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  1. Well, following on from the last post.. I've added some OIII & SII & had a play in Pixinsight.. trying out the new StarXTerminator which seems to have benefits at the linear stage over StarNet.. but still early days with it. Anyway here's 4.5 hours of OIII & 4hours of SII added to the 3 Hours of Ha. The sad sum total acquired since January :( .. weather just gets worse.. Oh & I threw it into GigaPixel after.. I never know when to stop 🤔



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  2. How many clear nights do you get & how dark/un polluted are your skies. Here in UK it’s becoming increasingly harder to finish mono & filter images unless you have an Obsy setup all ready to go the moment that cloud passes. Even then I’ve got projects on the go spanning years! I setup another dual rig outside the obsy in August with a 2600MM & MC to see how that performs against my fully automated obsy just running a single mono. Well so far I’ve had no output from it as the cover has been off just twice & only enough time to align & not even finish testing setup!

     Out of all 3, 1600, 2600 MC/MM. If it’s going to be used in my obsy I would choose mono, if I didn’t have the 2600 it would be the 1600. For anything I have to setup each time then the 2600MC. Mono still gives more flexibility & sensitivity from what I’ve seen so far with the MC but it’s an amazing camera. I’m not so sure how it performs under heavy light pollution though and even having  used it with good results through a NBZ filter it’s not the same as mono through separate filters. That’s still my preference but it’s always a compromise with what we’re trying to do anyway. The 1600 gives great results you just have to be a bit more careful with the calibration & micro lenses as mentioned before. The 2600 sensor is another step forward worth taking if you can afford the extra outlay.

  3. It’s condensation & then freezing with the shock. My QSI did it first time I used it the cooling power is so aggressive & having never experienced it with my Atik 314 I was taken aback. But it’s just a case of letting it warm up for a bit & then gradually cooling down to target temp. As said my ASI,s have built in dew heaters so I never seen it with them so far.

  4. Haha.. did anyone else think it funny when Bezos was trying to pin their "Medals" on them & the pin bent.. kinda odd you would expect to be able to push a pin through a "space suit" is it not.. 🤣

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  5. 10 hours ago, geeklee said:

    That's looking superb so far @Sp@ce_d  Definitely an area of sky I'd like to capture, but with the RedCat!

    Mosaics always sound like a great idea until you remember our skies 😅  (except with fast lenses!)  Is the plan four panes in the end to cover everything or would you get it with less?


    10 hours ago, kirkster501 said:

    Nice image :)    Forget mosaics in the UK is my advice.  I was on a multi-year, deep image of M31 with 16 panes to create a huge work that would be 15000 pixels wide, but I have now abandoned it as unfeasible in the UK after four panes and three years.   Don't throw good time after bad.

    Get a quality lens and go that route is my counsel to you - from personal experience.


    Thanks both.. so yeah you are right and TBH I've lost the appetite for doing it with this setup now. The last mosaic I did was probably 5 years ago, having had such a poor start to this season think I'll be happy just getting the single frame. I'll see what I can make of the data so far with the OII & SII.

    I did like the idea of the resolution but it needs at least 4 panes even if I switch out the QSI for a ASI2600. The Esprit80 with an ASI2600 might just do it and yes the Redcat that I've not had a chance to check out beyond hooking it on a DSLR for some daytime tests! It's typical, I've got the kit now but not had the time as works has been mental. I really can't face changing the setup as its all working nicely with ACP just running the Obsy. I put a dual shooter together under a telegizmo thinking I'd run it with Voyager. It's had the cover off twice since August and not even setup properly. The Voyager trials expired & never even run the setup in automation! Can't see that getting off the ground this season unless The Wife lets me retire.. but then again, I have that expensive hobby to fund.. 🤣.. first world problems ay

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  6. Wow, isn't it soo frustrating taking this long to have anything to show for the investment in this "hobby"!..  I started this in January thinking I'd do a mosaic in HSO.. yeah right!

    For Ha I managed 2 hours collected in Jan.. wind forward to this weekend.. and got another hour. Got similar for SII & OIII but only had time to have a quick process of the Ha so far for an idea how its doing.. I'm either gonna have to accept taking 4 or 5 years to do the mosaic at this rate or change the kit and go wider field.. I do like going up close & personal though.

    Esprit150, the trusty QSI683 & Astrodon 5nm Ha. 900x12 subs.. (threw quite a few away) 


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  7. Nice one. You’ve been lucky with getting the data even with an automated Obsy. I reckon I’ve only had 2 nights this season so far where the data is worth keeping. The cloudwatcher might’ve thought it was clear but the seeing & amount of moisture in the air has been awful. Then again it’s more than I’ve had from another setup I’ve had waiting for me to use under a telegizmo! You can’t beat an Obsy. That’s a nice result you’ve got there.

  8. The HEQ5 has been the de facto starting mount for AP for years really. Nice little mount light enough but still sturdy and gets even better ( & quieter) with a Rowan belt mod. If it’s goto & getting framed correctly on target that you’re thinking about with minimal fuss you really need to be thinking about the capture process as a whole. Plate solving will do this for you. The mount is your foundation that you build upon. It needs to be able to carry the weight of your chosen imaging scope & kit and guide. The HEQ5 will do that for the scope you’re talking about & that’s your starting point. The no fuss “get on target” comes from a combination of goto & plate solving if you don’t want to manually tweak centring the target. More like a “Make it so”  button. So, back on topic.. I would still recommend the HEQ5 as the minimum to consider really.

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  9. That’s lovely, good to see. What setup are you using with these? I’ve got the 36mm set I’ve put together with a ASI2600mm & Esprit 80. I’ve only had time & clear sky to shoot some test subs & I still need to tweak spacing & tilt. However I noticed the ones I did around Sadr show a bit of halo with Ha. SII & OIII seem fine, I was if anything expecting OIII to suffer. Just wondering if you’ve done any bright star tests?

  10. Wow that’s impressive, lovely light & stars. Very 3D but not overly processed. I’m trying to remember if I’ve seen a lunar one from you before, don’t think I have but it has your touch no doubt. I do like the way you process.

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  11. This is 32x300 of an IDAS-NBZ on a ASI2600MC with NO dithering or calibration whatsoever.. its a raw test and quick process of first light with an Esprit80 back in Feb.. purely for my own interest it's not a process I'd do with such limited data for a final result but gives you an idea. Not had time/skies to do any proper ones with this camera since. I've also recently got the Mono version (2600MM) & I have to say I'm still in the Mono camp if you have the time & patience..(I'll forgo the argument that Mono is quicker anyway) none the less the OSC is very impressive with the IDAS-NBZ. I've used various IDAS LP filters over the years & been impressed. Not tried Optolong. 

    EDIT: Sorry just checked the headers, these were actaully 180s (3min) exposures, so 96 mins in total.

    NGC2244_rough_SGLPost copy.jpg

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  12. Depends how you mean "checking". My obsy runs with ACP so I go for quite a while without actually physically going to it even though its at the bottom of the garden, but months comes to mind. Obviously I have cameras to look at it inside & out if I desire! I generally shutdown the Obsy at the end of Astro darkness so it can have 4 or 5 months in the summer where it will "rest" & maybe I'll visit if I run out of room for storing stuff but on the whole it's left alone and yes I have been surprised at the lack of wildlife wanting to make a home but I put it down to all the electronic activity going on in there as I never shut it down completely.

  13. Theres not really anything to rival the EQ8 for capacity at that price. Which makes me wonder what the new stock will actually come in at.

    I've used EQMod just about forever & was a bit daunted by getting to know something else but the iOptron Commander seems great.. if only for having so many "pre-cooked" parking positions in addition to custom & it does feel a bit familiar in some ways :).. nothing to be worried about if that's a sucking point for you. I always have an ip camera to keep an eye on things in the obsy, sometimes after a win10 update for instance it can loose ascom home position & I need to remotely re home it. With the iOptron so far its been rock solid.. to the point I'm not looking out the window to make sure it going where I sent it!.. Currently setting up another ip cam to monitor it but then again I can hear it's whine so can tell if its moving.. unexpectedly 🤔

    I've left the EQ8 running on an older version of EQMod.. if it ain't broke. I know its a bit long in the tooth & last I knew Chris was the only one maintaining it. I didn't join the new group when they closed down google groups so not kept up. I've heard good things about GSS (Green Swamp) I was going to test it out over summer but didn't get a chance.

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  14. I've had an EQ8-Pro running in the obsy for.. wow, 7 years next month looking back at the receipt!.. that went quick. As vlaiv says, The EQ8 will take more weight and the equivalent is the CEM120.  I've done a small amount of tweaking with the backlash on the EQ8, balance for the offset motors & disabled encoders. Thats it, its been in there for 7 years now. The new version doesn't have offset motors or encoders to worry about. I can't really knock it, for the price and performance I've had from it, there was nothing else around that price to carry the weight.

    I also have a CEM70 I got in August, for another semi portable setup I'm working on with the 2 Esprit 80's.. (It'll live on a tri-pier under a tele gizmos cover for now). I think the CEM70 will take around 3 KGs more imaging weight than the EQ6 (18kgs), ioptron recommend 2/3rds of the advertised carry load so around 21kgs. Why I got it as my setup is just over 21kg's & would push my NEQ6 a bit far.

    I'm still setting things up with it. I've not had much chance/time/clear skies to really get any performance figures from it yet. It seems to guide happy enough so far while I'm testing out the dual imaging rigs anyway. The finish gives a higher quality impression although all my SW mounts are older versions so not seen new ones for a few years. It gives the impression of being less "agricultural" than the SW mounts I have. The integrated ipolar align works quite well, I have a QHY pole master on other mounts and it compares. The goto's seem more accurate straight off a polar align. Although as I use plate solving not really big deal. Couple of things that I notice straight away are the exposed pcb/wiring.. the boards are not enclosed as they are in the SW mounts and the noise. It whines quite loud when slewing & also at a quieter rate when tracking. Don't get me wrong, compared to the bag of bolts the NEQ6 sounds like its not as alarming however, its louder than my EQ8 & my HEQ5 (modded with Rowan belts) is a whisper compared to all. It's the sort of whingy whining that is annoying and carries quite far on a still night! So may be of concern if you have any close neighbours with windows open at night. Mind you as my ears are ageing a lot of sounds in the "wrong" places are annoying me anyway :) 

    Aside from the price if I now had to choose between an EQ8 or a CEM120 (I'd be looking at Mesu in reality, probably though) I'd lean towards the CEM120 route. Purely because my CEM70 comes over as a nice newer more refined mount. No regrets getting it however I don't have the long term experience with iOptron as I do with SW and the EQ8 has been delivering for me for 7 years. I do wonder If the CEM70 will still be going in 7 years with those more exposed pcb boards.. but then again more airflow to dry out.. who knows.

    If you can't wait for the EQ8 the CEM70 will probably carry your load ok as its about the same as mine and so far seems ok. You will be on the limit though I suspect. You have a dome so shouldn't be too worried about the sail effect of the newt. I did have to add another weight. I used a spare 10kg EQ8 one I had & even then they're just past halfway down the bar. I'm tempted to add more to get it higher up for the momentum as you say but I need to get the rest running properly first.

    It's always a big tradeoff unless availability & money is not an issue! Do you jump on what's available now and make do or wait who knows how long? All I can say is, I jumped on the CEM70EC because it was all that was available & I was panicking a bit thinking nothing else would come up & I'd not get anything else till next year.. missing a season effectively. However, in reality I've only had 2 clear nights & one of those was full Moon. Plus, FLO got more mounts in anyway & I'd have gone for a non encoder version.  I blame them for my actions after posting that "get your mounts now before they're all gone" in August. 🤨.. now you'll have to excuse me.. I need to order more loo roll and go drive around filling up petrol cans.. just in case I buy another car 😆

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