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  1. My local skies are abysmal and have been for some time now. Neighbours trees, orange glow, new streetlights Yada Yada. I am able to get access to a reasonably dark skies site on the north coast of Ireland. I already have the excellent Lighttrack II portable mount and a canon lens. This is great but I miss the advantage of GOTO and the bigger images obtained with my Meade 5000 127mm scope so. decided to strip down my current DIY pier and make a mini one for the new location. I gave the ,mount and USB/Power wiring a good spruce up as well. Some comparisons of the LP
  2. hi Thats a good point. I was using a Hutec Light Pollution Filter in the city but removed it for use at the dark sky site. I think the filter also has an IR block so must try this next clear night.
  3. had another go and it's a bit cropped but colour is better
  4. that's very nice, you got some great colour there and one can even see the nebulae in the galaxy. That's the kind of view I was getting with my 127mm scope and the Atik 428. I hope to bring the big scope up here to the dark site before the winter and all those clear nights (lol well that's the theory)
  5. thanks very much Adrian. Thats a good result. I especially like the colour you have brought out. It's a bit lacking in mine. I will get the other frames better aligned plus hopefully some more subs over the next few days.
  6. hi all after a break from AP I have managed to get to a fairly dark sky location and tried my trusty Canon 200mm lens and Fornax lighttrack II. I think I got some decent subs of m31 with ok tracking. Most are 4 min. No darks or flats. I was happy when viewing the subs on the PC. I have had some trouble processing them though, and have not been able to get out as much detail as I hoped. The camera is an ATIK 428 OSC, with FIT files This is the best attempt I can get with my understanding of the various software. I used DSS and then Photoshop
  7. thanks guys. I know I shouldn't have taken the bait but it was quite funny thread here if anyone is very bored:) (hope it's ok mods to post this link)
  8. I know I shouldn't feed online trolls, but I was having a discussion with someone and they came out with the startling claim that stellar distances were wrong and inaccurate and that m31 for example was much closed then the 2.5 million LY we all know it is. After laughing and going on about gravity etc I asked why! One of their 'proof's was that they didn't have to adjust their scope from focusing on the moon to say a nearby star. I explained about infinity focus and lens range. But I was hoping for some more info on infinity focus and such. City lights 20 miles away would also
  9. aw cheers I was just wondering how the big 300 would cope with the tripod/mount. I normally use the classic 200mm canon, but the 300 gives a bit more reach
  10. I used a Lightrack II for tracking under heavy LP skies. 10 x 120sec subs
  11. astronomiser filter for canon 1100d cheers
  12. hi I have a pier at home and it technically works really well. I hope to transport the whole lot up in the next few weeks ready for the winter season. I hope to get something sorted where I can leave the scope attached to the mount. It's a 127mm refractor and a bit of a hassle setting up and down. I have the Lightrack II and a decent DSLR for now The sky at home is just so bad now.
  13. I haven't been doing much imaging due to various reasons. But the main one was just the terrible weather and sky conditions where I live. We all know about that don't we. I was lucky to be able to get a house up the North coast of Ireland and the Light pollution is about a third that of Belfast. I didn't have any kit up with me last weekend, just my DSLR and a 17- 50 tamron lens. So I decided to just plonk the camera on an old shovel and set it to 30 seconds at manual. no tracking or anything. It was a bright evening about 11.30. I was impressed by the colour of the skie
  14. camera is a an Atik 428 OSC attached to a Canon 200mm lens via my own DIY adapter terrible LP skies and about 50 mins of data The Lightrack II is an amazing mount and I got 200sec exposures with 200mm, unguided
  15. hi can anyone who has a geoptik canon to ccd adapter check how a 2 inch filter is supposed to fit inside. I can see the 1.25" ok. I cannot seem to see how this can work with 2 inch? The filter just slops around as the threads are too big in the Geoptik. I could wedge it in but it's a bit DIY. It's a IDAS LP filter
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