Shroud, Bobs Knobs for the secondary & Bobs Knobs springs. What else do you recommend? Dave
  8. I've signed and will cuirculate to my friends for their support. Dave
  9. For some reason the eBay seller has decided not to respond to my questions so I'm not going to buy that one, it's currently at £460 with 2 1/2 days to go so it's bound to go up some more. Anyway all is now well, I picked my daughter up today from Epsom and as I wasn't too far from Telescope House at Lingfield I thought I'd give them a call, no 'new' ones in stock but a new one that had been used on a photo shoot and had the base built up. The deal was done and I now have a Lightbridge I have no idea why I didn't call them before, I guess I just assumed that as they were the importer and as everywhere else was saying there was no stock that they wouldn't have one. I've collimated then had a look at the Moon and Mars, the only things poking out periodically from behind the clouds. I can't pass comment on the views due to the ever present clouds but I'm sure it won't disappoint. Dave Dave
  10. I spotted that on over the weekend, I've dropped the seller a note with a few questions but not had a reply as yet. However, it has two bids and is sitting at £370 with five days to go so it may go up a bit yet. Any help with my search is much appreciated. I've pretty much decided to go down the used route and am also considering a solid tube dob as a 12" will fit in my car with ease. Thanks Dave
  11. Thanks for the input. It looks like I need to be a little more patient.... Dave
  12. I've just sold a load of stuff including my C11 on there and I'm a fan but a want a new scope mainly because there is such a small saving buying used. Dave
  13. Scott, PM me and I'll give you my phone number If you give me a call I'll try and give you some help. Dave
  14. It'll soon be gone and it will seem like a very long time before it reemerges, one of my favourite views and the second object I saw through a telescope. Jupiter was the first by the way. Dave
  15. I'm trying to buy one but can't find anywhere with one in stock. Any ideas? Thanks Dave
  16. Dellis

    Hello people!

    Hello Paul and welcome Dave
  17. Well that's me booked in. See you all in October. Dave Edit: Apologies for the duplicate and I can't delete it
  18. Well that's me booked in. See you all in October. Dave
  19. I've just used this guide to set my polar scope. Very helpful indeed. Thank you. Dave
  20. Now that is an Aladdin's cave..... Dave
  21. Thanks, I'd looked at that but didn't see the maximum length Three ordered. Dave
  22. Has anyone any idea where I can get a couple of bolt cases from? I'm looking for 50mm dia by 90 - 100 mm long. I've looked on ebay and Googled all to no avail. Dave
  23. I have both a couple of Panaviews and several Hyperions, there's not much in it but I'd suggest the Panaviews have the edge in my C11. Dave
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