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  1. Will do. Just need clear skies now. This is what's good about this site. Advice to help you realise what you have already read and might not have taken in. Thank you all.
  2. Thank you. Just ordered the BST 12mm from skysthelimit. I'll give that a whirl then see about getting another one. Build the kit up slowly. The more digging I've done on the subject seems to point to these pieces. Thanks all.
  3. Thank you for the feedback so far all. A lot of people recommend the BSTs. Can anyone recommend a good place to buy BSTs. I think I shall use the barlow I currently have, and buy 2 new BSTs for now. Should keep me going. Regards
  4. I am in the process of finally upgrading my scope kit. I currently have the Skywatcher deluxe 2x barlow, along with the Super MA 10mm and 25mm eyepieces that came with the scope. I'm looking at the grand budget of around £100, so I have the following questions/dillemma's that I would appreciate opinions/thoughts on... I wanted to get some plossl's to have a little more choice. From reading numerous posts, and based on my budget, I have narrowed down the brand of eyepieces to GSO or Revelation. They both do interesting eye piece kits, but looks like the kits contain a bit of overkill on pieces that won't be used and are just slightly above budget. First choice would be to get 3 new EPs for which I was looking at adding the 9mm, 15mm and 32mm to the collection. Should get all 3 for under £70 from shopping around. The alternative is to buy 2 better EPs and 1 of the cheaper ones above - something like the Vixen NPL, both for about £90 - but which one of the 3 sizes would I drop to the cheaper range - the 9/10mm size, 15mm or 32mm. I'd like to cover the low, mid and higher ranges but haven't really got the £130+ it might take to get 3 NPLs. The 9mm, because by general consensus the 10mm I currently have isn't up to much and I would like something decent at this power. The 25mm is much better so I could make do with this, but by getting these 3 it will give me a good variety. And if they turn out to be that good, I'm sure in the near future I could upgrade this one also. If I didn't have a 25 already I would get a 25 but seems silly to just replace one with my current set up. Also, what is the general consensus on the Barlow I currently have. It was the deluxe model, so I'm hoping, with my current budget that this will do for now, or is it better to make sure a quality Barlow is also a priority, and therefore drop an eyepiece? Appreciate any help with this.
  5. Just ordered as well - code still working. Thanks
  6. Turn left certainly sounds like a recommended one. I have had a quick look and can't see a new version coming out.
  7. Is the cheshire the recommended best bit of kit for the price to help with this?
  8. All I am looking for a good guide book to accompany me taking the next step in astronomy. I have a planisphere, and have been looking at stellarium, but what I could do with now is a good book. I have done a bit of digging and it looks like 'Turn Left at Orion' is recommended. Anyone else got any suggestions? Regards
  9. All top comments. I think I can handle that. Thank you for the input.
  10. I've opened a can of worms here!! How long roughly does collimation take if needed (once you get used to it). The bottom line, is that what I read yesterday, has put me off the 150p a bit, in that it made it sound like everytime I would go to use the scope I would need to do this everytime. Going by one of the posts above, it looks like it might 1 in 3 which is a lot better!.
  11. Can anyone provide some info on collimation of a 150p. I haven't bought it yet, but was planning on buying this scope. Its just I have come across some comments on this forum where it's been suggested that a 150P is hard to do and needs to be done quite frequently as it's an F5 scope and has a small 'sweet' spot. I came across it when comparing it to a 150pl scope which stated needs less collimation and has a much larger 'sweet' spot. If there is anyone out there with history or knowledge of this, then any comments would be welcome. Regards
  12. Thank you for all the feedback so far. I was going to add a motor at a later date once I had got used to it a bit more. Is it a general consensus that the autofocuser is recommended? I notice on the 150p it now comes with the crayford focuser that gets good comments - but I couldn't see this mentioned on the 150PL.
  13. The standard eq3-2 mount that it comes with. I hear it's not the best, but I can always upgrade that at a later date if needs be (but it won't be for a while).
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