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  1. That's a neat idea! I wish I came across this mod sooner. Meh - Clear nights, scratching my head thinking why EQMOD isn't working. Found out it was the Cigarette Lighter cable (Held the cable by hand, as it just popped out of the socket). So there's me uninstalling drivers, reformatting the computer.. all because of rubbish cable. Oh well lol. Clear skies for everyone! Paul
  2. Sorry to sound stupid. Are you saying the connector that's been chosen - is only suitable for 24v and not 12v? I ask because I'm powering the mount from a 12v battery ( with fuses ) The connector I ordered was from here . Paul.
  3. Thank you! Can't wait to this mod
  4. Hello! I really want to this mod. I just want to ask, what gauge wire did you use for soldering it on the board? Regards, Paul
  5. It's nice to see some blue sky. Hopefully it will be clear tonight...
  6. I would like to say a huge thank you for this. Had 6 ports unused, was getting timeout errors before. After I followed the steps above, I also did something different to what I've been doing before. 1) Install the prolific driver first. 2) Turn the mount on. 3) Insert USB cable into computer. It found "Com 3" and it works like a dream! Last time, the mount was powered on last in this process. Note this is on a Windows 7 machine, using a HitecAstro EQDIR cable to the mount. Kind regards, Paul.
  7. Bit tight for room, so I shall go down the inline fuse road. Thank you for the suggestion Regards, Paul
  8. Hello everyone. After building my DIY power box with a leisure battery, I regret using Cigarette connectors! Little knock and bye bye power Therefore I want to install a socket ( female ) in my DIY power box. Then make a male cable that connects to the mount. I'm aware it is necessary to have have a fuse. I have a fuse box that links the battery and cigarette connectors. Do XLR plugs have the ability to screw a fuse into it? ( like some Cigarette plugs ) Or do you use an inline fuse? When it comes to making a cable for the mount, I'm curious to know how your connecting it to the mount. I've seen from Astronomy Shed's forum that they've bypassed the original 12v input! Anyone who has XLR connectors, have you done this? Regards, Paul
  9. Welcome to SGL! Have fun with your telescope and clear skies! Paul
  10. reader34


    Welcome to the forum - enjoy your stay
  11. Hello everyone, As the title says I have a leisure battery. Finished it last week with 3 Cigarette Sockets ( upgrading probably to XLR ones in the future). I basically want to power my Netbook via the leisure battery, however from reading around, a Inverter would be totally unnecessary. I'm only getting 2 hours max on my Netbook battery now. Most likely because the battery is old ( also it has a broken Keyboard, I use a cheep external usb silicone one.) This means I can't turn down the brightness using the "FN" key as my external keyboard doesn't have that button.. could help with battery life I'm sure! Anyways - I'm currently running the NEQ6 of the big battery ( 88Ah). That's basically it for now. A Dew Heater will be next on the list, DIY most likely. I've found this on eBay and I'm concerned operating temperatures " 0℃ to 40℃ " Here it is - Car charger for Asus. However I've found another one, but it doesn't state the operating temperatures and is more money and well looks not so "Cheep"?. £20.90 + £3.90 P&P. Just looking for some advice Regards, Paul.
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