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  1. I have used it and I found it excellent. I did mine with the full moon (you get a very good discount) but my target was more than 60 degrees away and I was imaging in HA and OIII. I brought the starter pass which is a very good price for what you get. Would highly recommend it
  2. Very nice images. Are you planning on adding any more subs to these?
  3. Hi all, As some of you may know, there is a new diagram for noctilucent clouds on the SpaceWeather website. Could someone tell me where the UK is on the Europe part as I can't work out where the countries are. I would post a picture of the diagram however Tapatalk won't let me for some reason. Thanks in advance, Jack
  4. I just ran the AVI through Registax with some wavelets at the end but that is it.
  5. Thanks Ewan and feel free to work on my images (applies to anyone) as it helps me and what I should do I will also extend my imaging runs when the weather is fine again :-/ Also, do you, or anyone else for that matter, know what has caused the blue background? Thanks once again for the advice and the new image
  6. Forgot to add that the AVI was only 2 minutes 46 seconds so looking back I presume I should double the time to get more frames which will improve the image, am I correct?
  7. Hello Chris and welcome to SGL
  8. Hi, Last Night (26th) was my first real attempt at imaging Saturn. The only time I had tried before this was when I first started imaging and didn't have a clue what I was doing with Barlow lens, settings etc. Conditions were rather good with the image taken just before 11pm. I used the equipment in my signature with a X2 Barlow with the settings as follows: [Philips SPC 900NC PC Camera] Frame Divisor=1 Resolution=640x480 Frame Rate (fps)=15.00 Colour Space / Compression=YUY2 Exposure=-4 Brightness=51 Contrast=19 Saturation=12 Gamma=0 ColorEnable=255 BacklightCompensation=0 Gain=60 One thing I do not like is the blue background however I am more pleased that the planet looks good with some detail. Please ask if you have any advice or questions
  9. Thank you James, one last question, is there a limit I show put on the AVI or should I just aim for around 3-5 minutes for each one?
  10. Very nice image, I like the colour as well
  11. GreatAttractor, thanks for the help with that it is better on mono cameras. Your comparison is also very helpful
  12. James, thank you for that advice. Would you suggest changing the gain more or exposure to fill it up or shall I just do it equally?
  13. Hi, I am wondering what would be ideal settings for imaging the sun. I don't really need exact settings but more like how much gain and whether I should use a histogram to help me with brightness. Also, is it worth purchasing a Baader Continuum filter for my telescope to help me when I image the sun and has anyone done a comparison with no filter and with one. Thanks in advance
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