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  1. Hi am posting this in case it helps anyone who has suffered the same problem as myself. In a nutshell: Own a Skywatcher Gti mount for some time now and used with some success, also purchased some time ago Skysafari and wanted to use both, with a problem much reported on the web and so much information out there that it can get a bit confusing and certainly in my case frustrating, after all just want stuff to work! After much experimenting and help from other postings this is what happens when you fire up the Gti. The mount generates its own wireless network and becomes the gateway, its IP address is always you see this when making a connection with the Synscan app/program, its very similar to a normal router that serves you the Internet. Any device that then connects to this network then gets an assigned address one up from this, i.e., .3, etc. However if you run the Safari app and go in to settings you will find it has also been allocated an address which is one up from the device you are using. In my case my Ipad was connected to the wireless network and had been given the address of but when I checked the IP address in the settings page of SkySafari it was ! If you accept this you get the error that the app cannot join the wireless network check your settings etc. If you now manually change that address to the same as the device running the Synscan app in my case .2 it should connect and work. However there is a caveat to this, I tried using an Iphone 4 and an old Ipad and they would not work together no matter what. I got the other error message that I had joined the network but the mount did not recognise the device type I had selected (Skywatcher Synscan Alt Az GoTo) and no amount of changing things would solve it. To get around this I used my trusty Win 7 laptop to run the Synscan program and things worked perfectly so it can be done don't give up! Sorry this is so long but I hope it helps someone out there. So to round off when you fire up the mount it becomes address no 1, any physical device gets the next address 2, any software running on the that device gets the next address 3. When you fire up SkySafari it must have the same address as the one that the SynScan app has got and this can e changed in SkySafari settings. None of this makes any sense to me as I thought software couldn't act in that way but there you are. I hope I have got this right feel free to contact me if things don't work Regards Bill
  2. Hi I know this doesn't help but just thought I would chuck my two penneth in as hey say. Bought a Pi 3 B+ to run Atik Air, chose it over the '3' as it had superior hardware etc. It would not work and Atik didn't help either, so am left with a Pi that I don't want. Although the Pi option is relatively inexpensive I chose to buy a reconditioned Gigabyte BRIX load windows (7) and any software I want plus team viewer and bingo have a wireless connection which works to my Atik infinity. Run the BRIX and Infinity off of a Celestron power tank no problem. It was more expensive and physically slightly larger but easier to do by a country mile. BTW Atik are collaborating with Stellarmate to produce their new Atikbase which will be powered by a Pi but personally I would question it's capability.
  3. Hello to all those with a Sky watcher Gti mount. Mine like many others was stuck trying to update to V3.16 and with no Wi Fi signal to communicate with I was up a creek. FLO loaned me a Sky watcher dongle and I have managed to do the upgrade however this was not a piece of cake and the update kept failing. Tried both versions with it bombing out at various stages. Tried a different location as there is a lot of Wi Fi traffic around still no joy. In desperation I left it updating and went in search of my dreaded Win 10 laptop just in case. When I returned hey presto it had completed the update to V3.16 and all is working. My experience with this has put me off for life in doing wireless updates. If you are stuck try walking away and don't look at it!!!! maybe I was sucking up all the wireless energy around. If I get any more problems I will keep this page updated Good luck Bill
  4. Adey many thanks for the advice and taking time out of the festive celebrations to help! Unfortunately I think I have made a beginners mistake, during the process when the update failed the instructions told me to 'power down' the motor controller (or something very similar) and being in the Christmas spirit as it were I switched off the unit. From my previous experience in life and working with printers/copiers I was always told never power down during a firmware update. I now have a unit which although is sending out a WiFi signal its SSID has changed to ESP_ followed by a number which is probably the WiFi manufacturers chip name. The unfortunate thing is that although I can connect to this signal and have set it as a home network type the software updater refuses to connect to it so I am stuck! I have e mailed FLO and will post the outcome here in case some other poor soul runs in to this problem, or if I cure it in the meantime (fat chance). So its back to lugging the Celestron Evolution around and doing my back in!!! Happy Christmas Bill
  5. Hi same problem as well, have contacted FLO but did you resolve this? Thanks B Bailey
  6. Well had to laugh, I too need glasses and can't stand the cold, lifting gear through the French windows struck a cord as was things going wrong (even when tested in daylight!) well written and entertaining. You are right about the alignment, although sometimes it works first time and sometimes not, I find the two star option the best as you manually centre the first star (or planet as I did) then chose your second target. Have only managed to get out twice due to the weather but it has worked both times and when asked has been 100% on Go To targets. Chose it as its light to carry out and my back is feeling my age. Also so far the wireless has been a boon, having suffered the poor experience from my Celestron Evolution Wi-Fi. I use my phone and once connected go to the I pad and use Sky Safari, you have to put in the correct port and IP address as well as the mount (chose port 11882 and Sky watcher Synscan on Equatorial Go To (fork) and whatever IP your phone is using) much, much easier than a hand controller imho. Thanks for the advice Bill
  7. Hi I have just purchased the Skywatcher Alt Az GTi mount from FLO mainly because of its built in wireless control and weight and more importantly its portability for possible holiday use. Due to the usual amount of cloud and rain at this time have only managed to set it up indoors. It looks like when doing an alignment the mount slews the altitude and you are then left to slew the azimuth which is ok as far as I am concerned. The PC 'app' is a bit buggy but the IOS app works fine and I managed to get Skysafari working as well. My main question is this: can anyone tell me why I cannot find this product on the Skywatcher website Is it really that new? It seems reasonable quality especially for the price and I intend to use it with my Atik infinity for EAA so tracking accuracy is not paramount. I am loading it with a tec n sky 65mm apo refractor which is roughly one and half kilo's but I think it takes up to five so there are possibilities of a small SCT or larger refractor being supported. Would love to know what any others are using with it and any good / bad experiences? Cheers Williamnohair (Bill)
  8. Hi thanks for the replies, stage one completed Hyperstar on its way, stage two is now in progress. I own an Atik infinity and have done some live viewing and image capture on my Evo mount and I was quite impressed. However the physical body of the Infinity will interfere with the C 6 light path so I am looking at the Ultrastar as the body is a nice round shape and should give good results, I will give the Lodestar a look as well Many thanks for everyone's help! Williamnohair
  9. Cheers Don!! I had tried turning the smooth ring and the whole secondary just revolved but having re looked at it and tried again you are right it does unscrew which means the mirror is removable. So much for Celestron support, they told me that the 6 inch was not compatible, these are their replies: Thanks for the email. Unfortunately our 6" OTAs do not come Fastar compatible. This is because we don't have a 6" secondary mirror developed for any other telescope. We developed our removable Fastar secondary mirrors back when we released our Edge HD telescope, which is available in 8", 9.25", 11" and 14" sizes. After a couple years, we started including this upgraded mirror in our standard XLT optical tubes, however since we had never developed a Fastar 6" secondary mirror, it continued to include our standard mirror that is not designed to be removed. Eventually, when we released the Evolution telescope, we included this Fastar mirror in the compatible models as well but like before, we did not have a 6" Fastar mirror, so we could not include it with 6" models. Sorry for the inconvenience here. And after some more questions such as why do Starizona market a 6 inch Hyperstar Hi Ronald, Although we don't include 6" scopes with a fastar compatible secondary mirror, I believe Starizona offers the adapter for those who have converted the telescope themselves. My guess is that these users have permanently removed the secondary mirror in their scopes and attached the hyperstar adapter. The advantage to Fastar is that it allows you to easily remove and reinstall the secondary mirror. I also now realise the 'three screws' are for collimation something I have never done before. So now for the big decision a small round sensitive camera plus the Hyperstar unit and some clear nights? currently its raining hard here and cloud and LP are a big problem. Many thanks for your help! Ron Bailey (Williamnohair)
  10. Is the C6 Hyperstar compatible? I have a C 6 and also a C 9.25, the 9.25 has 'fastar' compatible printed on the secondary and it can be removed via a screw thread, the C6 on my Evo mount however has three screws to take out the secondary. I contacted Celestron and did not get a positive response although the Starizona Hyperstar mod is marketed for a C 6 and FLO also quote the C6 it as Fastar compatible. The only other info I found was that Telescop express will mod a C6 but the price plus the Hypestar makes it really expensive. I would really like to get mine modded if anyone has any information on this I would be very grateful. Cheers
  11. Hi does anyone use 'Skywire' via Skysafari to control a Celestron Evolution with the starsence accessory fitted? My queries are these: What is the maximum cable length that can be used and are there any suppliers? and does Skysafari recognise the starsence accessory for initial Goto alignment ? Thanks people Bill (Williamnohair)
  12. Hi

    I have tried both, the Meade obviously needs less exposure and cannot be used for observing (if you needed to) its only drawback is that you don't get a flat image as there is a fair amount of distortion around the edges.

    The opposite is true for the Celestron however you need the diagonal to get focus.

  13. Taken with Atik infinity Celestron Evolution 6 and focal reducer (3.3) total exposure time 2 minutes.
  14. Hi Baldeliftman am thinking of getting the Infinity to see some 'live' images am very impatient want results asap. Have done some imaging with DSLR's and have played around with a ZWO 120 colour ccd (still playing). Can I ask what your scope was and if you used a focal reducer? need to know as if you go on to Atik's site there is a guy there telling you about an equation to work out what camera to buy, left me a bit confused so e mailed them but still waiting. Also did you work out how to save images yet? Regards Bill (Williamnohair)
  15. Hi DoctorD great video! I am trying to get started in EAA and EAO and have got for casual use a Celestron 6 infinity with star sense automatic goto alignment (very useful at saving time) I also have an equatorial Celestron 9.25 on an advanced VX (in an observatory pod at the end of the garden) but I guess you could call me a 'casual' observer imager as I can't stand fiddling in the cold trying to get polar aligned etc I am sure you know what I mean. In retrospect a the observatory has been a waste of time and money . So here I am trying to get a setup going from the comfort of my house in front of a pc! I am torn between the Lodestar x2 or the Atik infinity but I am sure that in the end I will make the right choice. The one question I would like to ask is this: you said the equipment you used included a Celestron 3.3 FR although I cannot find any mention of Celestron manufacturing one only Meade, and I am currently awaiting a second hand one which I managed to find on Ebay, don't really like using Ebay but had no choice as they are rarer than hens teeth! So is the FR you mention a Meade or did Celestron make a 3.3? your help would be much appreciated as from what I have read both the Lodestar and Infinity require as fast an optical system as possible and the Hypestar route is a tad too expensive. Cheers Bill (Williamnohair)
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