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  1. Hi, i was wondering if anyone leaves their tripods outside permanently/semi-permanently? I have a CG5-GT mount and carrying the tripod in and out of the house all the time is becoming a pain. I was wondering if the tripod is up to the weather and what anyone else does. Cheers
  2. does anyone have one of these installed on a Celestron C80ED, was it difficult to fit or did it require mods, very keen to get my hands on one.....
  3. Does anyone know of an autofocuser available for a celestron C80ED refractor? I was looking at the skywatcher auto focused but it doesn't look like it will work :-( failing that, has anyone home made one? thanks
  4. I have tried to follow it but with no experience in electronics or anything similar I'm struggling to understand where the connections go. any help welcomed......
  5. My First ever image with my first scope :-) Celestron C80ED on a CG5-GT with a SPC900 and Registax
  6. Hi guys, Im looking to mod my spc900 to SC1.5 (long exposure and amp off), theres a load of websites out there with info on how to do this, but as an idiot im looking for a ste-by-step idiot proof guide. Has anyone done this mod themselves easily? If so could you please post a link to the method you used. Cheers, Rich
  7. ive recently acquired a cg5-GT mount. on setting the mount up and having a dry run in the house (thanks to the great weather) I have had problems moving the mount in the RA directions (left and right on the handset). I took the plastic casing apart and it looks like. the bracket which holds the drive motor is too low and not in contact with the mount worm gear. it looks like some araldite will do the trick to hold the motor bracket in the correct position but I just want to make sure I'm not overlooking anything stupid such as any clutch mechanisms or the fact that I'm trying to move the mount
  8. Hi, I have recently started getting into astronomy and have a C80-EDT Refractor on a CG5-GT mount with and unmodded spc900 webcam. Currently i control the mount via my laptop with a serial cable and webcam through a usb port, so far so good.... However, i am looking to modify the webcam to SC1.5 or further but my laptop does not have a parallel port so i guess ill have to use the serial port (and a USB) for the camera and get a serial to usb adaptor for the mount. In theory i dont see why this would not work but i would also (in the future) like to use a second camera for autoguiding the mount
  9. Hi, I'm a total newcomer to astronomy, had an interest after visiting the observatories in Hawaii last year and the BBC's stargazing program made me put my hand in my pocket. I picked up a Celestron C80-EDR GT for a good price and started to have a play round with the computer control capabilities to get everything working, now I'm just waiting for a clear night.... I was wondering what I would be best looking at with this scope as a beginner, I have a Sony A200 and a spc900 webcam to try out with the scope but would like to see some good images, just wondering what to aim for... I also have
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