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  1. Thinking about it. If you also have flats, darks etc. You’ll have to manually load them as such by selecting the relevant file type as PI would normally try & read this in the fits header if it were a .fit file. The .xisf is default file type output for PI now. But can be changed to what you want. Ie I still save mine as .fits.

  2. I’ve not used PI with dslr raws but that naming convention means it’s a light frame binned at 1 ie no binning. Kind of what I would expect as my ccd files are the same. If they were darks it would say dark, bias flat etc. Have you tried running the batch process to see if it works?

  3. 4 hours ago, Ruud said:

    Too long?

    The purpose of the video is not to show the fireball, but to explain it. It tells you why and how this rocket is different than many others. That takes 6 minutes.


    Well I found it informative.. didn't realise it was the last one launched from the west coast either..  thanks..

  4. Yours does sounds as if its tighter than usual then. I havn't been at the point of extreme force to adjust my NEQ6 or HEQ5 & I wouldn't force them either.

    The other reason we have "put up" with them is the fact there wasn't anything else available at this price point that does the job as well as they do.. certainly not for AP. Next one up is the EQ8 which is fine in this regard.. after that its 5k Plus really.

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  5. It is sad to see yet another thread on this age old bendy bolts issue. I refrained from changing out to harder bolts on any of my mounts as I’ve seen too many stripped thread & even cracked mount “Threads” on here. As said before if you want to adjust fully loaded then loosen off both bolts and grab the shaft & scope & ease to general position. Then adjusting both bolts at same time tweak gently. It is a good idea to loosen the bolts right off, grab the unloaded head & move up & down to make sure it feels smooth & you have no binding elsewhere first of all. At my altitude the lower bolt is up against the polar scope so a right finger jamming pain. Also the top bolt can jam against the counter weight lock screws if they are in the centre & not checked for clearance as the arm swings past!

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  6. Kaliska is this on all stars across the sensor?. I just got a new camera (ZWO1600) I'm checking out with one of my Esprit 80's I've not used for a while. I saw the same diffraction pattern on bright stars towards the corner whilst tweaking the distance to flattener. Not sure I kept the subs as cant find them right now. So is it possible its a spacing/tilt issue? I think mine have gone away after adding just 1mm, although not had good enough skies to confirm yet.

  7. 3 hours ago, Gedan said:

    Super image!

    Cheers... I don't normally do much RGB as a bit too near the capital sky glow but I'm finding longer FL a bit easier with gradients. Having lived down in the Borders years ago I know what I'm missing too!

    31 minutes ago, ollypenrice said:

    Good on you for going for those small details.


    Thanks Olly, I do find them appealing to seek out. There's probably more in the data but my processing skills have a long way to go yet. I crave more resolution & would have had the QSI on this if it hadn't been out of action (hopefully that'll be getting sorted soon thanks to Sara's (swag72) helpful advice).

    Meantime.. I've a ZWO1600MM Pro sitting in front of me I'm just setting up to have a play with :D

  8. 26 minutes ago, swag72 said:

    If Atik can get the CMOS sensors into the all in one package of the QSI then that would be a winner I reckon

    Yes so much easier to deal with.. after using one & going back to separate spacing issues with camera-FW-OAG you really appreciate it.

    Incidentally, I know I'm going OT but as I mentioned it as part of my previous post.. My 1600 arrived today. Coupling up to an Atik EFW2 I think I'm measuring less than 13mm from AR window surface to Filter. Thats less than the backfocus of the Horizon on its own... jus sayin.. :)

  9. 54 minutes ago, Analysis Paralysis said:

    Some very good points, especially staring at the same object for a long time! I guess I can do some visual first then set up for the imaging. Or get a second mount... Mmm... Many things to consider, one has.

    :) and so the journey down that long slippery slope begins... with AP there's the "black hole" to eat up your finances to contend with as well... I've 3 mounts so far. If you can afford to it's best to keep AP & visual separate. A lot of the time if I'm actually outside imaging (I'm normally indoors, remotely imaging from my Obsy these days) I'll just use a pair of Binoculars to have a good look around, its a great way to find your way about & learn star hoping etc if you've never tried.

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