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  1. i havn't got used to using the eyepieces yet eg; dont know when to use the barlow lens is it with the 10mm or is it for the wide angled lens for optimum visability also just found out that i can only use the 10mm lens for taking pictures which is a bit restrictive also when it comes to mounts dont know how to set the r/a and the dec ive got a awful lot to learn but im having great fun doing so two nights ago i spotted saturn for the first time it took my breath away also saw two moons spinning around it and the clouds around the rings with a hint of blue cant wait until i can take a picture of it anyway stolenfeather enough about my escapades what can you tell me about yours jimmythemoonlight merseyside

  2. can someone tell me how to find the andromeda galaxy i tried two nights ago when i had the first clear skies this year but could only find jupiter and its four lovely moons also had a good look at the moon as i bought an acre of it for my wife last christmas we move very fast around it and the crators on the north pole were amazing

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