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  2. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEST VIEW IN THE HOUSE i watched the launch live on NASA TV very very very good jimmythemoonlight merseyside
  3. hi there brantuk its jimmythemoonlight here i have got a skywatcher explorer 130 newt 5" aperture what i would like to know is i have just bought the set up for taking photos is my telescope ok for this i have a 25mm wide angled lens 10mm super and a x2 barlow by the way can you tell me what these mean dso's mak sct and ota's many thanx
  4. I would love to see the space shuttle but can anyone tell me how this is possible and if i can see it with a 5.1" lens skywatcher 130 and which is the best lens to use a 10mm super lens or a barlow lens combined or a wide angled lens and could i see the ss clearly many thanx jimmythemoonlight merseyside:icon_scratch:
  5. hi billy its jimmy from merseyside could use some tips looking at the pictures you've taken they are litrally OUT OF THIS WORLD i have a canon eos 650 just bought the t ring and the t ring adapter to attach them to my eyepiece i've bought black and white film to take pictures of the moon how do you get that picture of the moon can it be possible with my set up if so i would like to hear from you jimmythemoonlight merseyside
  6. hi scott welcome to sgl very good choice for your first telescope im takin pictures of the moon with my telescope now and getting some good results very easy to contol and very easy to focus with if your getting the eq2 mount looking forward to hearing from you jimmythemoonlight
  7. hi gra and welcome to sgl i too am from the same hymn book as you it must have somethin to do with being from liverpool were are you talkin from me im from roby village what do you think of the site i think its very useful i have a skywatcher 130 with a 5" lens which is not bad but will get bigger the longer i dabble clear skies hopefully tonight with a full moon can"t wait jimmythemoonlight:icon_salut:
  8. camera canon eos650 battery pack lots of black and white film and also colour and a t-ring for eyepiece and t-ring adapter to connect everything together and a very tiny moon lens filter
  9. at the moment im in the process of taking a black and white picture of the moon so im going out mainly focusing on that but when i've done that i would like to try and see the andromeda nebula if possible but i may not have the right equiptment to do this only got a 5 " skywatcher explorer 130
  10. a toss up between jupiter and its 4 largest moons and saturn tilted towards me and 2 of its 4 largest moons both very very good and i'd like to give a mention to the moon the clarity and the definition was inspiring only got a 5" skywatcher explorer 130p with eq2 mount jimmythemoonlight merseyside
  11. hello and welcome from jimmythemoonlight merseyside
  12. sorry for being a bit stupid as a newcomer but what is a S E T I team jimmythemoonlight merseyside
  13. hi there i have a skywatcher telescope d=130 f=900 i would like to see arcturus at its very best i can using the various lenses i have which are: super 10mm wide angle long eye relief and barlow lens has anyone seen this using the above and if so what can i expect to see many thanx jimmythemoonlight merseyside
  14. hi trevor and welcome to our little part of the world i have a 130 skywatcher with 3 eye pieces also if you can give me some advice as to taking photos wit a canon eos 650 just bought a t ring and adapter to attach it to the eyepiece but can only use the super 10mm lens which is a bit of a bummer as the other night i saw saturn with the wide angle long eye relief combined with the x2 barlow lens and seemed quite small having said that i saw all of its rings and two of its moons whats the milky way like and have you ever seen andromeda galaxy and if you have any clues!!!!! enjoy your time on here its very informative jimmythemoonlight merseyside
  15. many thanx steep the problem has been sorted thanx to your advice it has jogged my very bad memory jimmythemoonlight merseyside
  16. i havn't got used to using the eyepieces yet eg; dont know when to use the barlow lens is it with the 10mm or is it for the wide angled lens for optimum visability also just found out that i can only use the 10mm lens for taking pictures which is a bit restrictive also when it comes to mounts dont know how to set the r/a and the dec ive got a awful lot to learn but im having great fun doing so two nights ago i spotted saturn for the first time it took my breath away also saw two moons spinning around it and the clouds around the rings with a hint of blue cant wait until i can take a picture of it anyway stolenfeather enough about my escapades what can you tell me about yours jimmythemoonlight merseyside
  17. can someone tell me how i take a picture of a object with no means of focus ie taking the lens off my canon650 to attach a t ring and then not being able to attach a normal lens from my telescope i 'm sure i 've done it before but cannot recall how can someone refresh my very very bad memory cheers jimmythemoonlight merseyside:iamwithstupid:
  18. yes but what has his daughter being doing with it
  19. hi isabelle have you also got a skywatcher if so can you tell me how long you have had it and what are its limits. jimmythemoonlight merseyside
  20. still not sure how this whole thing works so bear with me i have recently been out trying to spot all kinds of things sometimes successful sometimes not the best thing so far is the planet jupiter and its four moons i only have a skywatcher 130 telescope with a 5 inch lens at my disposal but i think it does the job for me very shortly im going to start taking pictures with a canon eos650 with colour and black and white film if anyone could give me some tips or show me some pictures of things they have taken of the universe went out this morning at about 3am to see if i could find saturn is this possible with my telescope or am i being to optomistic the sky was full of cloud or fod or both couldnt even see the moon anyway thats all for now youll be glad to hear looking forward to some responses thanx jimmythemoonlight merseyside:blob10::hello2::confused:
  21. hi there hullabaloo i to have got a skywatcher telescope you probably wont get a better scope for startin mines only a 130 but i am more than pleased with it as i got a barlow lens and two extra lenses with it one being a wide angeled lens happy watching jimmythemoonlight merseyside
  22. a question about the moon has anyone ever used a moon filter attached to a canon slr camera if so is it worth investing in one jimmythemoonlight merseyside
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