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  1. Blimey... Only up the road from me in Walsall as well.... Shame I've got nowhere to keep a beast like that.
  2. If Betelgeuse did go supernova, although it would an astounding astronomical event, what's the betting that after a few months when we've become used to it, we'd start complaining about it's light washing out other objects in the sky.
  3. Very enjoyable read.... I'm very tempted by one of the Skyliner dobs for my first scope. I'm thinking that if I can afford it, I might go for the 10" or even the 12". Or would that be too much for a newbie to handle?
  4. With 10" of aperture on your side your not going to go too far wrong I would imagine.
  5. Yes, I have a season ticket at the Mol... Don't see many stars there so need to look to the skies.
  6. Welcome Busby. I'd go with the 6" SW dob if it was me. If you look after it, you should have no trouble selling it on if you wanted to get more seriously into imaging further down the line.
  7. Welcome Stu.... I'm just up the A449 from you in Kingswinford. Nice scope to get you going, hope it brings you many nights of pleasure.... I'm jealous!
  8. Same here.... I think I've found M81 but it was so faint I'm not even sure if it was there at all and M82 wasn't visible where it should have been. I'm not ticking the seen it box for either just yet. Just waiting for a massive power cut on a clear night to be able to view them without the LP.
  9. To be fair a telescope can be used as many things. A washing line is just one. Also it can be used as a club for bashing people over the head who use it as a washing line.
  10. Hi George... Excellent and informative post. I too am reigniting the hobby, although I was an early teenager when I was last into it and to be honest I never really new what I was doing properly. Still don't I currently only have 15x75 bins on a tripod but am researching a scope which I'll hopefully be in a position to buy in about 12 months time.... So I've got plenty of time to decide on the right one, no excuses. It's nice to read about people's experiences who are in a similar position to myself and your setup is somehting I'll now look into to see if it's something that might be suitable for me. All the best Tony.
  11. Have you seen the double cluster in Perseus yet MrsR? One of my favourite sights through the bins.... Stars everywhere!!!! Also Kemble's cascade is a nice one to look for.
  12. I'm able to locate M31 using just my bins under the heavily light polluted skies of the West Midlands. I'm pretty sure I've managed to locate M81 as well, but it was so faint that I could only make out the slightest grey smudge using AV. I couldn't see M82 where it should have been though. But if I can see that in my 15x70 bins under my skies you should be able to see at least these and a few more with your scope Iwould have thought.
  13. Really looking forward to this..... On side note I had the Wonders of the Solar System book for my Birthday today off my dear wife.... Should get me in the mood for WOTU nicely.
  14. Who elected these idiots..... Oh yeah, nobody!!!
  15. Here you go Tac..... Remember I'm as lanky as I am ugly, 6' 4".
  16. Yes, I have that Camlink Tripod..... being 6' 4" I needed all the height I could get which is why I went for it over the Horizon 8115. But looking at that picture of the Horizon, I'd say they're selling it short when they state 1.8m full height. It looks higher than that. The Camlink is probably slightly taller fully extended and I don't think the central column is as long. It's not geared like the horizon though. The Camlink is very sturdy at full height and is just right for me to look up at the zenith. It also comes with a decent carry bag. If I was buying again I'd probably still plump for the Camlink, purely for the extra height. Next time I get it set up I'll take a piccy and post it up. They do look like a very similar construction to be fair.
  17. It's amazing how much you learn just by visiting this site regularly. You don't even realise you're taking it in. I still feel like a total noob and am undoubtedly only at the tip of a very large and expensive ice berg. But when I think what I know now, that I didn't know 6 weeks ago, it's mind boggling. So I'd like to join you in saying a big thanks to the regulars on this site for their invaluable advice and patience. All I need now is a scope and somewhere to put it.
  18. Of course you should!!! It's only money..
  19. Well done folks.... I'm jealous!!!.... I want a scope
  20. Out of intrest, is that a GB billion or a US billion?
  21. I recently bought the Camlink TPPRO32B which is at the bottom of this link. Binoculars UK Ltd. Camlink TP PRO Tripods I use it for my 15x70's and am very impressed with it. I'm 6' 4" and it goes up higher than I can reach with my eyes and is as strudy as you like at full height. I also considered the Horizon 8115 which is on the FLO website, but plumped for the Camlink one purely for the extra height. Because it extends to 2m I can look at the zenith without having to stoop, which is very handy. Both of those are about £85 though, so not the cheapest, but once you've got a good one you'll have it for years and my Camlink tripod will easily handle bigger bins or a spotting scope if I want to upgrade in the future. Hope that helps.
  22. .... I was looking at Jupiter at about 7:15 last night through my bins when from the top left of my FOV came a spear of light which disappeared just before it reached the bottom. It took a while for it to dawn on me, but I had obviously just seen a meteor. Does this happen a lot or was I just incredibly lucky? It got me excited anyway!! This is only my 5th or 6th session, and first having my bins mounted on a tripod so I'm not sure if I will likely have this happen again. On a side note I also spotted what I assume was a satellite when I was looking at the moon. I tracked it all the way across the sky until it disappeared behind my house. That got me excited as well.... It doesn't take much!!!
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