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  1. Awe inspiring... I love the pic with the tree in the foreground... just contrasts with the colours nicely
  2. If that was my house I would want a copy Looks lovely!
  3. Such a good idea! My nephew loves space at the moment (he is coming 5 in a few weeks time) and I never thought of doing such a simple thing as lowering my tripod so he could see it all for himself! Great pics as well, quite embarrassed to say they are better than I could achieve!
  4. eriwig


    I got up especially early at the weekend to see it and woke up to complete cloud cover... Wish I had just stayed up a few hours later and seen it while it was clear instead of going to my nice warm bed
  5. GReat tips, I never even thought of any of these things!
  6. Always found their email responses to be very prompt and the service to be great
  7. Me thinks I'm going to need a skwiwell account to get myself all the things I've seen on here that have made me drool!... Joint accounts have their downsides....
  8. Its always better to ask for forgiveness than permission
  9. Hi Isabelle, I hope you start feeling better soon. Doctors thought my husband might have MS at one stage but he was finally diagnosed with ME, I know how horrible and frustrating it is waiting for symptoms of these kind of nuerological illnesses to ease off and I wish you a speedy recovery this time and plenty of clear skies for the future, Erin xx
  10. Astropete - where did you get the mount for your camera? I keep trying to take afocal pics with mine but it is the shake that ruins them!
  11. I can vouch for FLOs service, I have had issues getting my first order through as well (damn Royal Mail! I only live in Northern Ireland... it's not that hard to get to!) but I have been in touch with Martin almost every week since it was sent and he has been great. Although I wasn't too worried as the weather has been rubbish anyway 2nd try is in the post again now so hopefully it will make it this time! Not FLOs fault though and it definitely wouldn't put me off buying more from them, quite the opposite. If a retailer is that busy for that long it is usually a sign that they are a trusted retailer
  12. Think this is one of my favourite images of the moon, i love how it looks more "natural" with the colour
  13. lol good spot Yeti... maybe I should have had an "at" in there
  14. snap posted mine a few pages back. Only interesting thing about mine is I was actually born dead on midnight so my mum got to choose between the 30th and 31st as they (apparently) can't put that on a birth certificate. She chose the 31st as it was my older cousins birthday already and she thought it would be nice for us to be able to celebrate together
  15. My first scope now looks like such a tiddler but its perfect for me starting off and I've had great views of orions nebula, the pleaides and jupiter and its moons so far (not to mention the moon)
  16. Lovely pic of Jupiter, been showing it off round our office
  17. Nice pic I have still to see either of these as clouds always seem to roll in when they move into an unobscured position for me. Hoping it will be as easy for me to find them when I get a clear night though!
  18. Same thing happened to me, couldn't believe it when we found it at the bottom of the box! lol
  19. Same here, hate it when you hear them being slaughtered by american fraternities / sororities too...
  20. Definitely interested in a blackberry version
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