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  1. Thanks! I just downloaded the program startrails; will have to try this one again!
  2. gotta love the swan! nice to get it all in one frame!
  3. Hullo, I took this 90 sec exp (no guiding) from a fairly dark site, with one porchlight providing the foreground illumination. I think it makes the tree look almost surreal. Havent posted in a while so i thought what the heck.
  4. Not to sound sarcastic, but really the best thing to do is take drive outside the city. find a nice rural hilltop. espically if it is for an event like the perseids. just my 2cents worth
  5. quite an awsome image to be sure. makes the fuzzy image seen through an 8 in dob seem like a ghost. !!
  6. Very nice indeed. by poor mans photo shop do you mean gimp?
  7. I used the entry level canon 55-250mm lens. IS is probably the culprit. never even thought of it. what exactly is mirror lockup? Thanks!
  8. Thanks Star Gazer. the problem is not with the focus i think, but with the alignment. I have since this attempt tried to use more subs, but when i got 20 90Second subs and stacked them in Deep Sky Stacker, i got little ninja star like stars!! my RA motor is fine i think, but i do not have a polar scope or guide scope. this may be normal cause i am not shooting through a telescope; just a 250mm lens. any suggestions to get my PA more accurate w/o any computer or guide scope? it is very frustrating to get so close by so far.... thank you to all ye who respond!
  9. These are my first real attempts at the Orion Nebula and Roestte nebula. single 2 minute exposures at 250mm on my DSLR. I used my new EQ mount with a RA motor. A bit of processing with Gimp, not too good at it... What do you all think?
  10. Yes the camera has liveview. however the subject is usually too dim to show up. i just take lots of smaller exposures until it looks right then do a long one. it works somewhat well.
  11. I just bought a EQ mount with a RA motor for my DSLR and after figuring out how to use it (a dob only guy up till now..) i took these pics. not too great but im psyched! I attached a small refractor to it today so I am hoping to do better tonight! The focus is so hard to nail down, any suggestions?
  12. Amazing images! what program did you use to stack them? did u use a tracking mount? this is the kind of image i have been trying to capture. so neat
  13. As Orion pursues them across the sky, you imaged them fleeing! so great an image!
  14. rivals m42 in the ability to mezmerize for hours on end!
  15. I lived in a city for a year and just moved to what could be called the middle of nowhere and this same target m31 has jumped out at me the last couple of weeks. dark skies is everything !!!! (besides apature). the sight of m31 here rivals the nebula in Orion (m42?)
  16. O yes there is "haziness" visible. i recently moved to a very dark sky location and with my 8in newt i can see nebulosity at 48x with averted vision pretty easy. my problem is i cant see the whole cluster at a time!
  17. I have always wanted to see a comet through a scope. When Hale-Bob happened i was in 5th grade but i remember it vaguely. must see one again!
  18. I have been looking at the night sky for most of my life and seriously observing (with knowledge of what i am looking at) for about 5 years and tonight was a first. I saw a very very very bright meteor going from north to north-west from roughly Polaris to just a bit under Jupiter in about 2 seconds! it was so bright i think i saw colors and it made my dark adapted eyes useless afterwards for a few minutes. I had just backed away from my scope focused on the double cluster near Cassiopeia when I saw it. this is a first. would this be called a fireball or what? im just so stuck by this experien
  19. Thats a very nice picture. the most agonizing thing in the world is to live under dark skies with a 8in dob with a dslr and not be able to snap pics like that! very nice
  20. Well I just moved to a very dark sky location a few days ago, and because of the moon have not been able to see much else! love it/hate it equally!
  21. Very nice! My first was the Nebula in Orion. Dont forget to use averted vision; it really helps make the fainter stars around the edges of Globs stand out.
  22. So amazing compared to the book i taped to my dob's tube! Really helps with a dslr attached when not looking near zenith alright. I am surprised that companies don't include counterweights with their Dobs. O well. Very nice
  23. Hello all, just a quick question. I was thinking of buying the orion starshoot camera/webcam and was wondering if anyone here has used it and how they liked it? I am assuming it will work fine for solar system objects with a manual dob yes? Also to get the proper mag. i would need to use a barlows; a 2x barlow wont give large pics though i imagine. here is a link to the camera; any thoughts or comments are welcomed!! ( Orion Telescopes: Orion StarShoot Solar System Color Imaging Camera IV )
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