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  1. It’s amazing how many people haven’t heard of it, even locals!
  2. Maybe, there sometimes are show specials. Depends what you want. But at least you’d save on postage! The main trader will be Widescreen Centre FLO are not coming again this year There can also be second hand stuff for sale too.
  3. It’s that time of year again. The South West Astro Fair at the Norman Lockyer Observatory Salome Hill, Sidmouth, Devon will be held on the 11th August. Doors open at 09:30 BST until 17:30. Its a great occasion to buy Astro gear, hear some great speakers on our lecture programme, see what our observers, and imagers get up to, meet old friends form the Astro community or just take a moment to relax in our extensive grounds. For full details please visit normanlockyer.com where you will find a link to the Astro Fair site on the home page. Hope to see you there, Herbig
  4. it may not be a good idea keeping the scope in the loft, I'm not an expert with reflectors but I would have thought too much heat veriation could play havoc with collimation. Also man handling it in and out of the loft may also be detrimental to the scope and collimation.
  5. Get a moon calendar then you'll always know what phase it's in - most astronomers rejoice when the moons not up, gives you a better chance of seeing those fainter DSO's.
  6. They don't all come with eye cups. As far as I know you cannot get them to fit if your eps don't have them. there would need to be a groove around the top in the first instnce however I've never seen replacement ones. The only thing I suggest is you contact the manufacturer. If its any consolation I suffer from the same problem. The eps I have are Meade 5000 series Ultra Wide Angle ones which have twist up rubber eye cups. Just another thought if you have veri-focal specs get some single vision ones for astronomy, it is very difficult to focus with vari-focals. Unless you suffer from astigmatism you would be better without the specs.
  7. The CG5 should fit in a standard Flight Case (maplins) - my HEQ5 fits in one. The tripod I got a bag off e-bay, just search on tripod bag! dont get the ones that say they have supplied them to Hollywood, I got one of these for my EQ6 tripod and its rubbish by comparison.
  8. If you are only going to mane one make it to fit either then you can swap it over.
  9. Glad you got it sorted, however I find you choice of font and colour on the black background difficult to read.
  10. Astroboot is only any good for bits and bobs, spares etc. The eps they sell seem to be the low end of the market, those that generally come free with a scope. That said I have bought many times from there and always gad great service and prompt delivery. Also I have had some very good Meade 5000 Ultra Wides from ABS.
  11. I have had a Celestron C8 XLT for 6 years now and only cleaned the outside of the corrector once as it got pollen on it. As said above I used Baader wonder fluid and Baader micro fibre cloth. Do not spray the fluid onto the corrector, moisten the cloth. If you spray it onto the corrector it is possible for it to seep inside.
  12. The best way to contact FLO is by using the Question function on the website, They get very busy and can't always answer the phone. As said above it should be compatible
  13. If you don't like spending money then don't get into AP!
  14. The HEQ5 will be better than a converted EQ5. For AP though either might be an issue particularly if there is any wind, basically the 200p is like a big sail. The 700D is a good choice, however I'm not a fan of hanging a DSLR of the focuser of a newt. If budget is no issue get a small refractor for AP as well.
  15. Hi I too suffer with astigmatism, I don't find any issue with observingplanets or the moon without my glasses, also have verifocals, the only issues I have is with stars. I would discuss your problem with an optician as I don't think it's as simple as just hacking a lens down to fit. I believe lenses to correct astigmatism have an axis and this has to be in the correct orientation to your eye.
  16. Thanks for your comments, we do put a lot into it to make it a memorable experience for those who attend. Hope this year lives up to your expectations!
  17. The Annual Astro Fair at the NormanLockyer Observatory is on Saturday the 8th August. All the usual attractions, trade stands, planetarium shows, lecture programme, kids activities etc. Doors open @ 09:30 see website for more details www.normanlockyer.com The Norman Lockyer Observatory Salcombe Hill Sidmouth
  18. I don't think using precast floor slabs would be a good idea. There would be too much 'bounce' which would be transferred to the pier. Your pier needs to be built up from the ground on a solid foundation with the floor isolated from the pier to stop transmitting any vibrations to the pier. What I mean by bounce is that pre cast concrete is inherently springy due to the fact that that the beams have tensioned steel tendons which are released when the concrete is cured causing the beams to arch upward slightly "hogging" so when loaded they resume a flatter aspect but this makes them springy.
  19. Probably obvious but are you getting your tripod perfectly level and the tube pointing due North before you start?
  20. I have a couple of William Optics multi-reticle RDF's, they are very good but I also have optical finders as well. Being a specs wearer I do find the cross hairs hard to see somtimes so the illuminated reticle comes in useful.
  21. I have the WO carbon fibre 2", it's made very nicely and very solid but light. I had a Revelation one which was also very good as is the TeleVue one I replaced it with. To be honest I can't tell much difference between them. Not sure what the Meade is like but I have some 5000 EPs which are really good. I'd say my order of preference is WO, Meade, SW but personally would not bother with the SW, mainly as I wouldn't put one on my Tak!
  22. If your mount is anything like my HEQ5 or NEQ6 forget the setting circles. Just imagine the reticle of your polar scope as a clock face and rotate the mount so the small circle is at the Polaris hour form polar finder.
  23. The William Optics GT81 is better than the Equinox and you can get the dedicated flattener will within your budget. It has a really nice R&P focuser which is very solid even with a DSLR attached.
  24. If you live near Exeter come along to the NLO (Norman Lockyer Observatory at Sidmouth, you'll get lots of advice there.
  25. Message FLO, they will know how to get it fixed.
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