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  1. I may be slightly wrong with the objects but why is it that the likes of M35 which is classed as a globular star and does looks globular but M3 is also classed as a globular star but looks like a different type of star i e all scattered out rather than jelly like like a globular star please can anyone explain  ?

  2. Hi all can anyone help i was out on Saturday night around 11:30 and I thought I spotted the kiss it was coming from the south towards the Andromeda galaxy and parallel with this big jumbo so that's how I knew it wasn't a plane it was just this single light moving quite fast were the plane had three lights and moving what I thought was quite slowly I could be completely wrong if so can someone let me know what it may of been I've seen the iss a few times and I'm reasonably sure that's what it was . I'm so sorry that I couldn't remember the name of the group of stars shaped like a W it's how you find Andromeda but it flew in between those and Andromeda towards the northwest so if anyone can help me I'd be so grateful cheers  jimmy   clear skies always  

  3. Hi all I have two cases the first one I got was with my telescope in 2011 then we moved house in 2012 & they went missing so I bought another eight ep's all plossal's but three were planetary ep's which are outstanding and the other five came in a nice silver case with a red torch and five different coloured lenses to attach to each ep. As soon as I work out how to send the pictures of them I will :-) :-) :-) jimmythemoonlight :-) :-)

  4. Hi all I'm looking for a webcam that has a attachment to attach to my tablet which is a Motorola XOOM. If I can I would like to attach this to my telescope which is a skywatcher explorer 130 / 900 . If I can find something to attach these two things together I'll be able to look at the sky a lot more as I'm struggling to get outside. I would be very grateful if someone could give me some ideas of how to complete this act as it may stop me from buying a new laptop instead but if I have to then so be it thanx again. Jimmy :-)

  5. Hi tinker 147 I'm a bit fed up people saying well I think there's something missing here there's nothing missing if you look on my profile page it's all there in black and white but just for you here goes skywatcher 130/900 explorer on a eq2 mount technical details: reflector: diameter of primary mirror: 130 mm telescope focal length 900mm ( f6.92) x2 barlow lens and last but not least 30% more light gathering than a114 mm if you need anymore information tinker I'm sure I could find something else out cheers :-) :-) Jimmy

  6. Hello people I maybe pretty close to buying a 3x Barlow lens but I don't know if my telescope would be suitable for it as to it being to fast or to slow my scope is a skywatcher explorer 130 / 900 f6.92 so any advice off you wonderful people would be very grateful thank you :-) :-) Jimmy

  7. Hi all as you all know I've just had bought for me a pair of binoculars and the rules for focus in the the instructions where first close your right eye and focus sharply at a object using the centre wheel when you have the desired effect then close the left eye and on the same object get the same sharpness using the diopter then check by opening both eyes I done this inside and outside and the effects were the same brilliant I've recently been to the opticians to have a eye test and had to purchase two pairs of glasses one for reading and a pair for tv and he told me or rather corrected me when I told him I once had 20/20 vision and he said there's no such thing as 20/20 vision in the uk it's a American measurement but when I was younger I really had good eyesight but he explained how this deterioration comes about he was very good so maybe there are different ways for different binoculars who knows but that's what I did and it works every time :-) :-) Jimmy :-) :-)

  8. :-) :-) hi stu thanx for the information on the change of name lol but I don't really like it anyway it's just something that I use for my email address, I think I've aligned my solar finder I've read the information on it and it says that you should be able to see the sun through crosshair which I can I think it's just a matter of being a bit more patient with my ep & hoping all will come good but once again thanx for your reply cheers Jimmy :-)

  9. Hi all I don't know if I'm in the right section or not but I'm sure someone will put me straight if I'm not. I wanted to view the sun safely so I purchased a solar filter for the front of my skywatcher 130 telescope which is a f7 to observe the sun I also bought a crosshair bracket to fit on my scope so I could accurately look for the sun but I'm unsure as to what size ep to use, so far I've used a 20mm a17.5mm also a12mm and a 7.5 mm but upto now I've failed to see the sun. My crosshair is in the correct place as you can see the sun right in the middle of it and my scope is facing north so what am I doing wrong I'm sure it's something simple but I've yet to work it out .

    So if there's anyone out there who can help me I'd be most grateful. Cheers Jimmy :-) :-)

  10. Thanx to everyone for the thumbs up on my new binoculars you really have put my mind to rest. So far I've looked at the moon, Jupiter ( you were right about Jupiter just a really bright blob) but what I'm really looking forward to is the Andromeda galaxy it's my favorite thing in the sky along with Pleiades. So all in all a great birthday gift bought by my wife ,also got the telescopic pole & g bracket which are incredibly versatile whilst looking up for any length of Time I would just like to say a great big thanx once again to all the great people on here I wouldn't know were I'd be without you all. Cheers and clear skies always Jimmy :-)

  11. Hi all I'm made up my new binoculars have arrived & also the telescopic stand & L bracket to go with it , I'm over the moon I didn't know how to focus it properly until I read the instructions that came with it. Now I'm ready to observe the night sky along with my telescope, along with the original ep's that I bought when I got my telescope in 2011. The name of my binoculars are revelation 15x70 porro prism binoculars from bresser uk Ltd. So has anyone heard of this company and what do you think of the binoculars for looking at stars , planets and constellations a bit of feedback would be most welcome thanx jimmy :-) :-)

  12. Hi all I'm getting a new pair of binoculars for my birthday in two weeks off my wife and I would like two know if there are any type I should avoid getting and even more important any I should get. I am going to look at stars and constellations mainly but I've a open mind of what I should use them for, so any suggestions would be grateful. Later in the year I will be buying a stand as I have trouble with my back so I'm obviously going to need something that will be compatible with them many thanks for any information that I receive . Jimmy

  13. Thanx one and all you've really got me thinking with all the choice I thought I never had I don't know wheather to go ep or filter the choice is so difficult I do have a lot of ep's especially if I find my original ones that was lost when we moved I have been looking for them for a couple of years now so that's why I bought some new ones if I do find them it's a no brainer filters it will be in answer to the question what FL I would like don't know as I don't know what FL stands for is it focal length please tell anyway once again thanx everyone you have been more than helpful as usual I don't know we're I would be without this site it's the best in the world and the people are so friendly. Cheers. Jimmy :-)

  14. Hi Alan sorry I've got a skywatcher explorer 130/900 on a eq2 stand as you can see my primary mirror is 130 mm & the focal length is 900 or f 6.92 as to the budget I was thinking about £ 75.00 but since I looked on the classifieds I think a nagler might be out of my league as the person in question was starting at £ 145.00 so any ideas would be a start or am I stuck within the plossal range still cheers Alan :-)

  15. Hi all great news my wife has agreed to buy me a nagler ep for Christmas but I'm not sure which one to get that will compliment the ep's I have already. At the moment I have eight in total all plossal's, three of them are planetary ep's the sizes are as follows: 5mm 4mm and 9mm I also have a kit with five plossal's in it the smallest is 7.5 mm then 12 mm 16mm 24mm and finally 30 mm so if anyone can give me any idea's of what would be best for looking at stars nebula and dso's I would be most grateful cheers Jimmy :-)

  16. This is my reply if we are not alone then we haven't found a more reliable way of finding anyone with all that technology and telescopes all over the world you'd have thought by now we'd have found something different I hate to say this but I do think we're alone in this vast universe.

  17. Hi I've just read your very informative piece about ep's which is quite enlightening but the problem is it doesn't cover my telescope my telescope is a skywatcher explorer 130 on a eq2 mount the focal length is 900 mm which equates to a ( f6.92) and your piece doesn't mention that I've just bought some plossal ep's for £80 in a case & I'm now wondering if I've done the right thing the lowest is 7.5 and the highest is 25 mm there are five altogether and I also bought three plossal's for viewing the planets only and they are stunning so what do you suggest I do now I also forgot to mention that I've got a x2 Barlow lens which I don't like using very much so if I get away without using I will thanx for incoming advice :-) Jimmy

  18. Hi all I'm thinking of buying a pair of binoculars to use with a stand to look at the stars what are they most appropriate pair I can get in regards to size and ease of use. I have a skywatcher explorer f7 which give me great views of the sky which is on a eq2 stand which I keep fully set to use in my metal 10x8 shed and I want to buy just a ordinary stand to use with my bino's so any advice would be very grateful. Cheers. Jimmy

  19. Hi all I know this is going to sound really odd but here goes I've just bought a solar filter to look at the sun but I can see it in the sky but cannot line it up with my telescope my scope is lined up with Polaris but I cannot seem to line the sun up there must be a certain way but obviously being a beginner I don't know it so if there's someone out there (and I'm sure there is) can you please help many thank. Jimmy

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