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  1. I was thinking that as well the other day so I hope it is possible.
  2. Well done on a very good first image. Keep it up and enjoy your new equipment
  3. Great collection you have there, well done
  4. Good image. I would follow DrRobins advice if I was you as it will help lots but well done
  5. Yep, I agree with James. Also if you have time when imaging, try different settings until you find ones that work well. For me, highest gain, 10 FPS for around 3 minutes works well but it may differ with your telescope
  6. I forgot to ask in my first post. Firstly, what telescope are you using and any Barlows or filters. Also, how many frames did you capture and stack and what settings did you use? Sorry for all the questions but would like to help you if I can
  7. I would say that is a superb first image. I can definitely see the GRS so well done and keep it up
  8. Very good image. I am using iTelescope (GRAS) soon for NGC2244 but using T14
  9. Hello, the 130 is an excellent starter scope so with GOTO I am sure you will have lots fun with it
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