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  1. Hi

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am hoping to go to the astro night on the 18th Feb. Not bought a thing yet. Only have a pair of binoculars at the moment

    I have been told Redmires is not a bad place to view but its a bit spooky up their on your own :D

  2. Hi all

    I am a beginner but have been lurking on this forum for a while now. Not taken the plunge and bought a scope yet.

    Would be interested to hear from any others in North / West Sheffield for hints / tips or perhaps some practical guidance.



  3. Apologies if these are daft questions ....

    1. I understand how GOTO systems work in that the scope is guided to the particular object you are wanting to view but do they also track the object ?

    2. If a mount is motorised does it still need "guiding" software to track objects for astro photography ?

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