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  1. can i ask someone i different type of question on the same subject i am thinking of buying a i pad 2 for use in the sky instead of a sky chart at the moment i use stellarium which is very good but i don't want to take the laptop out because of it's size and weight so if anyone has used it can they tell me what they think thanx jimmythemoonlight
  2. dont keep it to yourself then !!! let us all in on it jimmythemoonlight thanx
  3. thanx todd but maybe not enough coffee garethmob sounds more plausable i was having a conversation with a taxi driver not so long ago and he mentioned that and i said never seen any satelites so thanx for that garethmob maybe now i have very good they were too moving north-east past the jupiter and the moon.
  4. hello felipe and welcome to the forum from jimmythemoonlight from merseyside
  5. hello pud and welcome to sgl its a great place for knowledge at every level from jimmythemoonlight merseyside
  6. :icon_salut:hello moser83 and welcome to the sgl forum you'll have a lot of fun on here and plenty of knowledge from jimmythemoonlight merseyside
  7. :headbang:hi haz and welcome to the sgl im jimmythemoonlight from merseyside i have 5" skywatcher 130 because im only a beginner but have seen loads its on a eq2 mount which is ok looking forward to talking to you on this wonderful site:hello2:
  8. can anyone explain this to me i was looking at jupiter on monday morning and i had stellarium on to pinpoint a few things and when i came back out it appeared to me as though all the stars in the sky were moving very fast away from me can someone tell me why should that be ( it only happend for a few mins ) jimmythemoonlight
  9. :icon_salut:hi everyone love the picture Ivymike started keeping a diary on my nights of spotting the stars ( my wifes idea ) monday morning between 1.30 am and 4.45 am from east to west saw callisto, europaand one of its moons, Io and ganymede. lovely jupiter also crescent moon very nice but best of all pleides magnificant stars may have seen mars not sure as big tree was in the way and tried to get in between it a lovely clear night still not sure when to use the barlow x 2 lens used it to get beter detail on jupiter but was just jumping all over the place then tried it on the planet mars and couldn't get it at all by the way used it with a 25mm wide angle long eye relief and also a 10mm super lens so if anyone could let me know when the best time to use it is it for dso's or just plain spotting i would be so grateful thanx jimmythemoonlight also great pictures everyone in the pow's and also to the two winners great stuff.:downtown:
  10. thanx for the welcome everyone just read them all as you have probably guessed not to sure how this site works but i am working on it thanx again jimmythemoonlight
  11. hi ladyhoshi i am also from liverpool huyton to be exact welcome to the best site in the world bar non the people are so friendly and are always willing to go out of their way to help i too have a skywatcher 130 bought for me by my wife last year still very much a novice but seen a few things saturn and two of its biggest moons jupiter and all four of its biggest moons the galaxy andromada outstading and lots of star clusters as well as pleidies hope you like the site by the way were are you from jimmythemoonlight :)
  12. :hello2:many thanx cornelius jimmythemoonlight
  13. if that would have hit what would've we expected in the way of damage
  14. :icon_scratch:yes it was so fantastic got a bit carried away soz alimac
  15. :icon_salut:thanx to everyone for a great response when i get a response like that it makes me feel really good as good as the night itself jimmythemoonlight
  16. what a night crystal clear skies stars that shone so bright finally found the andromeda galaxy breathtaking from 2am till 4am the time just went so quickly saw no fewer that three yes three shooting stars even saw saturn very briefly it was a night to remember the first thing i spotted was a really bright star which turned out to be vega but what a sight it looked very big and bright sort of shimmering silver with glimses of blue crystal clear then altair just as sharp and just as breathtaking at around 2 45 am locked onto andromeda truly awsome seemed to look at that for hours by this time i was just star hopping and finding the most incredible things star clusters all around what can i say i could go on and on and bore you all rigid but i wont A GREAT NIGHT I'LL NEVER EVER FORGET jimmythemoonlight
  17. hi andy welcome to the forum jimmy
  18. hi one and all can someone please tell me why when i download stellarium it starts its progrm in africa and because of this the time difference is way out tried to put new location in but never worked this only happend because had trouble with computer and had to re-load it any help would be very gratefully accepted thanx jimmythemoonlight:icon_confused:
  19. well done steelfixer great picture isnt it a wonderful sight that was the very first thing i looked at took my breath away jimmy
  20. hello jay and welcome to sg i too have a skywatcher 130 you can see quite a few things with it the best though is m25 give it a bash jimmythemoonlight
  21. excellent video just shows you what the earth might be doing while we're sleeping or to busy to think otherwise thanx binabik jimmythemoonlight
  22. im on my way also just this minute logged on jimmythemoonlight thanx superewza
  23. Cheers moonmonkey thanx for the support jimmy
  24. thanx guys i thought i was going round the bend ( it wouldn't be the first time ) jimmythemoonlight
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