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  1. I missed the bit before when you said "through your scope" - do you mean attached to your scope or afocal?

    There's 2 likely reasons why you didn't capture anything of M45. Firstly I guess your eq2 isn't tracking which would explain the streak, and secondly a 30 second exposure though your explorer 130 at f5 isn't allowing enough time for much light to reach your cameras sensor.

  2. I feel for you too.

    I'm in a similar situation, the greenfields opposite our house have been earmarked by the local council for development with a mix of residential/industrial.

    We moved out of town because we didn't want to live in a built up area. We've been here five years but we've had the estate agents around for valuations and aim to sell up.

    It may take up to 5 years for any development to begin, but it will happen - so we want to get out now.

  3. Nice report Stu, I'm glad you're enjoying the New Forest skies.

    I live just outside Ringwood on the outskirts of the new forest and sometimes I forgot just how lucky I am to have such lovely dark skies.

    Although probably for not much longer. New Forest District Council have just greenlit the fields in front of my house for development (industrial and residential mix).

    I'd love to move a bit further into the forest, the great thing about the relatively dark skies, is you're still only 10 minutes or so from civilisation.

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