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  1. Hi Chris It is a manual operation as such. I'm using a D80 and a Twin1 Seculine Twin1 R2-UT Wire and Wireless Remote Shutter Controller To get subs longer than 30secs I just select the settings in the software (along the bottom window) select bulb in Shutter options. I then use the remote wireless to trigger the shutter. I use the timer on my iPhone Starmap Pro app . Once I close the shutter it dumps the Sub into Sofortbild. So opening and closing the shutter is by wireless remote timed by me but all Subs are dumped straight into Sofortbild. Is that what you meant? Graham
  2. Wow.. haha.. the fastest finger ..
  3. FYI - Nikon compatible capture software - Free ... Sofortbild - Mac Tethered Shooting I use this with a wireless remote for bulb setting, captures direct to disk. Of course.. this is for Mac's ...
  4. Oh very nice.. I kick myself now for not really going in for the picture disk versions due to the "lesser" audio quality..
  5. 2 minute teasing glimpse of Orion before clouds rolled in again.. Eastern Scotland forecast not looking good for foreseeable...
  6. Someone with taste.. It passed over here not long ago.. too small to work out what it was tho..
  7. Well that's great.. a fiver too! Thats quite impresive after running it through PixInsight. Just had a look at their site I see it runs on Macs too Whats the learning curve like for this. Seems to be a bit different than the "traditional" PS, Gimp approach?
  8. Ooooh congratulations.. nice choice.. had my eye on that setup myself 18 months ago but a house move reset my savings clock! Looking forward to hearing your experiences..
  9. Sp@ce_d

    New to this

    .. here's to clear skies.. that would be good, and you've picked the right place for "Interesting Discussions"
  10. Hi Alan yup.. sounds about right.. but it gets quicker .. and it's good exercise. You could always practice with yer eyes shut !
  11. Hey.. Lucky you, new scope AND clear skies... must be a sign..
  12. Same up here.. but as its a Friday too I'm not holding my breath..
  13. Well done... whats that.. an average of ooh 18 posts a day
  14. Hi boborange I must admit I felt for you reading your other thread.. The WO Megrez 72 is one of the scopes I'm short-listing for a future shopping spree. However, I'm looking at it from an imaging point of view. I'm not sure it'll give you the views you may be expecting for closer planetary viewing. I'm sure some one more knowledgeable will come along soon and put us right here. I fear you may be right about the EXT-80. I've had an EXT-125 for a couple of years and with hindsight and if I had discovered this site earlier I probably would have taken a different route. However, I understand your issue with storage space.. as suggested lampshades and vases are always a good disguise
  15. Hi Max I'm just starting out on the imaging slippery slope too and if you haven't been recommended this book Books - Making Every Photon Count - Steve Richards then let me do so.. it was recommended to me and is a fantastic source of information. I only got mine last week and have read it backwards several times. Highly recommended..
  16. Oh that's quite interesting to hear about your view of the 8-24. I've only used it with my EXT-125. Like I said, I've never tried others. It's good to see a comparison. Never noticed ghosting though.. gonna look out for that once the clouds go.. I thought it was quite good, so in some ways its nice to hear you weren't impressed as that means I'll be even more impressed if I upgrade from there.. if you know what I mean..
  17. I've got a Tele Vue 8-24 click stop zoom (now discontinued) that I probably use more than any of my other EP's. Nice bright and stays pretty much in focus through the range.. Also, works well for me wearing glasses. Mind you it's the only zoom I've tried but went for it after reading reviews. Had it a couple of years. Never regretted getting it.
  18. Thanks for sharing that.. very enjoyable Note to self.... add Astrotrac to wish-list
  19. Ok.. seems like my order didn't go walkies... it hasn't shipped yet! "In the next 3 working days" which really means maybe next week if I'm lucky then, I bet. Not everything was in stock.. yeah right and the big green "In stock" tick was showing against all the products when I ordered.. and every time I've checked the site in the past 2 weeks.. call me bitter and twisted they've had all that interest on my dosh all this time and I still say priority goes to the Ebay link at the start of this thread, if ya pays double... /rant I guess you lucky people who got yours in the last 2 weeks didn't order an adapter or filter with them as well! Still, its a cloudy forecast for the foreseeable future so never mind... hope you are getting better skies..
  20. This is a very helpful thread... it's come at just the right time for me as I'm currently putting a shopping list together for my first "proper" imaging setup.. Thank you
  21. Hi Paul There was another thread about this the other day here.. http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-discussion/126639-astigmatism-question.html HTH..
  22. Yes, I've just stopped dead in my tracks having seen this... I was compiling my shopping list.. but calculating investment & life expectancy I'm wondering if I have really left it too late..
  23. OMG... It's full of stars! Utterly amazing...
  24. LOL.. now that would have been cool.. If I remember rightly we went round to the neighbours to watch on thier "big" TV. He was a radar technician at Bentwaters... and yes they had a pink cadillac
  25. Here's another one.. I use Sofortbild - Mac Tethered Shooting You still need to use a remote trigger for over 30 secs though.
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