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    apart from astronomy i enjoy Photography, Golf, Walking, Camping, watching Spurs on tv.
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  1. Hi & welcome from yet another Notts gazer. As said in other posts you'll enjoy the views with the 150p... Regards Ady
  2. Hi Pam, Welcome to SGL from another Notts amateur. This is a very friendly place to gain & share knowledge no matter what level your at.... Enjoy Ady
  3. Due to my work i'm currently stuck between a rock & a hard place... so i'm now trying to decide whether i should keep or sell my gear as its quite depressing seeing it sat here not getting the use it deserves....

  4. bigbox

    Webcam Mod

    Hi there, try looking here Billetparts.co.uk/FDOS Design -- MS LifeCam Adaptor & here for Gary Honis ghonis.ho8.com/LifeCam It's fairly easy to do, good luck. regards Ady
  5. Hi ya Martin, the EQ2 doesn't have the facility for a polar scope. for that you'd need at least the EQ3-2.... regards Ady
  6. Finally made the decision the sell on my mount to fund HEQ5!!!!

  7. really enjoyed watching this great little video, well done Kieran... Regards Ady
  8. cant decide weather to sell my mount to help fund a Heq5 or how much to sell it for.....

  9. Hi Stooby, Having quickly read through this post I've noticed that no one has mentioned getting a polar scope for the mount. This helps align the mount with Polaris and makes it easier to track objects in the sky.... regards Ady P.S. welcome to Sgl...
  10. Great news that its staying, on a personal note I wish it was on for longer...
  11. Plus1 for Michael A Covington's Book, Another good read is DSLR Astro-Photography Made Easy By Keith Beadman...
  12. Hi John, A warm welcome to SGL... Ady
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