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  1. Sounds like a lot of faffing about to me, give me a frac every time. But everyone to their own.
  2. If you aspire to getting a CCD then the ED80 would be better in the long run, makes a great guide scope when you are ready to upgrade.
  3. I agree with Rowan46, the best scope is the one you use the most, at the moment for me that's a Takahashi TSA102s. It's a great all round scope which is reasonably potable.
  4. The 1100d is a good compromise, low noise, light and easy to use and not too expensive or if money is no object a 5d Mk 3.
  5. The best advice would be NOT to rush into buying a scope just to get it in time for Christmas. You don't want to make an expensive mistake. Find out where your nearest Astronomy group meet and take her out to meet them. She can then experience what others are using and from then work out what is best to buy. Otherwise get a decent pair of binos to start off with
  6. Just noticed that your pier matches the garden furniture!
  7. That's great, done something very similar myself but with solid discs Man that M16 stainless threaded rod takes some cutting with a hacksaw!
  8. Singlin, inspired by you pier I decided to build one similar. I used an idea from the S@N mag using an internal lintel driven into the ground and your idea using large dia rebar in each corner. Used a cast iron pipe my dad had lying around. Just in the process of making the pier top from a couple of break discs, will post another pic when finished
  9. If you are in the East Devon area then come along to the NLO (Norman Lockyer Observatory) in Sidmouth. Ronin, the NLO IS NOT JUST ABOUT IMAGERS. We have a thriving observers section and a technology section doing radio meteor detection and other radio astronomy stuff, a spectroscopy section too.
  10. Go for the HEQ5 Pro Synscan if you can afford it. This is a great little mount, even though I have an NEQ6 I always go for the 5 if I want to do a quick observing session.
  11. Hi Peter, the ED 80 will give you great wide field views visually but will be disappointing on faint DSOs. It is fairly good for AP but again will give wide field with a crop or full frame DSLR, for smaller fainter DSOs you'll need a Barlow or dedicated CCD camera and guiding. If you're getting an NEQ6 you could put a 200 or 250 Newyonian on it but if you won't consider a reflector just get the mount initially and use your camera on it with what ever lenses you have and save up for a nice larger aperture APO refractor.
  12. Sounds like you have thought this through fairly well but before you take the plunge definitely go and have a look at one. If you can go to a local Astro group and have a go with one or something similar, you will also probably get to use some better EPs so you'll have an idea what you may need to purchase later.
  13. Yes you will need to use an extension tube as the scope is designed to have a star diagonal in the optical train. You can use a diagonal with a DSLR but it's not ideal.
  14. I got a second hand Tak TSA102s, read the reviews on line for this scope, would seem to be ideal for what you describe your proposed use. Build quality and optics are legendary!
  15. Large plastic storage box on its side, cut holes for cables. If you can get one with a clip on lid you can put this on if you want to go in for a cuppa!
  16. I agree with DaveS, views with a sub £300 frac are going to be poor compared to your 200p. I sympathise with your plight but make sure you have a look through the sort of scopes you are thinking about before you buy. Think about second hand, this will make your money go further, I got a second hand Tak for less than half the cost of a new one. Views through this are superb, but I'd probably never been able to justify a new one.
  17. That's a good read, hope to see you up at the NLO sometime soon. Two of our members come from the Tivy area. Cheers Pete
  18. Forgot to say, before parting with your cash, when you are back home, come over to the Norman Lockyer Observatory in Sidmouth on a Friday evening. There you will be able to see what the imagers there use and pick our brains! If you come over plan to get there about 7pm. PM me if you want any further details on the NLO or have a look at the website normanlockyer.com Regards Pete
  19. Hi, if you live near Tiverton then go and see FLO (First Light Optics) they are on Marsh Barton in Exeter. With £1500 available you should be able to afford an HEQ5 Pro Synscan and a William Optics ZS71 with flattener and some money to spare for other things like dew control or blow the whole lot and get the GT81 triplet. I have one of these, great little scope
  20. It's very tempting to want to get you're optics as clean as poss, but you say the scope is new so it can't be that bad can it? Most advise to lave it alone unless it's really bad. That said I use the Baader stuff but I've also made my own using IPA 50/50 with distilled water and a drop of washing up liquid. I got this recipe from a book about telescope maintenance but I only use it on the less important stuff and my specs! Use a blower and camel hair brush to begin with, don't be tempted to use the canned spray stuff they use to clean computers as there can be some nasties in it.
  21. The SW guide scope mount is very good but as you have already noticed it's quite heavy. You should be able to mount the ST on top of the ED with another bar and guide rings, assuming you have tube rings on the main scope. The William Optics CNCrins are great, had these on my Equinox 80, the ADM stuff is really good too. The other alternative is just a side by side plate, you don't need to have any adjustment to acquire a star.
  22. Neat job, I've got one of those tool boxes on wheels....mmmmm!
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