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    According to the wife I'm Mr Grumpy ;-)
  2. I kinda skim read that bit ;-) but I think you're right, from memory I think the altitude moves freely but I don't think the azimuth does at all. Might be an idea to dig out the battery pack.
  3. Stupid question: you've set the focus switch on the lens to manual?
  4. This doesn't make sense to me, if it was set to AF the camera might struggle to focus and cause you problems, but set to manual it should take the shot no matter how the focus is.
  5. Nice one, timed to perfection, reckon you had about 5 mins before Mercury disappeared!?!
  6. I think it's likely the finderscope Isn't aligned with the telescope. Easiest to do in the day time, pick something about 1/4 mile away and adjust the finderscope using the thumbscrews until what your using as a target in the scope is right in the centre of the crosshairs of the finderscope.
  7. I agree, it doesn't sound like Saturn. Even at quite low powers Saturn is unmistakable. What time were you observing? Even at midnight Saturn is still very low in the sky at the moment.
  8. Thanks for the explanations, I get it now (kinda )
  9. It's a great scope and you'll have fantastic views with it. The only essential* accessory straight off is a Telrad or Quikfinder which will make knowing exactly where the scope is pointing a breeze. Once you get the hang of it you'll be hopping from galaxy to nebula to glob faster than any goto (*ok not essential but very useful.)
  10. holy cow... They're beautiful!
  11. So what is the benefit of shooting at a higher ISO setting?
  12. Try swopping out the hex screws for thumb screws, it makes it much, much easier. On the skywatcher polarscopes they are usually the same size as the barlow thumb screws.
  13. I think it's a natural progression for goto. If their was more competition in telescope manufacturers I think it would quickly become a standard feature of all goto mounts.
  14. I don't think there's a massive difference between the two visually, but personally I'd rather spend the difference on the bigger sized scope. (which is what I did about a year ago, when I had the same decision to make) There are people on here that have done lunary/planetary photography with a dob and even some that have achieved results with dso's. The auto tracking is useful at high magnification when your trying to keep a planet or a glob centred, but you do very quickly learn to "nudge". I honestly think though, that the great thing about dobs is their simplicity, when you introduce tracking and goto functionality then an eq mount is better suited. (although I appreciate at a higher price) For me a dob is all about cruising the sky and just pointing it where you like
  15. The 250 manual in my opinion. Auto tracking is nice if you can afford it, but I wouldn't put it above aperture.
  16. It is a difficult decision and I kept changing my mind before settling on the 10" in the end. It might be worth your while trying to see one in the flesh. I was worried that the 10" would be too big, but If I'd seen one first I would have actually gone for the 12". I like the suggestion from Moonshane: "get the 8" and start saving for a 12!"
  17. Hi Simon, I'd have thought a Skymax 127 fits most of your requirements: First Light Optics - Skywatcher Skymax 127 SynScan AZ GOTO Great for the moon and planets, and some of the brighter dso's too. In budget too at £385. Rob
  18. Yes it's a tad out of focus, but it's a great idea and composition and still a very good shot. You'll nail it next time ;-)
  19. That's just a little bit stunning! You can almost see the Martians waving at you ;-)
  20. I've nothing against goto at all, but I think goto on a dob is missing the point of what makes a dob great: ease of use and no setup required.
  21. Replacements are cheap and easy to get, I've replaced mine once in the last 12 months
  22. I've just had a look at Iota Cancri in Cancer, another double very similar to Alberio.
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