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  1. @ jabberwocky, yes that was my Tuscan, unfortunately no longer have it but it was fun whilr it lasted, yea it was the Tuscan 1 with the LED lights, 4 litre straight six, pure madness lol. Well the bins shold be with me tomorrow so i will report on them in due course, I know they were costly but I wanted to treat myself to something quality.
  2. I've bit the bullet and ordered them, £830 new from a dealer. Got a bit more in my redundancy than i was expecting, here comes the clouds now!!!!
  3. Cheers for the suggestions I've been looking at them all closely. Let me throw another name in the hat, Fujinon Polaris 16x70? Worth £800?
  4. Yea I have been looking at these too, I have a pair of the Revelation 15x70 already but whilst they are decent i feel I could do better with the image quality. Also catching my attention are Hawke Prostalk ED, Barr & Stroud Savanna HD, William Optics ED, Pentax PCF series, any thoghts on any of these?
  5. Hi there, could I have your opinions as to the best quality binoculars available for between £200-£300, I am looking at the 10x50 to 15x70 range and anything inbetween. Many thanks for your input. Matt
  6. Hi there and welcome from one newbie to another. This place is definitely the place to ask questions.
  7. Guilty as charged, keeping my head down low for a bit lol.
  8. Same here, I got my bino's last Tuesday and every night since has been total cover, am sick of looking at the street lights down the road now.
  9. Is this much cloud normal? Its not broke in over a week here.
  10. Yea i've been really excited since Saturday lol, they are from FLO and i cant fault their service. I've googled double vision problems and it does sound like a collimation issue, is there anything I can do to be absolutely sure before returning them?
  11. Well they are here and I must say I am impressed with the sturdiness and build quality. Unfortunately when viewing at any distance they are showing double images, using only 1 eye the focus is sharp but using 2 i get a ghost image, could this be a misalignment issue?
  12. Wooo they have been despatched today, how good a service is that! Here's my apology for 40 days and nights of cloud now lol.
  13. My thoughts exactly, one thing though, i'm short sighted am i correct in thinking the focusing of the binoculars will correct this?
  14. From what i've read on here they come highly recommended. What do yo reckon on the 200PDS over the regular 200P? Is the difference worth it?
  15. That looks ok to me yeah, and for under a tenner. Personally i was thinking of just using a broom handle, like I said its onlyto take the weight off my arms.
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