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  1. Thanks for the quick reply Russ. There are these two on ebay. 10mm & 25mm eyepieces on eBay (end time 20-Jan-11 21:58:10 GMT) Hope it's okay to post links here? Anyway, from what you have said, I think you have saved me at the very least, £22.50. If anyone wants to sell (to a very eager, if stupid, new Astonomer, i.e me! ) any EP's for a good price, please PM me. Thanks!
  2. Have seen a couple of S/H EP's for sale, apparently they came with a new skywatcher dob scope. Are these lenses any good? I presume they are better than the ones I have, marked H and SR. Any rough guesses on how much these are worth? Text on EPS is 'super 10mm' and 'super 25mm' . Thanks. Edit. my question is related to the one posted by Patbloke. Will the unbranded 10mm and 25mm be better?
  3. Thanks Tom. I don't think it will go awol either, do you! Even so, as it's a mirror, will it not reflect even the slightest bit of light towards Earth?
  4. Thanks all, going to get some better eye pieces soon, should be more detail.
  5. Wouldn't it be great if the moon looked like that to the naked eye!
  6. I believe that would be the size or diameter of the main mirror.
  7. I very new, but I think if you stated your max budget it might help? What objects would you like to view? From my short time on here, I have learned there are loads of options, reading up on reflectors and refractors will be useful too. Just in case you don't have it already, download the free Stellarium It has helped me a lot!
  8. Wow, this is great! Iv'e joined Heavens above, but can't navigate the site too well. Where do I look to see when the ISS is near me? And, the answer then to my question is simply, No. Shame. I have read a topic (not found until I posted mine, sorry) on here about this, and there was mention of the mirror which is placed on the moon for distance purposes. I suppose that is far too small? And I bet the location of this is top, top secret!
  9. As title. From what I have read on the web, it is not. Any opinions? Why oh why, did any of the Apollo missions not lay down a 200M 'hello' sign..... Also, whilst I'm here, can we ever see the ISS?
  10. Beautiful image and definition, this quality is my eventual target!
  11. Haha yes Alan! A quick note can everyone please turn their monitor/laptop upside down when viewing my pics in future?! Now I must really go to bed!
  12. Thanks Isabelle, I think I'm hooked already! of all the years of surfing the net, and joining forums, this is the best thing I have ever done.
  13. Yes we did Stolenfeather, thanks Pat, it was very enjoyable, even if it was a little cold! Will have took hook up again soon, thanks buddy. You really are a star! ( pun intended ) :)
  14. Thanks Alan, yes, Pat was great. As I'm very new, he took me under his wing and we were out in the cold for quite some time! Shame my moon pics are upside down!
  15. This is absolutely stunning. I also see, that unlike mine, the pro's put the moon the right way up! Fantastic image.
  16. With a little bit, (okay, a lot! ) of help from my newly found friend, and a member of SGL, todd8137, The Full moon in all it's glory. We also managed to see M42 and M43, through my newtonian 76mm. Single shots with a Vivitar 7MP camera through 9mm EP. Slight contrast edit via microsoft photo editor. Many thanks Pat!
  17. Iv'e noticed that my EP's are getting misted up with condensation. Is there anything I can do to reduce this? Is there any spray I can clean them with? Thanks.
  18. Lovely words there. Iv'e also notice that when we go abroad, the moon seems closer? Is this true?
  19. Well, may not be much coming from me Sammy, but I think these images are fantastic! Well done.
  20. This is like walking on the moon in person! Thank you for a stunning close up of our moon. This takes my breath away!
  21. This is just the subject I have been searching for! Can anyone post a link for suitable solar filters please? I would love to look at the sun, but don't want to go blind doing it. FYI, I'm very new to Astronomy.
  22. JohnDenim

    350mm F5 in 2004

    I love that fact that you are visible in the mirror, fantastic home built scope!
  23. Great thanks all, and thanks Brantuk for the link. I'll certainly be out on Tuesday evening, I'm supposed to be taking my wife out for dinner though..... Why is stargazing so addictive after ONE night??!!
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