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  1. Thanks for all the replies and ideas. You've given me quite a bit to think about. I think I'll use the summer months when the nights are short to begin to put something together. It gives me some time now rather than rushing in - a bad habit of mine. Marty
  2. Thanks for the replies and helping me galvanise my thoughts a bit more. I would love to be able to focus on DSO's and my budget would initially have to be below £800 - there is some wiggle room with this. I realise the sky is the limit (no pun) in terms of expense but I am really looking at a decent entry level setup. I've looked around and found there are so many options and gets confusing. From what has been said it seems to imply what I had already thought that it is possibly better to keep my dob for what it is good at and go for a complete new setup. So it looks like I need to focus more on a decent mount with some form of guidance and a more basic scope if I am to keep the budget down. Is this correct? What do you recommend as a good combination. Cheers Marty
  3. I currently have an 8in dob (Skywatcher 200P) and love the thing to bits. I get some really good views with it. However recently I’ve really started to get the urge to be able to take photos of what I see. It started with images of the moon which is easy with my scope and connecting my DSLR to it with a T-Ring. But being a Dob that is all I am able to do. So now I’m looking to change my equipment. Does anyone have any advice about what is the best way to proceed? I have two real directions I was looking at: 1. Do I have to go down the routeof buying a whole new set up 2. Is it possible to use my existing scope bearing in mind it has a pretty long body at least in the interim and spread the costs? Sorry forgot to add that I am a bit of a budget, certainly to start with. Any help or advice is really appreciated. Marty
  4. Sorry...I got a new scope too. I thought it was just my fault. At least I have company.
  5. Hi there, I'm new to astronomy and have recently purchased an 8in Skywatcher dob. I've been using it in the garden but get the usual light pollution problems. Can anyone recommend anywhere with darker skies near Newcastle Upon Tyne (preferably nearer the coast - East) or in south Northumberland that I can go that is not trespassing but I can park near so that I can carry my gear? Thanks for any help, Marty
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