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  1. Ok.. this threads picked up some interest so, I would really like to know what this is.. if it can be re-created. It does seem that so many "eyes" are constantly looking at the skies these days that this "if it were a real phenomena" would surely have been observed/captured before. Look, (and take this with a pinch of salt) I'll admit as a teenager I read "Chariots of the Gods and "Our Spaceship Moon" etc. (I think I still have them in the loft!). However the older I get the more sceptical (and down to earth) I become. Ok, at one time I "wanted to believe" but you know what...... I want Scientific Explanation. First off, lets exhaust the analysis by means we understand... then we can discuss hypothetical possibilities. After that.. well if you're on this forum you must have grasped the sheer size of the .. what 4% or less of what we can actually see out there.. I'm with Mr Hawking on this one.. I really don't think we should be advertising our presence So please, somebody bring this back down to Earth and lets have a good to honest scientific (therefore repeatable please) explanation for this phenomena.
  2. For what it's worth, I use the finder on my 80ED with a QHY5 ( I wanted a lodestar but the budget maker disagreed ).. seems to work fine. Made my ST80 all but redundant so far anyway. I had to tweak the guide software (PHD) to suit the smaller movement but I haven't used a dewshield on it yet.. mind you the 80ED has dewed up with a dewshield (must get some strips on it this season) Andy, I've been following your progress since you moved on from your DSLR setup with great interest. You have gone down the path with more or less the same gear I had listed for my long term plan! Hope you realise I'm using your experiences as my guinea pig so to speak!..
  3. My NEQ6 alt is the same... wonder if they're all out? Hasn't really bothered me tho. Did you ask OV if this was something they were aware of?
  4. yeah, that's where I thought we post stuff for full on critique. At least that's how I interpreted it.
  5. I think it's impolite.. no.. down rite rude.. to critique something without any analysis. Fair enough, if you just want to say that's nice. like it, etc. Personally, I'll accept any help I can get so I want positive criticism and my stuff goes into Imaging - Image Processing, Help and Techniques
  6. From what brantuk said he may not worry too much if that happens... we can but dream...
  7. So this will be accurate enough to save having to run to and fro from scope to computer when using a bahtinov mask then?
  8. If you use PHD as I do there's an option (if I recal) in the drop down mount menu for something like "on Camera" to select the ST4 port. I tend to use pulse via EQMOD tho..
  9. More more.. Me too.. I'm thinking of going down the route of auto/remote focus
  10. Wish mine would set itself up on it's own like that.. is there an Ascom driver for the trolley
  11. There's been a fair bit of discussion here about filters. I remember one thread somebody took pictures. Think their front door featured but I cant find it. This one has a street light comparison shot. http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-discussion/115239-light-pollution-filters-compared.html and a review of 3 types here.. http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-reviews/65445-light-pollution-filter-review-part-1-a.html I also find a google search is sometimes better for finding stuff here than the forum engine. I use the SW filter on my imaging setup. That made a welcome difference but does leave a colour cast. Easily delt with in processing.
  12. HaHa.. Lunar lander that was it.. someone's done a Java version here.. bit easier than I remember it.. Lunar Lander Game - Classic Arcade Moon Landing Simulation
  13. Fantastic.. good call. Just got this... blown a tyre on first landing...and all for 69p on a phone!! I'd never have thought I'd be doing this all those years back when I first played Asteroids and.. what was it called.. MoonLander?
  14. Crikey.. hadn't even thought about someone trying to nick the whole obsy..
  15. Euan, you're welcome to borrow one of mine to try out when they arrive, Just drop me a PM Graham
  16. Ok Thanks for that.. I've ordered a couple to see how they do.. If they're ok I'll get the out door version too. I also have probs with wireless coverage around the property so may need to run a cable.. would have to for power anyway. Haven't had too much success with wireless repeaters/bridges. I found an interesting negative but ending positive review that may be helpful for anyone here.. Hardware review: FOSCAM FI8918W wireless & wired IP camera Martin A. Brooks Fingers crossed I won't need it.. I'm going to see if I can find some software they'll run on the Mac with too. I'll also be looking at the iPhone apps
  17. Now that must feel good... congrats
  18. Which model camera is that? I see all their cameras have night vision. Is that with night vision switched on or is it illuminated by other means.. or just the light spill from the door? I'm tempted to get one to try out... for the benefit of others this is the link to their website Foscam.co.uk - Wireless IP Cameras
  19. Some good info & great ideas coming in.. I hadn't heard about the selectadna & smartwater. That's really interesting. As far as security goes.. what's the thoughts on getting the balance for deterent and detection. I'm thinking that visible deterrents may actually have a negative effect and advertise you've something worth nicking. So the sounder on the shed, barbed wire, Minefield, and the large "Man eating Jack Russell" (or Cairn Terrier) signs .... may attract rather than deter? Not too much has been said about fire detection and suppression. There are smoke detectors available but so far I haven't seen a system that is cheap enough to install that will suppress a fire in the typical environment of an obsy. Without damaging and writing off the scope and computer kit! I'm thinking along the lines of the types used in Data Centres.. however I don't see how a mixture of wood and electrical combustibles can be suppressed without damage to the gear. If that's the case is it best to make sure you are covered with insurance and let it burn if the worst happens?
  20. But maybe he was lucky and caught them just as they were changing their cloaking algorithm ... ok.. sry couldn't resist..
  21. Those IP Cams do look interesting. I've been keeping an eye out for exterior ones with night vision that will actually be strong enough to identify intruders at 20 - 30 metres without breaking the bank.
  22. Reflections? Hmmm.. You could be on to something there.. they do look like very small Moons in fact.. Trust No One.. The Truth is out there..
  23. Hi Euan We may be near enough each other to start our own "Astro Neighbourhood Watch" Yes, please everyone, of course avoid giving any specific details that may compromise your own security here. I would hate to think my good intentions for this thread had the opposite effect.. ! Good ideas.. keep 'em coming. As said, the first points with security is NOT making it look out of the ordinary and aside from all the techie security stuff anything that delays breaking in.. such as solid doors.. walls, roof, no windows of course.. Any ideas on fire prevention? A lot of cabling, computers etc in use these days.. anyone have Fire detection and/or suppressants in use? Might help with keeping the insurance costs down?
  24. I wonder how many of you have seen Julys edition of AN and gasped at the picture of the BBQ built against the wooden obsy! This got me thinking.. As I delve more into the planning of my obsy, I realise how important it is to consider the risks of Fire and Theft during the planning stages rather than as an after thought. I had a quick search through the forum and didn't find a great deal so, I thought I'd start this thread to see if we could collect some do's and dont's together. I guess it breaks down into Prevention and Detection So, how do you prevent and detect Fire and Theft. I'll go first with my tip... I don't think it a good idea to build your wooden obsy against a BBQ !!
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