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  1. My cats sometimes come and sit outside with me if the boilerhouse roof still has any heat in it (they aren't big fans of the cold)... Most of the time I think they are jsut sitting there looking at me thinking "are you mad?? It's freezing cold and dark out here!"...
  2. So wish we could get some clear weather so I can start seeing more like this! Really nice pic
  3. Thanks for the pics Spaceboy I'm still waiting on my polarizing filter to arrive from FLO but I will definitely be looking up this thread again when it arrives! Erin
  4. Hi and Welcome from another member on this side of the Irish Sea
  5. Have selected the ones I would buy but really keen on the wooly hat so my husband can stop teasing me about my knitted one with the pom poms on!
  6. Congratulations Always good when you have something "different" to talk about in interviews
  7. Ohh.. something to add to my wishlist for birthday or christmas me thinks! Advantage of having a "big" birthday this year... lots of opportunity for getting all those little things I've put off buying myself!
  8. So wish I could come... might have to talk my hubby into it though and I haven't been camping in years! Trying to think do we know anyone with a caravan we could borrow!
  9. Just remember the most important part is to keep hardcopies of the photos or upload them to a site online as they are no use on your laptop or camera memory card if they are part of what is stolen
  10. Really sorry to hear that Flatfootsam... I can't understand someone's mentality that they would think it is in any way ok to do something like this... but I guess thats why I work hard, save up and buy stuff for myself while others rely on getting / stealing it for nothing... I've recently been taking pics and cataloging all the expensive / irreplaceable stuff in our house purely in case something like this happens... It can be so hard to remember all you had when something like this happens Hope they catch the idiots that did this, although like others have said their punishment isn't likely to be harsh enough. Erin
  11. Ohh.. been on the lookout for a case like this but they all seemed so expensive! My other half will be pleased as well as it would be just as perfect for all his miniatures!
  12. Just ordered mine from Amazon today along with my planisphere (been waiting for them to come back in stock!). Hoping it will help me start to find things on purpose rather than my current stumble-around-the-sky-and-chance-upon-something approach!
  13. Makes mine look dinky lol! Sooo want a bigger one some day but it's still very early days for me and for now it is handy enough for me to store and move etc Might take a pic later though just for comparison if anyone else is looking at getting one.
  14. At least the topic seems to be getting more coverage lately: BBC News - Audio slideshow: Dark sky stargazers Hopefully people will pay attention to this and other sources (including our many emails/ letters) and start acting on it all.
  15. As usual I will be underneath a blanket of cloud (red dot = me )
  16. Still haven't managed to get a clear sky to see Saturn Love seeing everyones pics though - amazing detail on these!
  17. My wee nephew will love some of the pictures on this (he's only coming 5 this year) and I'll have fun reading some of the other stuff. Nice site, thanks for sharing
  18. Doubt I'll be able to see it with my wee scope but I'll have fun trying
  19. Will definitely edit this at home and send it on I'm also thinking a weekend in Donegal might be on the cards for those nice unpolluted skies!
  20. AB my husband can testify to my love of all things girly (especially shoes and handbags) due to our ever reducing bank balance! (Oh! - and makeup... especially nail polish!) I loev the fact that liking "Boys stuff" like technology and science and "girls stuff" like the above doesn't have to be mutually exclusive Now I'm on the lookout for something functional and pretty to keep my EPs and filters in!
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