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  1. Use a 40deg version, the Planispheres seem to be good to +/- 5deg. I picked one up on here from someone who had got one as part of a course. Gifted it to my parents when they moved to Narbonne - My dad thinks it was teh best gift he ever had....
  2. Heading up that way in a couple of weeks, just in time for the persieds peak, I know its a full moon, but me and my youngest are camping on top of the hiils, and feeling hopeful
  3. Add one from Milton Keynes - newbie though
  4. My daughter is 10 march 25th, got her first scope at Xmas after 4 months of constant requests. Determined to be an Astronomer as a full time job, even asked me took at which senior school in our area offers Astronomy at GCSE
  5. And dont underestimate the value of a decent Planisphere!
  6. warm welcome from me too.
  7. And a big hello back - I wish I had a tactical garage to hide my purchases in as well
  8. Welcome, and you dont say, but where are you? (beraring in mind 320k to the shops is a big journey!)
  9. Richard734


    Welcome, I wish I had found SGL before buying our first scope - oh well, the Tasco will do for now
  10. I was just thinking exactly the same thing - I have an agreement with a local farmer, I can go sit outside one of teh field barns with the scope and my air-rifle, i get to split my time between hunting for stars and hunting for Rats
  11. I wouldnt even be here if it was not for my 9yr Old daugther - hooked since the august meteor showers. out doing Dr Barths beginners course last night
  12. I must admit, I was just glad to be out doing naked eye with teh constellations last night. Orion was blinding last night, I dont think I have ever seen it so clear.
  13. hi Deb, plenty of helpful people on here to sort out us begineers and our questions
  14. here is hoping to at least one clear night this weekend so we can get at least the first 2 assignments done!
  15. Not sure, keep an eye on the site or drop them a line, it might be in Bletchley. If they dont give a location by Wednesday, I shall ask.
  16. Welcome to the mad house
  17. Welcome. What a cracking idea - off to do my naked eye observe as soon as teh clouds clear
  18. Dazz,MKAS: Current Programme MKAS are having an open meeting next friday - public viewing night so they will have all thier toys out. They seem to be a friendly bunch and I am sure they will be able to help you out if you take your scope along?I am planning on heading over with my 9yr old daughter as she loved teh wolverton open view.CheersRichard
  19. Do you think we should have a whole 'Prof Dans fan club' forum We joke, but I know that plenty of people would be happy to receive a Barth College certificate for completing the beginner’s course - I don’t think I have seen a better intro anywhere! And it gives us kids (young and old) something to aim for.
  20. Yep, thats it. You have 2 or 3 entry points. One by the shop/village sign.One by the village hall, opposite the Pub, just follow the foot path, or the 3rd option is to go right round the other side of the village and go in via the sports field.
  21. Just had a quick look on Google maps - if you go to Castlethorpe, Milton Keynes and change to Satelilite view, you can see the earth works clear as day.
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