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  1. Good luck! Same here. Although, I stuck my head out the door about 10 minutes ago and it's cleared. Scope cooling.... fingers crossed it's still clear in about half an hour when I venture back outside.
  2. I'd recommend Wordpress, although traditionally for blogging if you check out the examples at http://www.wordpress.com you can see it's used to drive a wide range and styles of websites, and can be easily adapted with plug-ins to achieve just about anything you can think of. If you're slightly more web-savvy then the non-hosted solution at http://www.wordpress.org gives you even more flexibility. I think the key with Wordpress is you can start small and you have the flexibility to expand things as your needs change.
  3. That's a great idea umadog and thanks for the example letter. Might be worth firing this off to your local MP too. If they receive enough letters one of them might take it on.
  4. Hi Elvis, I got a Skymax 127 Supatrak for Christmas, bought for me by my wife. Like you, the first night I went out, I didn't have the finderscope aligned, not realising just how hard it was going to be to find anything without it. I think it took me the best part of ten mintues just to get the moon centred in my eyepiece. A couple of days later I took the scope out during the day and spent some time aligning the finder on a distant sign. Later that evening I centred the finder on the moon and with some excitement I turned to the eyepiece, and there was the moon bang in the middle of the EP! It does take a little while to get the hang of looking through the finder with one eye and the target object with the other, but once you do, targetting objects that you can see easily with the naked eye isn't too hard. As per the advice posted above, it does sound like your problems are related to cooldown and focusing and I've already noticed some nights it's harder to get a clear image than others. So far I've had one night when I went to bed a little disappointed.. The next morning I was up about 7am and looked out my kitchen window and could see a solitary star in the southern sky. I took my scope outside, then went back in to make a cup of tea and start the kids breakfasts - 10 minutes was all the time my patience could allow for cooldown, I went outside, aligned on the star, took a look through the EP and there was Venus! How excited was I! More than made up for the previous evening. I hope no-one ruins it and tells me it couldn't have been Venus I saw! It was the morning of the 18th at about 7.20am and Venus was due South. So what I'm trying to say is, keep the faith, the tiniest thing can turn it all around and get you excited again. Good luck, Rob.
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