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  1. Wow! Thank you to all! :)

    who could have imagined a simple thing like this would solicit any notes from esteemed people here.

    All I ever wanted to do was,

    see the moon turns to red and take some afocal

    with my poor and old 3.2 PowerShot

    and my shaking hands.

    Apart from that,

    I tried not to fall asleep, but couldn't keep my eyes open at all times. :eek:

    I never actually expected it to be that hard, really.

    AND it was hard.

    I thought i could capture the full moon in all red, but maybe

    weather and equipment matters.

    "When the going gets tough,

    the going gets rough."

    On the bright note, these were taken with a Japanese 6" mirror f/5

    but using bare hands instead of a fixed universal digital camera adapter,

    I had to go around the telescope in circle, to angle the camera in all ways.

    Anyway, thanks to all. B)

    See you again in the next total lunar eclipse.

    If I didn't fall asleep :mad:

    God speed everyone! :)

  2. Today I finally realized: :)

    • Need to save to get a good camera ;)
    • Need to have a universal digital camera adapter :p
    • Need to learn to drink coffee to stay awake :)
    • or better yet - just subscribe to NASA Hubble images or to nightfisher's page on Stargazers Lounge and who knows - he might consider selling his TAL 100RS to me in the future :)






  3. @ zakalwe:

    I've given it some thought about what you said.

    I am relatively new, but how would one determine if an object is near or far?

    The scope I've used was a 3.5 refractor with 1000 mm fl, and a 20mm ep.

    Wouldn't an object nearby would drift out of the field view too quick if it's just too near?

    The thing I saw was able to stay in my field of view for about 25 seconds if I'm correct - before I moved the scope to track it.

  4. @ brianb:


    Yes, I understand.

    Another friend suggests that it might be a debris that caught the glare of the sun.

    I was just confused whether the orbit was really as far as that of Saturn, because how would one be able to see it moving at that distance.

    What seems odd is,

    if its just a straight line - then I would really discard it easily,

    But it did look that it came from around Saturn and sort of the Planet had sling it onwards. At least, that's what it looked to me.

    But then, how one could see it "moving" at that distance? If it was indeed in that vicinity.

    It's just probably a junk,as you say, or a capsule debris.

    But then, to see it with your own eye - still amazing.

  5. Hi, I know it may sound too eerie.

    But what could be a thing in the direction of Saturn, a point-like thing half the apparent size of Titan, that you would see moving at a steady pace at that far!

    I've seen satellites even with a naked eye and they tend to be out of sight fast - but it wasn't like that.

    April 11, 2011 Location 14° 50' N / 121° 3' E Time 9:20PM GMT +8hrs

    I was observing Saturn with a modest 3.5" refractor f/11 with a 20mm eyepiece. I was at it for two hours when suddenly a point-like object came from behind the Saturn (behind? at least that's what it was seemed to me). And it was moving.

    I had to turn my eye away from scope at least thrice just to make sure I was actually seeing the "thing" and not just hallucinating or so. But it was there alright, no doubt about it.

    I was able to track it for about 4 minutes until I've lost it among the stars.

    I'm sure it wasn't any of those satellites but still not quite sure.

    A guy from the US said it might might be a floating rock at such a huge size.

    Granted that it was a floating rock and that huge, how could I then e able to see it moving at that far!

    Jupiter's moons were a lot closer but you never see them moved by that pace.

    Only three things that I could really think of are:

    1. It's a satellite. But then apparent size doesn't make sense and it's direction (?) :mad:

    2. It's unidentified. :D

    3. I was crazy :hello2:- but I did make it a point to turn my eye away thrice to make sure.

    Someone says that "The universe is stranger than we could ever imagine."

    Well, I guess it is.

    It gave me a chill. :rolleyes:


  6. I could have used moon filter (?) for the telescope...

    it wasn't actually a clear night though.

    I've seen the photo of the moon by Nightfisher on the TAL group and I was amazed

    how I wish I could have a TAL soon..


  7. @ kh3ldar:

    Hi was I also on some sort of hijacking the thread? sorry, I am relatively new, and I was just like, sharing in the excitement about the super moon. Please let me know if I am guilty and will remove my post. Thanks. No harm intended.

  8. Welcome to sgl, rp !!

    Oh and congrats on being the 60th member of the 'Tal Users Group'.

    Quite obviously a highly intelligent,discerning, individual.........hehehehe.



    Ohh.. I'm the 60th member on TAL? Oh my, this is heavy. I am honored!

    Thanks :))

    And thanks everyone! Wow! People here are so outright friendly and very warm :))

  9. Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Being 'nice' to people, what ever next! :) Crikey you'll want to be asking questions and improving your understanding - what has this world come to!!!!

    I don't know, some people come on here and take advantage of our generosity, our experience and technical know how so that they can really enjoy the nights sky and then go and tell their friends all about it - typical of the younger generation of today. The next thing, you are going to want a buy a telescope and even a star map, well I shall have to have a word with the moderators about this one. :):D:D

    Only kidding, (if you hadn't noticed) Please ask away any question you like. There won't be a daft question you can ask that I haven't asked in my time.

    Clear skies


    p.s only some of us actually bite people!

    Whew... You almost scared me there, James.

    Thanks everyone! Glad to be here......

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