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  1. Other way round for me... I was hoping to have a look through my bins, but they've taken a knock and the collimation is all over the place, so I finally got to see it through the scope on Friday night. I was surprised that I could see it fairly clearly through my stock finder as well...
  2. Once again, thank you all for your advice. I think i'm going to go with the Helios Apollo's 15x70's. I'll put them on my Camlink tripod rather than try and hand hold them. I'll try and re-collimate my Revelations as well (thanks for the link nicoscy) and maybe let the kids have a go with these. I forgot to mention the other fault with my Revelations is that the mounting bush has become loose (I've tried re-tightening it, but it just goes round and round forever without tightening) and they wobble significantly when mounted so might as well be used as hand held anyway now. So at least my lovely tripod won't feel left out with some nice new bins to prop up.
  3. Thanks for all the replies so far folks. Darling wife update: She has agreed to stump up the extra £70 required to get the Helios Apollo 15x70's if I choose to go down that road . This leads to two questions; 1) Where on earth is she getting all this money from? 2) There seem to be a few suggestions of 10x50's, and having had a read through the 'what bins do you own' thread this morning, there seem to be lot of people who own these that are very happy with them. I live in the West Midlands an do most of my observing from my back garden, so light pollution is an issue. Although I do like to go camping and plan to take the bins with me to get some darker skies, so the easier portabilty of a smaller pair is attractive in that sense. I'm keen to shop with FLO as I've dealt with them a few times before and find their customer service very good, but unfortunately they don't stock the Nikon's suggested . So I think I've narrowed it down to the Apollo 15x70's (which seem to be universally well respected) and the William Optics 10x50 ED's (which get a glowing write up from the seemingly very knowledgeable binocular sky fellow)... So in the words of Harry Hill, which is better? There's only one way to find out... FIGHT!!! So in my position, Which of the two would you good people plump for?
  4. Hi folks, it's been a while since I've posted on here. The arrival of my 4th (and last) son has been somewhat restricting my opportunities to look up at the heavens in recent times unfortunately... However, I'm now 'back in the game' hopefully. In fact I blew the dust off my Revelation 15X70 bins last week hoping to catch a glimpse of comet lovejoy only to realise that the collimation was horribly out. They may have taken a bang without my knowledge to be honest. So, rather than spending money on repairing a set of relatively cheap bins, I've persuaded my darling wife that it would be a good idea for her to furnish me with a shiny new pair of bins for my upcoming birthday. She has told me that I can spend up to £200. I was quite fond of my Revelation bins and was quite comfortable with the mag & FOV afforded by 15x70's. I could also use these hand held for say 15-20 mins without any real discomfort, although I do have a tripod to mount them on for longer/steadier sessions. However the Revelations only cost me £50, so I'm after something along the same lines, but with significantly better optics. I'm not the most clued up person regarding bins so was wondering if anyone has any any advice or suggestions for some good value bins around £200 mark? Many thanks, Tony
  5. I've just found one called 'JoveMoons' on android which says it gives the exact location of the galilean moons and the GRS. It's presented in the form of a realistic animation. Unfortunately, I can't verify that it does what it says on the tin, but as someone who has yet to observe the GRS I'll be giving it a go when these clouds let up and I'll post how I get on with it.
  6. Hi All, I'm thinking of getting the Baader Classic Q 2.25x barlow for use with my Skyliner 200P & BST starguider 12mm & 18mm EP's (which are in the post) :-) http://www.firstlightoptics.com/baader-planetarium/baader-classic-q-225x-barlow.html I've been trying to find some write up's, but haven't found much info on it so far. Has anybody had any experience using this barlow or heard of anyone elses experiences, or should I be looking at another barlow as my budget can probably go up to about £70. I don't currently have a high power EP and am torn between getting this barlow which will give me a decent range of mags up to 225x with my existing EP's or just buying a higher powered eyepiece instead (probably a BST starguider 8mm or a Celestron X-cel LX 7mm). I'm not sure which way to jump, help!!!
  7. Thanks for all the advice folks..... I think I've finally made up my mind, I'm just a little bit torn on one of them. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get the 18mm & 12mm BST starguider EP's, but for my higher mag I'm unsure whether to go for the 8mm BST or the 7mm Celestron X-Cel LX. Is the Extra £20 for the Celestron worth it? Or indeed, should I get a barlow to use with the 18mm & 12mm to get the higher mags and forget the last EP? I'm not very experienced with barlows and am unsure how much the image depreciates relative to the 'straight through the EP' view, if at all.
  8. Also thinking of getting this barlow, cheap and cheerfull, but seems to have a decnt write upo from what I can find. anmyone had any experience with it? http://www.firstlightoptics.com/barlows/skywatcher-deluxe-2x-barlow.html
  9. For the 8mm, there are 2 BST EP's... There's the explorer/starguider and the 58 degree EP which they say is made for planetry observing. I'll be using the 8mm for observing the moon/planets, so what's the difference between the two? I was just going to get the 8mm explorer originally but it seems they're not in stock at the mo, so I'm not sure whether to plump for the 58 degree or wait until the explorer is available again. It's confusing ain't it this EP malarky? Thank you all for your advice so far.
  10. Thanks for the replies guys... I've had a look at some of the write ups on the BST EP's and they do seem to come highly recommended by people far more knowlegeable than me, so I'm thinking they might be the way to go. I'm thinking of the 8mm BST explorer for planetry and 18mm for DSO,s. Although I'm not sure if I should go up to the 25mm fopr DSO's. I'm a little reluctant to do that as I already have the 25mm stock EP and I don't want to repeat mags if possible. I'll probably want a barlow to go with these as well, i've got about £45 left out of my budget. I don't have a clue what to go for .
  11. Hi all, I've got a shiny new 200P that Father Christmas bought for me which I'm looking to upgrade with a couple of new EP's and a barlow. I'm a bit of an all rounder. I like to look at the planets, but enjoy observing DSO's just as much. Are there any recommendations anyone could give for EP's for observing both. Do I need a barlow or would I be better off getting a higher mag EP? I have a budget of about £140. I'd originally thought about getting the Revelation EP set, but have decided I'll probably get better value buying individually. Obviously with my budget I'm not expecting to get 'Rolls Royce' EP's, but I'm after a significant improvement on the 10mm & 25mm stock EP's that came with the scope. Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. Father Christmas paid an early visit to my house yesterday afternoon. It seems he's bought me exactly what I wrote on my Crimbo list as well. He's even left the parcel in full view. The picture below is what will greet me everytime i walk into my house this side of Crimbo. (it's a Skyliner 8" dob). My first scope since my old Tasco as a kid. However, my wife claims that Father Christmas has left strict instructions to prevent me from opening the boxes until Christmas day. Did you all see the clear skies last night? My first night with a new scope, beautiful clear skies, and I'm not allowed to take it out of the box.......Aaaarghh!!! I can't take much more of this!!
  13. The man himself may have passed but his legacy will live on for generations. A true legend. RIP Sir Patrick.
  14. Thanks for the advice guys.... I've decided to go for the Celestron 76 Firstscope as recommended by Ben Ritchie. It's on offer with a few accessories at Harrison Telescopes at the moment. Having thought about it a little more, I think the more compact nature and the easy dob mount is more important than the number of objects it can see at this stage. The moon, Jupiter, Saturn etc still impress me so I'm sure finding these targets himself and seeing them through his own scope (however small) will be enough to keep him intrested for a while. If he decides he wants to get a scope with better optics further down the line then there'll be other Birthdays and Christmasses where he can have an upgrade. You never know, Mrs Lankywolf might let him have that 10" dob that his dad's wanted for the last 12 months. Thanks again to you all for the advice and I was tempted by the SW capricorn 70.
  15. As I've recently re-ignited my intrest in astronomy and started myself off with a pair of bins, my 10 year old lad has been having a look as well and is showing quite an intrest. His birthday is coming up and I thought it would be a good idea to get him a nice, easy to use 'point and look' scope to keep his intrest going (and so i can have a look as well). This won't be his 'main' present as he's already been bought a new bike (kids these days don't know how lucky they are) so my budget is probably less than £100. My other half was looking at the ones in Toy 'R' Us today which I was a bit wary of. I can't believe a toy shop is going to sell decent telescopes. So I've had look on the FLO site and seen the SW heritage 76 mini dob which is £48, but it seems to be recommended for 5-10 year olds and TBH I don't think it's any more powerful than my bins. The next one up is the SW heritage 130p flextube which seems to be more of a low budget adult starter scope and at £135 is a bit more than I want to spend. Can anyone please help with any recommendations / experiences? Cheers, Tony.
  16. Just got my first ever sighting of it. Just happened to look on Heavens above and saw that there was a visible pass at 23:04.... My computer clock said 23:03 so I legged it outside, tripped over the washing basket on the way, but pretty much as soon as I looked up there it was. Very bright for a time, then faded away to nothing quite quickly, which is exactly what it said would happen on Heavens above. i'll try and catch it again sometime in the next few nights, but will grab the bins to see if i an get a closer look .
  17. They're all called 'something' solar system.... So ours must be called 'The'.
  18. I'm reading WOTSS at the moment and have noticed that it says 'then' when it should say 'than' a few times. One of my pet hates is that. Haven't noticed any other errors yet though. Sack the proof reader I say!!!
  19. Just watched 'Everything' on the Iplayer and thoroughly enjoyed it although I won't pretend that I fully understood all of it. The one thing that got me quite puzzled was the part at the end where he was explaining how at some time in the future, because the rate the universe is expanding is getting faster, the light from distant galaxies won't be able to outrun this expansion and will therefore disappear from view.... I'm sure I've heard Brian Cox proclaim that we know of nothing that can travel faster than the speed of light, therefore how can the expansion of the universe become so fast that it will be able to 'outrun' light? I'm obviously missing something.
  20. Finally got to take a look at saturn through my 15x70's tonight. I could definitley make out the orientation of the rings. I checked on Stellarium after viewing just to check and they were bang on where I'd seen them. Couldn't make any moons out, but I do have a fair bit of LP in my back garden and my eyes weren't dark adjusted either, but on the whole still pretty chuffed with what I saw. Just want to get a humungus scope for a closer look now
  21. Facebook is evil!!! By the way I'm tired after work and I had pie and mash for my tea tonight.... Just thought I'd better let you all know.
  22. I'm hoping to get a look at Saturn through my 15x70's... I'm not expecting a great deal, but if I see what you've described, that'll do me.
  23. Hi Abbie, I'm not that familiar with your scope, but you'll definitely be able to see Saturn's rings, Jupiters moons and lots of lunar detail through your scope. I saw cracking views of all of those through my tatty old 4" Tasco scope that my parents bought from Argos 25 years ago.
  24. One theory is that there is 'nothing' beyond the edge of the universe. The human brain is unable to comprehend 'nothing' though.
  25. That's the first time I've seen it.... Wish I had the time to undertake somehting like that, brilliant stuff!!!
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