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  1. outstanding photos truely the best i've seen of that particular planet great job !!!!! jimmythemoonlight
  2. can anyone suggest the best of the star applications i have just purchased a motorola xoom and i'm looking for the best one to download off the internet any thoughts would be very much appreciated jimmythemoonlight
  3. date 26th october 2011 and don't know what everyone is on about it's not all about m31 try looking at m32 and what a good observer calls " the parachute star cluster " i am a member of liverpool astronomical society and since becoming a member i can see now what the solar system is all about. I have been looking at jupiter and it's moons now for the best part of two years but now i finally see it, the four bands on the planet itself through a 16" telescope unbelievable also a double star cluster so sharp almost three " D " in contrast put that together with a star cluster with the star of david apparant in it if you look deep into it, so all those people out there who are all thinking about taking this wonderful subject up don't think twice. Before you buy anything find out about the night sky around you look for the most outstanding star shapes for example the big dipper, orion the slayer in which you will find m32 and the star clusters i have already mentioned and then decide whether to carry on or call it a day but i think you'll be very surprised. So in conclusion you put all those thigs into practise and combine them with the incredible planets and all in all you'll have a pretty good hobby to keep you occupied so keep trying and you will reap the benefits like i have only began to do after two years jimmythemoonlight
  4. well done tinny on your superb choice of scope but i suggest before it arrives you try and find out a little about the night sky through your bino's and a star chart then when it comes you'll be one step ahead at finding the stuff you want to look at firstly happy viewing an clear skies always jimmythemoonlight
  5. the best thing to look for is jupiter its the brightest star in the sky and to the east is pleiades star cluster and to the east of that is the planet mars but get yourself a star chart and all these things will be on it if you study it for about 1 hour before going out when you start star hopping its the easiest thing to get into but you need to get out of that trend in order to use the star chart properly hope this has been helpful to you clear skies always jimmythemoonlight
  6. the best advice i can offer is look for pleiades at the moment its very nicely placed high in the sky it too looks like a group of dots but the difference is they are very bright and easy to find you will have some fun scanning up and down the stars of this wonderful star good luck george and clear skies always jimmythemoonlight
  7. one word luis AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how on earth did you get a crackerjack picture like that please tell many thanx jimmythemoonlight
  8. a really great picture johnny and a nice change as well can you give me any tips as i am new to imaging i have a skywatcher 130 and a canon650 to take pictures with so any basic rules i should follow to get pictures of your standard many thanx jimmythemoonlight
  9. what a great picture please let me know when and where you took it and with what equiptment many thanx jimmythemoonlight
  10. well done lee you certainly have caught the bug again big time the first planet i saw was saturn it was very good but the rings were not tilted as my brother said it would be a better view and more clear but don't just think it's all planets try and look at pleiades it is stunnigly beautiful and you look at it for hours because they are in a small cluster and you tend to look deeply into the formation rather than just at the face of a planet a belated happy birthday and clear skies always jimmythemoonlight
  11. dont worry about your spelling Gunnar hope you have a great time on this wonderful site everyone is so friendly as you've probably guessed i too started my observing looking at the moon just looked at it for hours and hours and the more you look the better you understand i think anyway won't go on great scope by the way clear skies always jimmythemoonlight liverpool merseyside
  13. hi everyone has anyone ever heard of the book the dobsonian telescope by richard berry and david kriege if so can they let me know were i can get it from either the library or a well known bookshop many thanx for all your help in advance jimmythemoonlight
  14. hi there turbotum i would put it in much more simple terms so that she can understand i would take the nursery rhyme way explain to her that in the nursery rhyme twinkle twinkle little star the reason it twinkles is because it has the same element at its core as everything on this and every other planet or solar system CARBON we are all made of this element including diamonds hense the rhyme " like a diamond in the sky " go down this route and see how you get on GOOD LUCK jimmythemoonlight
  15. i know what everyone means when i was out a few weeks ago i saw three meteors trully amazing dont know what i would do if i caught one in the scope probably collapse ha ha clear skies always jimmythemoonlight
  16. a quite brilliant view of the most beautiful planet in the solar system well done franck totally mindblowing pictures jimmythemoonlight a huge round of applause
  17. good luck jay and happy sightings for your trip out CLEAR SKIES ALWAYS jimmhemoonlight
  18. i have just bought five new plossl ep's that means i have nine altogether what type of case would you think was suitable to keep them safe i also have a few bits and pieces to go in ie red led tourch and the things to tighten the screws on my eq2 stand things like that thanx for the info jimmythemoonlight
  19. it is definately 900mm so i may have made a mistake i just thought that all 130's were p's it has the focal length on the side of the tube it also has d 130 as well as f 900 i hope this ends your confusion thanx for everything great bear and also a big thanx to spaceboy as well as rik Mcrae for his input this site is a really good site people on here dont care how thick you are they just give you the info you want many thanx one and all jimmythemoonlight
  20. :icon_salut:cheers for that sorry i didn't give you all the info here goesi have a 5" skywatcher 130p hope that will be enough info the focal length is 900mm which i think is a f/6 thanxforthe info jahmanson
  21. great advice wh i have a skywatcher 130p which has a focal length of 900 i think its a f6 just bought five plossl ep's 6.3 mm 10 mm 15 mm 20 mm and 40mm what do you think i should use the x2 barlow lens with if anything also have a 25mm wide angle long eye relief which gives me alot of viewing pleasure many thanx for for your information looking forward to our reply jimmythemoonlight
  22. hi everyone just ordered five new plossl eyepieces from scopes and skies the sizes are 6.3 mm 10mm 15mm 20mm and 40mm can someone advise me which would be the best to use with a x2 barlow lens these are the first ones i've bought so can i have a honest opinion if anyone has bought them from this supplier and what they think of them many thanx jimmythemoonlight
  23. hi bulldog im 47 and had my first experience so to speak at the age of 7 and been in love ever since pestering my brother who built a telescope in our back garden really powerful thought i saw the man on the moon standing next to the usa flag lol
  24. :hello2:hi when will tbe the best time to see them i'm in the north-west of england and would it be better through bins or through the telescope or just with my own eyes thanx jimmythemoonlight
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