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  1. David, this is excellent news.. been dyin to get back to my Macs. Currently using EQMod with EQDir so look forward to testing it on a decent OS
  2. Subs are single subframes (exposures). It's common to take multiple subs and combine them. Stacking is a method of combining subframes (subs or single exposures) so as to increase the signal to noise ratio. DSS is Deep Sky Stacker DeepSkyStacker - Free one of the applications available that is used for stacking.
  3. Oh boy, Now that is good.. fabulous
  4. Oooh ya.. nice... (as I delete my first guided attempts at this target... )
  5. So it was you who got the last pair!!... Hows the terrestrial viewing going... hope they're waterproof..
  6. It's always amazing to see things put into perspective isn't it. What is it that makes us yearn to learn more yet knowing that we exist for an infinitesimal "blink of an eye". Gosh.. feeling a bit philosophical tonight then..
  7. I did find when i used my webcam for guiding it wasn't sensitive enough, so thats why I ordered rings. They weren't in stock so by the time they arrived I'd got the QHY5 which is far more sensitive, so I haven't needed to use them.
  8. Fantastic, I've been amazed to see the un-modded 1000D get so much of the nebula. I honestly didn't expect it. I'm still pretty green at processing so I'd love to know how you brought it out as I've been around in circles on this one and never managed to get a hint there was anything behind the bubble! Mind you I hadn't cropped right in.. Thankyou.. I'm well chuffed to see that
  9. Yup I did use flats Sara, 22 of them using the old (clean) T-shirt against the plentiful diffuse white clouds . I think I'll get one of the Gerd Neumann Aurora Flat-Field Panels from FLO though. Graham
  10. Yes I got one of these same time as the one for my QHY5. I haven't had chance to try it out though as it's been too cloudy and light up here since beginning of May. My thoughts were to use the webcam on the finder and guide with the ST80. However, just having the 80ED and guiding with the finder makes it a lot easier to lug in and out of the house! If I get my obsy built I might try guiding again with the ST80 see if there's much difference. I suppose it does give a bit more versatility for balancing, but I've been happy guiding with the finder.
  11. I originally used my ST80 with QHY5 for guiding my piggy backed DSLR. My 80ED arrived from FLO before the ADM rings and dovetail I had ordered for the ST80 were in stock. So I got the adapter and used the 80ED finder instead. So far it's worked a treat and I haven't used the ST80 or taken the rings out of their packet! Of course I had to play about with the settings in PHD as there's less star movement through the finder. Looking at the Orion awesome and mini guide packages it seems to me they're doing the same things for more money!
  12. Oh thanks.. I've learnt just about everything so far on here.. it's a goldmine so I have to say credit goes to SGL.. Hey, not at all.. I want to see how to improve.. that's why I posted the links to my Dropbox. That right hand corner is closer to light pollution, so I'm not surprised. I use a SW LP filter but it does leave a purpleish cast. I'm tempted by the Hutech but they are quite a price! I have been trying the demo of GradientXTerminator but didn't see any benefit on this. I used Noels LP removal action which I thought works better. At least on all the stuff I've tried so far. You're right about the stars I was amazed how many there are. One of my problems is letting go of some of them hard won photons.. What did you use for the gradient? You've certainly brought out more detail and colour.. I do love star colour. I guess the trade off of pushing it is noise, so more subs next time then. I didn't expect the Bubble to show up much, so that was a real bonus. Still trying to pluck up the courage to try and Mod the 1000D and last out a bit longer before that Atik 314L+ lures itself into the collection and I have an even steeper learning curve... I see you've got that T-shirt..
  13. Ok.. so after 6 months of picking your brains about imaging gear I finally plucked up the courage to show you a result.. so this is it.. my first attempt at this target and it's my first ever posted image!! This was done over 2 nights at the end of April when I still had darkness till 3am, so I haven't had chance to revisit for more data since then! Plus I need to know if I'm on the right track so I don't waste my time I still consider myself in the very early days of learning how to process properly so I would appreciate any advice on this one. I've been playing around with this for a while & never seem to be happy with the sharpness, balance & detail of star colour and the detail in the Bubble neb. To be honest my target was originally just M52, I didn't expect much else from my un-modified 1000D. I'm also assuming the eggy stars in the right hand bottom corner is Polar alignment rather than mis-alignment in the light train? It looks a bit darker on some other monitors I've tried but I didn't want to push it, bring out the background noise or burn out any more stars. I've added some star spikes to the over exposed/bloated stars in an attempt to make them look a bit better ;-) Light path: SW80ED - SW flat/reducer -SWLP filter - T-Adapter - Canon 1000D (un-Modified) Guiding: 9x50 finder - QHY5 - PHD mount: NEQ6 with EQMod Lights: 10 x 3mins 26 x 5mins Darks: 9 x 3mins 16 x 5mins Flats: 22 Stacked in DSS and (attempted at ) processing in CS3 If anyone wants to have a play feel free.. Thanks http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32747771/Astro_pics_share/M52_NGC7635_80ED_1000D_April-27and30-2011_v1.jpg 1MB filesize http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32747771/Astro_pics_share/M52_NGC7635_80ED_1000D_April-27and30-2011_raw-stack.jpg 762k filesize http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32747771/Astro_pics_share/M52_NGC7635_80ED_1000D_April-27and30-2011_raw-stack.TIF 62MB filesize ---------------------
  14. Not entirely, .. But I still think if I'm spending money at this level I'm still aware of the value I'm getting compared to the competition. Thats why I was alluding to the pricing brackets and marketing.. coupled with a very favourable review, that's very persuasive. You've got to admit, compared to the competition it now seems like a very good package. Providing of course, the proof is in the pudding and any sensible person will wait and see if they will be consistent and QA is up to scratch. I've followed the TS QA threads and had a similar experience myself with my 80ED. (Thanks to Martin at FLO for sorting it for me ) So I fully understand why Steve is cautious. I guess with a 3 month lead time it'll be next year before the early adopters have found all the bugs!
  15. Olly This is a very valuable review, for me at least it's almost impossible to try a scope out before actually buying it. Having a review from somebody who you get to "know" in this virtual world we hang out in these days is very helpful as we have a much better idea of where you are coming from, so to speak.. Its a shame you were so limited with the word count as I got the impression you had a lot more to say and had to whittle it down a lot to fit. Never the less, the message comes across and I look forward to seeing some images from this as you have still got a firm hold on it Sorry Steve (FLO) Not sure I agree with your comments on the WO equivalent as regards spending money at this level. The extras on flatteners etc do push the cost up. I think there are certain psychological barriers when spending money and the inclusion of the, quote: "finderscope that merits a review of its own" and a field flattener, all for a not insignificantly (to me anyway) less amount than the basic WO, does have the appeal that the marketing boys intended! ... On top of the review... I, (like many others) will be following the threads on this (and the SW Quattro f4 Newts) very closely whilst I try to make my mind up which scope (for imaging) I add to my collection next. Thanks...
  16. I enjoy both but Imaging opens up so much more to "see", so right now I must spend my time.. Imaging 80% Visual 20%
  17. If you go for this system you can extend upto ~50 feet ! Just take care you choose the right active cables and cables to hub combination you need. There's 2 types of 8 or 12 m cables & cables/hub.. You'll need the 'first segment' (from your netbook) to be the right type. If I remember right I got the 8m with hub as thats the only hub you can use as the first segment, the 12m one has to go at the end of the other cable extensions. I did mine this way in case I only wanted a short run & just use the single 8m hub extension on it's own.
  18. I use an Hp netbook with the 1000d, EQ6, QHy5. using PHD, EQMod etc. You'll need a USB hub to increase your USB port count. Because I run mine remotely (in the warm :-) I use the Active extension Pro system from Lindy with one of these hubs on the end. Works fine. 8m USB 2.0 Active Extension Pro 4 Port Hub | Extension | USB Cables | USB & FireWire | LINDY UK edit: you don't have to use the above type system if your cable lengths are less than 5m. A normal USB hub will probably be ok tho quality varies. I'd also allow for using a powered hub so an extra power point required. The system I use boosts the power from the USB port so doesn't need additional power.. more expensive but works for me. I've spend too much time messing with inferior cables & hubs during my time so to it's worth it.
  19. Thats a great result, I'm well impressed with that.. hadn't even thought of using the 80ED. Always worried me having seen the results of playing with the magnifying glass as a kid.. Are these the best ones to go for?.. First Light Optics - AstroZap Baader Solar Filter Might as well get some use out of it until my skies darken again..
  20. If you can give us a bit more info on the setup/config it will help. If you haven't done already I would start with a basic setup, make sure any other USB devices are removed so it's just the usb cable to EQDir - cable to EQ5. You can also scan the com ports from EQsetup to make sure it's picking up the right port. I sometimes have to power my EQ6 off and on to get EQMod to see it again after another device has locked the USB bus (such as a camera battery going flat) so make sure you test this first with nothing else on the USB bus to make sure.
  21. I'm planning to start building my own obsy soon, there's a lot of info in here if you have a quick search. As Martin said the big thing to remember is an isolation/dampening barrier of the pier footing from the surrounding area. you don't want it bouncing around when people are walking around it! As a rough guide I got the impression the average size of footing used was about a 3'x3' cube of concrete.
  22. I use the Lindy Active Extension System. USB 2.0 Active Extension System Pro - Extend USB 2.0 up to 56m | LINDY UK Might be a bit expensive but seems to work for me. Out at the scope end I have the active hub that I run a loom of standard 5 metre USB cables to the scope, guide cam and DSLR.
  23. These are very well made.. got one for my ED80 6 or so weeks ago, highly recommended. So it looks like I may have one of the last production runs of the "Vintage" square model... very collectable.. ;-)
  24. OK.. one to watch out for .. doh Crawling around under the desk I overlooked I'd grabbed an old VGA cable that was missing pin 9.. so the PNP wasn't detecting available features of any of the monitors I tried. I use the HDMI and DVI ports on them so hadn't noticed. Anyway.. my overlooking the basics of fault finding got me looking at APT which looks good.
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