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  1. Thanks Pat, probably the best idea! Pics of my current 'bodge' in first post.
  2. No Idea until I googled it? The Bahtinov Mask
  3. Mods, I made a boo boo. Can you please merge these two topics into one in the beginners section?
  4. http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d174/977stinkytinky/DSCF0259.jpg?1296914949 http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d174/977stinkytinky/DSCF0270.jpg?1296914992 http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d174/977stinkytinky/DSCF0261-1.jpg?1296915032
  5. Hmm, some conflicts of opinion already. After looking on the web, there are a lot of different opinions.
  6. Thanks Sim. Quote here from the beginners thread, by Rowan46. "sorry didn't see your post. as you say its way over exposed so try a shorter exposure. how long was the exposure? If you can't shorten the exposure try lowering the iso it will help. holding a camera to a scope is always going to be hit and miss its just going to be a case of practice. and a note book to remind yourself which settings have or havent worked for you. A webcam will work better on planets than a point and shoot." Sorry, don't know how to make 'quoty'! Anyway. As for camera and settings. Vivitar 7320, 7MP. settings, ev, or exposure value - 2.0. I think it's 2 seconds? Infinity focus. White balance - tungsten. ISO - 400. (max) Timer-10 seconds +2 (this takes a shot after 10 seconds, the another 2 secs later) For bodge modding, I took one of the EP cases (which I got with my cheap scope) and cut off one end. A plossl 17mm fits snug inside the open end. I then crudely taped the open ended case onto the camera. I'll add pics soon.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I think to provide confusion and double posts, shall we post replies in original topic where pics are? I'm planning on buying a webcam, but just wondered if this technique could be used in the meantime. Please see original topic. Thanks.
  8. It appears I may have answered my own question. Shrinking supergiant puzzles astronomers | COSMOS magazine Opinions?
  9. Hi All. Trying to learn the stars. I have noticed that some people pronounce Betelgeuse, 'beetlejuice'. Or bee-tul-juice. I have also heard, 'bee-tul-guys'. Recently I watched 'the planets', and the narrator on there pronounced the star ' Bay-tal-gurs'. Which is correct please? Are there any other stars with different pronunciations?
  10. Hi all. Originally posted by mistake in the 'imaging' section. Hope it's okay to link to another SGL topic? http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-tips-tricks-techniques/128274-help-jupiter.html
  11. Well, returned outside with some fresh alkalines. But after playing with settings etc results were similar. I did take some footage, and tried to create an image with registax 5, but it looked worse! Obviously something I'm doing wrong. Now the clouds have come over. I think I am targeting a object out of focus? The Moon will be a better starter object I think, will keep trying with this method until I get better scope and camera.
  12. Hi All. Having a go at imaging Jupiter. I'm stealing kp6's idea of bodging a digicam on to an eye piece. Not quite the same, but similar (I'll post a pic of this, it's really quite funny, later!) Please see attached. The focus seems way out and there is too much light? Using setting recommended on here. Quick Start Guide for Beginner Digital Astrophotography Iso 400, white balance -tungsten, 10 second self timer, EV-2.0, infinity focus, 20mm plossl EP and 2x barlow. Any help/advice please? No cropping or editing, what you see is what I have just taken 30 mins ago. I'm going back out shortly, the wife has just gone to get me some more batteries...... Thanks.
  13. I notice that the weight of the 'scope also changed your hair colour Astro-Baby........
  14. And thanks to Talitha, I feel privileged to have help from the seasoned pro's!
  15. Thanks everyone, and thanks Olly. (well done on the POtW BTW!) What a coincidence. Sutton is about 2 miles from me. I thought I was reasonably dark? Not too close to any major cities. I suppose even small town areas are considered 'light polluted' These days. If you every fancy coming back to teach I have a lovely camp bed you could sleep on...
  16. You've just given me a plan! Thank you kp6. I hope my Mrs won't mind me trying this with her old camera! Congrats on the nomination, great shots considering your method.
  17. There are astro societies on here. I can't see one however, near to you. I'm pretty sure some members are from around your way. Or you could join Stargazers Lounge - East Midlands Stargazers
  18. Not too many clouds out tonight, so thought I'd get togged up and head out. Left scope out for about, 45 minutes before viewing. Trouble was, there is a bright orange hue in every direction this evening, it's not usually there? I live in a fairly low light polluted area, 10 Miles or so out of Mansfield. What's causing this light/effect? Albeit It's rather annoying that there is a car brakers yard with high power lights on ALL night, (a couple of streets behind my house If that makes sense ) but they are always there. Atmosphere, or are the cold conditions reacting with the god awful orange street lamps? Have I just acquired a new pet hate in the form of light pollution? And don't get me started on unnecessary security lights that stay on for 3 hours if a cat walks through it's path!
  19. I think I am correct, looks green (ish) to me? Also, would Neptune appear around the same size?
  20. Christ Ant! I'm coming to your house one night! Fantastic images there.
  21. Thanks for the link, and help guys. Funny you should mention Saturn, as I have just seen her for the first time! And the two largest moons. I'm proper chuffed! Worth being tired tomorrow! Will get that webcam, thanks.
  22. Well, I think it's grand. Keep 'em comin'!
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