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  1. Hello all,

    I'm completely new to astronomy but a recent move to a house in deepest darkest Shropshire with a very big sky above has prompted the purchase of a telescope - something I've always wanted.

    Spent yesterday building the scope (SW200P/EQ5). Wow! It's a beast but really enjoyed the unpacking and construction.

    I think I have a basic grasp of RA, Dec, azimuth etc. now.

    Hoping for some clear skys soon. I'm already slighly obsessed with cloud cover.

    I have lots of basic questions of couse, but everyone seems very friendly and helpful here.

    Hoping for good things.


    Hello Richard and welcome. I'm only in Nantwich so if you need a bit of a hand just let me know. I like a pint too :)


  2. I couldn't find an off the shelf padded bag or case for my new C925 so I got in touch with Bags 2 Cover who had previously made some top quality pannier inner bags for my aluminium motorcycle panniers. Anyway they put up with me changing my mind about what I exactly wanted on more than one occasion and I finally opted for a double padded bag with handles and an end zip. I waited for a couple of weeks for it to be made and I can say it was well worth it, really nicely made with a quality feel.

    I had the bad made long enough for my star diagonal to be left attached which also leaves space for my Telred. With hindsight I'd have added a handle to the base to make it easier to hold the bag while sliding the scope out.

    Finally I have no affiliation with these guys but thought I'd share my find.




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  3. I have all three 26mm, 32mm & 38mm and they all offered great views in my 12" F5 dob (now sold), they were a little soft towards the edges but it didn't detract from my enjoyment. These must be the best value for money eyepieces you can buy. I now have a C9.25 at F10 which gives the ep's a much easier time and all three give clear views across the complete fov.


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  4. Got home this afternoon after just spending Saturday night there. The weather was a bit rum but it was nice to meet and chat with folks I saw last year and a few new ones too.


  5. Roo and I will be there tomorrow around midday we're also giving Tom aka Hypernova a lift. I was going to bring the society's solar scope along but looking at the weather forecast I don't think I'll bother :( However, I will be packing my scope and a pair of bins so here's hoping.....

    See you all tomorrow


  6. Well I made it back home with the scope in one piece (I have a padded case being made) and I took a couple of snaps, I forgot my camera so they're only iPhone jobs but you get the idea....

    Mods so far are upgraded altitude bolts, Telrad, Astrozap dew shield, Revelation Astro 2" diagonal and I have an ADM Vixen saddle en route from the US.




  7. Anyone suggest some wheels, lockable preferably so I can wheel my Dob from out of the garage 30 odd feet across crazy paving etc? I'd suggest they'd need to be pneumatic to better protect the scope from vibration. If this could be combined with some sort of adjustable platform to get the level spot on that'd be even better!

    Thanks, Steve

    Have a look here page two. I got the wheels from B&Q.


  8. Celestron have upgraded the CG5. They have fitted an improved saddle. They also added other things that people wanted, such as a RTC, PEC, better motors and gear boxes and improved polar align controls.

    It was released in January, there were a couple at Astrofest, next to the CG5.

    It's a little more expensive, $100 in the USA so I guess about £100 extra in the UK. Less than the cost of the ADM saddle.


    I like the look of the new mount and wonder how it will compare stability wise.


  9. your reaction sounds the same as mine whd i got the c8 as my previous scope was a Tasco 114mm reflector

    I had a C8 which I loved and then went to a C11 which to be frank was a disappointment since then I've has a 12" dob and a 4" refractor but I'd been hankering after another SCT and was going to go for a C8 but with the current C925 prices I just had to have one. Needless to say I've not been disappointed, far better than my C11 and better than my old C8 so I'm really very happy.


  10. I've just bought a C925 / CG-5 GT and I was a bit nervous with regard to the capacity of the mount but the deal meant that if it wasn't upto the job I would still be in front once I sold it however it's fine and I really don't feel the need for anything heavier duty. It does wobble but only during focus and it damps very quickly which I'm happy with.


  11. I went outside earlier and saw the clouds start to clear around Polaris and in the space of ten minutes the sky went from almost fully clouded over to perfectly clear, I could't believe my eyes... mount aligned, scope mounted and off we go.... to say I am very happy would be something of an understatement!!! I've spent the evening whizzing round the night sky with no plan and enjoying what's been put before me. I'm frozen but I'm happy.


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  12. Hi Dave, very nice purchase :-)

    It's meant to clear(ish) Monday night for sure so fingers crossed for you, i have also found the CG-5 GT mount very good, once you have done the star alignment a couple of times & calib stars as well the Polar Align is great, i may be wrong but i think you can do your Polar Align for each time you slew to a new target, this then 'syncs' the mount to that area giving better accuracy, i think that is correct.

    The mount is silent in tracking just quite loud at number 8 & 9 slew speeds but my neighbours have never complained even through a couple of all nighters.

    Hope you get out for longer soon Dave & enjoy your new scope.

    Ewan - thanks, I'm really hankering the next clear evening, fingers crossed for monday...


  13. Hello

    I'm just down the road from you and like you I've just invested in bigger scope - a Celestron 9.25 SCT ( for my alleged retirement!)

    I have always gone for really good eyepieces on the principle that they can go from scope to scope and again like you I didn't want to spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar.

    I love the Radian 6mm for when the seeing is good and the planets can take the magnification. When I bought the scope (only just over a month ago) I then invested in a 2" Panaview 38mm ( as recommended by FLO) and that give lovely wide angle views though I hav won't given it a really full work out yet.

    Best of luck with the c11. You should get some great results with it


    I can vouch for the Panaviews I have all three a 26, 32 and 38 and have used the 32 in a C8 which was superb and all three in both a C11 and a C925 again the results are far above their price would suggest. I also have an Explore Scientific 82 deg 8.8mm which is fantastic, so good that I have ordered an 11, a 14 and an 18 from the US.


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